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Óia O Rappa
from album (Rappa Mundi) by O Rappa
Tremenda correria some com a mercadoria sujou, sujou, sujou, rapaziada é penalty, é penalty os ho.. 
Call It Love
from album (Call It Love) by Poco
We've got all night, lets take our time Tell me your secret, I'll tell you mine.. 
You Can Call Me Blue
from album (You Can Call Me Blue) by Michael Johnson
Well I'm not a foolish man but I'm half out of my head Sitting here remembering the foolish.. 
Ninja Rap
from album (Ninja Rap) by Vanilla Ice
YO! It's the green machine Gonna rock the town without bein' seen Have you ever seen a turt.. 

Call It Democracy
from album (Call It Democracy) by Bruce Cockburn
Padded with power here they come International loan sharks backed by the guns Of market hungry milit.. 
Night Calls
from album (Night Calls) by Joe Cocker
The night gang started working With a mile of southern road As I watched I got to thinking You ain&#.. 
Caught Up In The Rapture
from album (Caught Up In The Rapture) by Anita Baker
CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTUREAnita BakerWhen we met, I always knewI would feel the magic for youOn my min.. 
He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
from album (He's The DJ I'm The Rapper) by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
[Fresh Prince] Uh uhh ahh! Ughhhhhhh Yo Jeffrey! Bust it.. What are ya doin in there?.. 
Rapture Of The Deep
from album (Rapture Of The Deep) by Deep Purple
I told you once about a place that I had accidentally stumbled upon Can you imagine how it feels to.. 
Call Me (Come Back Home)
from album (Call Me) by Al Green
Call me... Call me... Call me... What a beautiful time we had together, now it's getting lat.. 
So-Called Chaos
from album (So-Called Chaos) by Alanis Morissette
deadlines, and meetings and contracts all breached d-days and structure responsibility have to'.. 
Call Me
from album (Call Me) by Chris Montez
Call Me-Artist: Chris Montez-peak Billboard position # 22 in 1966-Words and Music by Tony HatchIf yo.. 
Calling All Stations
from album (Calling All Stations) by Genesis
Calling all stations Can anybody tell me, tell me exactly where I am I've lost all sense of dire.. 
Call Me The Breeze
from album (Call Me The Breeze) by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Call me the breeze I keep blowin' down the road Well now, they call me the breeze I keep blowin&.. 

Call It What You Want
from album (Call It What You Want) by New Kids On The Block
Call It What You WantNew Kids On The BlockBy: M. StarrI can tell you've been watching meGirl I&#.. 
Waiting For The Sirens Call
from album (Waiting For The Sirens Call) by New Order
What does this ship bring to me Far across the restless sea Waiting for the sirens call I've nev.. 
It's Your Call
from album (It's Your Call) by Reba McEntire
(Liz Hengber, Shawna Harrington-Burkhart, Bruce Burch) It's your call, It's her Would you r.. 
Don't Call Me Baby
from album (Don't Call Me Baby) by Madison Avenue
You and me we had a opportunity And we could make it something really cool But you, you think im not.. 
Call For Love
from album (Call For Love) by Michael W. Smith
My life is like a racing car Hurtling towards the wall At the speed of sound My time has been so.. 
Call Me
from album (Call Me) by Jamelia
Layin' in my bed Thoughts of you fill me head Here all alone, won't go.. 
Call Me D Nice
from album (Call Me D Nice) by D Nice
(Chorus) My name is D Nice... Taking out you suckers and you don't know how I did it.. 
Phony Rappers
from album (Beats, Rhymes, And Life) by A Tribe Called Quest
Intro: Kamaal (Q-Tip) Phony rappers who do not write Phony rappers who do not excite Phony ra.. 
Rap Promoter
from album (Low End Theory) by A Tribe Called Quest
{Q-Tip} It's a fly love song To the effect of nothing, effective fronting is what I don&#.. 
The Infamous Date Rape
from album (Low End Theory) by A Tribe Called Quest
Classic, classic... Classic example of a...a date rape(4X) Q-Tip: Listen to the rhyme, it'.. 
Destiny Calling
from album (Destiny Calling) by James
So we maybe gorgeous So we maybe famous Come back when we're getting old Cover us in chocolate.. 
Call It What You Want
from album (Call It What You Want) by Tesla
I'm in love with a lady And I know the lady's in love with me And she knows how to always be.. 
(This Thing Called) Wantin' And Havin' It All
from album ((This Thing Called) Wantin' And Havin' It All) by Sawyer Brown
Rich man grew old, owned a mansion on top of the hill Now he's sitting at the table with his law.. 
Call The Doctor
from album (Call The Doctor) by Sleater Kinney
they want to socialize you they want to purify you they want to dignify, analyze and terrorize y.. 
Jury Duty
from album (Jury Duty) by Supertones
5 am on Tuesday why am I up so early drive out to Santa Ana 'cause I've got jury duty no bre.. 
The Land Of ***And Honey
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
face to face blood to blood the mountain you tumbled from and in the land of ***and honey you prey.. 
Freedom Call
from album (Freedom Call) by Angra
Freedom Call (Matos, Loureiro) Slavery kings run free again From their wounds a giant stands Four.. 
from album (Called) by Antiskeptic
They said that he'd come down the mountain, up and Come and take control They said that he'.. 
from album (Duty) by Ayumi Hamasaki
dare mo ga sagashite hoshigatte iru mono "sore" wa itsuka no mirai ni aru to boku mo minna.. 
Calling You
from album (Calling You) by Blue October
There's something that I can't quite explain I'm so in love with you You'll never ta.. 
Don`t Call Me
from album (Nighttime Calls) by Sylver
Don't call me beautiful Don't call me hot Don't call me lovable Because I'm not.. 
Call Of The Wild
from album (Call Of The Wild) by D-A-D
The night they took him to the graveyard It was moonlight; call of the wild They forced him to bury.. 
A Call From The Other Side
from album (A Call From The Other Side) by Gluecifer
Come on and get it while it's here coz it's running out and you're in a rush Don't w.. 
Call The Ships To Port
from album (Call The Ships To Port) by Covenant
a billion words ago the sailors disappeared a story for the children to rock them back to sleep a m.. 
The Call
from album (Calling Out The Masses) by Y-G-S
When my mind is on something else, I've gotta get my heart back from the shelf. When nothing is.. 
Rappin' Nerf Rap
from album (Rappin' Nerf Rap) by Nerf Herder
YEAH! Well I'm MC Parry and I'm here to say That I came all the way from Goleta Way And I.. 



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