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Emperor Tomato Ketchup
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
les allées, les venues, labyrinthe, mais qu'y vois je? la sortie, je la voie, elle est là, on.. 
Hang On Little Tomato
from album (Hang On Little Tomato) by Pink Martini
The sun has left and forgotten me It’s dark, I cannot see Why does this rain pour down I’m gonna d.. 
101 North
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Hitch a ride, hitch a ride Eagles swirl and they pick up the bones? I'll shut you down like a ba.. 
Cul De Sac
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
The world is growin' old And preparin' for sleep But you and me are just not gettin' out.. 

from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Flashback The dolls, the hide and seek We dreamed of better things In the tall weeds I rolled with y.. 
God Hates A Coward
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
I've sewn my seeds with a metric grosse No footsteps go beyond it I'll eat the death Where t.. 
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Eyes like piss holes in snow Heavy breathin' on the phone Salty clumps of seaweed hair Blow a ki.. 
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Jockstrap, you rap, G-string, I sing Jockstrap, you rap, G-string, I sing Step right up, place your.. 
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Been shanghaied down in Laredo The sunshine sticks to the dusty floor I'm listenin' for the.. 
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Chew it, chew it, chew it to spit it out Spewing your beings Chew on history with you Bloodhound, no.. 
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Point And Click
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Them scumbags Them faghags Short eyes Dope dealers Drive-bys Faith healers I'll be there Far awa.. 
Pop 1
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
Something's wrong today I cross the barricade The police lines evaporate What will I do with all.. 
Sir Yes Sir
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
We all know our place Like the trophy in the case We are never known The wallpaper in the room We al.. 

Sweet Smell Of Success
from album (Tomahawk) by Tomahawk
You've got to be the one Smile of porcelin Bullet holes in your tounge Plexiglass bones Dough of.. 
1143 Tomates Contigo
from album (1143 Tomates Contigo) by Dr. Kra***
Cada día que paso fue un tomate contigo quédate a mi lado por tomates infinitos (bis) No hay.. 
Lo Bueno Y Lo Malo
from album (Duquende Y La Guitarra De Tomatito) by Duquende Y La Guitarra De Tomatito
Paso la vida pensando en lo bueno y lo malo Mi mente esta triste me siento algo extraño Mi cuerpo.. 
No Limit Rouge Starring Tomatsu Haruka
from album (Running On) by Tomatsu Haruka & Nakajima Ai & Hayami Saori
deai wa mirai ikusen no kibou sora, hatenai shinjitsu made wa tooi meiro no deguchi mada mienak.. 
from album (Tomare!) by Hirano Aya & Chihara Minori & Gotou Yuuko
sora kara ochitekita nda subete no negai o nosete hitotsu no hoshi ni wa chotto omokatta ka na yapp.. 
Home Grown Tomatoes
from album (Country Roads-Very Best Of John (1998)) by John Denver
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the Higher Ground album, and has also bee.. 
Mi Casa Ha Sido Tomada Por Las Flores
from album (Cita Con Ángeles) by Silvio Rodríguez
A Violeta, Malva y Diego Pasa poco, pero pasa, compadre, es difícil de ligar, y a ese güije que l.. 
Anonymous Collective
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
you and me are moulded by things well beyond our acknowlegment You and me are shaped by some thin.. 
Cybele's Reverie
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
mati¨¨res sensuelles et sans suite l'enfance est plus sympathique l'enfance apporte le mag.. 
Les Yper-Sound
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
you go in that team i go on this team divide everything a flag or a number make 'em opposites so.. 
Monstre Sacre
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
hastened decrepit, old shrunken apple, ready for the pit, i have let you go, without forgiving or u.. 
Motoroller Scalatron
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
what's society built on what's society built on what's society built on what's so.. 
Olv 26
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
Depuis le temps que c'est promis nous irons tous au paradis- c'est un appel sourd une promes.. 
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
J'ai très très peur ça c'est certain, j'ai très très peur mais beaucoup moins que t.. 
Slow Fast Hazel
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
discovery of fire, america, the invention of the wheel, steel work and democracy philosophy, the so.. 
Spark Plug
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
there is no sense in being interested in a child a group or in a society, there is no sense if one c.. 
The Noise Of Carpet
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
i hate to see your broken face this world would give you anything as long as you will want to as lon.. 
Tomorrow Is Already Here
from album (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) by Stereolab
originally this set up was to serve society now the roles have been reversed that want society to se.. 
Tomato Head
from album (Rock Animals) by Shonen Knife
I drink tomato juice every night. Why don't you get out of my sight? Before I go to sleep in bed.. 
Aserejé (The Ketchup Song) (English)
from album (Hijas Del Tomate) by Las Ketchup
friday night it's party time feeling ready looking fine, viene diego rumbeando, with the magi.. 
Kusha Las Playas
from album (Hijas Del Tomate) by Las Ketchup
Nos vamos a Fuengirola que allí no nos ve mi papa, nos vamos pa la costa que allí podemos ser mala.. 
Blå Blå Vindar Och Vatten
from album (Album Unknown) by Tomas Ledin
Se lugnet svepa in i vikens famn. Lägga sig till rätta för natten. Känn dagen sakta slå sig ne.. 
from album (Agila) by Extremoduro
En la cabeza tengo un clavo estaba la mesa llenita ¿qué era aquello? ¿espi? Nunca es muy tempran.. 
Amor Castuo
from album (Iros Todos A Tomar Por Culo) by Extremoduro
Paso las horas sin comer pinto la vida sin papel vuelo en el aire sin motor. A veces rompo el coraz.. 
Eva Tomando El Sol
from album (19 Dias Y 500 Noches) by Joaquin Sabina
Todo empezó cuando aquella serpiente me trajo una manzana y dijo prueba. Yo me llamaba Adán, se.. 
L'empereur Tomato-Ketchup
from album (Abracadaboum!) by Bérurier Noir
Avis à la Po***tion ! Au pays de L'Empereur Ketchup Les Enfants sont rois et ils font la loi !.. 

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