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Cookie (Nookie Parody)
from album (Cookie (Nookie Parody)) by Cookie Monster
me came into this world as a muppet look into these eyes youll see that they are googily. big.. 
Slutty (Parody Of Britney Spears - Lucky)
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
This is the story about a girl named Slutty. Early morning, she wakes up With a moan, moan, moan.. 
Pokemon Theme
from album (Pokemon The First Movie Soundtrack) by Billy Crawford
I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my caus.. 
Come Clean (Hilary Parody)
from album (Come Clean (Hilary Parody)) by Carly
Let's go back, back to the beginning Back to when we couldn't hear Hilary sing 'Cause pe.. 

I Can't Wait (Hilary Parody)
from album (Come Clean (Hilary Parody)) by Carly
How it happens, I don't care If she's drowning or got no air I know this is taking her where.. 
The Power Of One
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by Donna Summer
Life can be a challenge Life can seem impossible It's never easy when so much Is on the line Bu.. 
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by Weird Al Yankovic
Krabby, Snubbull, Venonat, Mankey, Chansey and Zubat Slowking, Ditto, Butterfree, Lugia and Caterp.. 
Brother My Brother
from album (Pokemon Soundtrack) by Blessid Union Of Souls
CHORUS 1 Brother, my brother Tell me, what are we fighting for? We've got to end this war We sho.. 
We're A Miracle
from album (Pokemon Soundtrack) by Christina Aguilera
Here we are Safe at last We can breathe a sigh Seems the storm has passed Through it all No one kne.. 
The Extra Mile
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by Laura Pausini
Countless eyes are watching In this, our finest hour It's time to realize the dream And who we r.. 
Comin' To The Rescue
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by O-Town
If you're tumbling down and your spirits fall Help's on the way; we hear your call On a miss.. 
(Hey You) Free Up Your Mind
from album (Pokemon Soundtrack) by Emma Bunton
Free up your mind Ooohh..all right Let the music free up your mind.. 
No Pigeons (parody Of TLC's "Scrubs")
from album (Street Cinema) by Sporty Thievz
* rereleased - originally on Hot 97 FM and "white label" vinyl Nada, Franchise Nada, Shot.. 
Barney's On Fire
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
Happened one day in the studio Dancing around in a do-si-do The purple monstrosity was waving his ar.. 

Bimbo #5
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
ladies and gentlemen, where is bimbo #5? are you ready for the billenium? 1,2,3 4 6 everybody in t.. 
I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
I was driving along in old mexico, I got lost and didnt know which way to go, i was confused i was l.. 
Mexican Thong Song
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
Ohhhh my goodness I cannot beleive this! Did you see that man? Oh my god, she got a thong on to the.. 
My Dick's Gone Crazy
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
Hailie: Dick what are you doing? Eminem and Hailie: Okay then! Everybody listen up! Eminem: I.. 
Who Let Them Cows Out
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
WHO LET THEM COWS OUT? Moo Moo Moo Moo Who let them cows? Moo Moo Moo Moo Who let the cows out? Moo.. 
They Don't Understand
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by Dream Street
Oh, they don't understand They say we're just playing games That it isn't real, but it&.. 
Blah, Blah, Blah
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by Devotion 2 Music
Ah ah ah You can't watch this and I can't watch that But they can't stop me from playing.. 
With All Your Heart
from album (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by Plus One
You make this world a better place When you try your best each day Just listen, and your heart will.. 
Don't Lead Me On
from album (Come Clean (Hilary Parody)) by Carly
Don't you try to play cool with me I can tell just how you feel Sometimes I do, sometimes I don&.. 
Like Any Other Day
from album (Come Clean (Hilary Parody)) by Carly
It started off like any other day My life wasn't better in any way I turn on my tv and I see som.. 
Make My Day
from album (Come Clean (Hilary Parody)) by Carly
You think you're cool, but you're not You think I care, but I don't You act as if, the w.. 
One More Chance
from album (Come Clean (Hilary Parody)) by Carly
Although our time has slipped away Through our chances at a beautiful life At first we seemed so hap.. 
If Only Tears Could Bring You Back
from album (Pokemon The First Movie Soundtrack) by Midnight Sons
How will I start Tomorrow without you here? Whose heart will guide me When all the answers disappear.. 
Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can)
from album (Pokemon: The First Movie) by Billie Piper
(Nothin's gonna stop me this time) Been on the loosing side, this time I'll turn the tide T.. 
from album (Distance) by Utada Hikaru
shinya housou TEREBI ga aoi me de watashi o miteru ikura CHANERU wo kaete mo sono shisen wo furikire.. 
Parody Of The Theme Of "Friends"
from album ((Don't Fear) The People) by ApologetiX
so Jesus told his deciples "We're gonna go away. Where I go you know, They all crowd please.. 
Pokemon (Swedish)
from album (Album Unknown) by TV Theme
Nu tänker jag bli allra bäst och bygga upp ett lag Jag ska söka och fånga flest och träna dom.. 
The Parody's Zenith
from album (Osiris - Typhoon Unmasked) by Alghazanth
All the way from Eden to Armageddon Such long the journey, not a single step taken Infested the plan.. 
Together Forever
from album (Pokemon) by Pokémon
Yeah Yeah You've been such a good friend I known ya since I don't know when We got lots of f.. 
Two Perfect Girls
from album (Pokemon 3: The Ultimate Soundtrack) by Pokémon
A one-woman man's what I wanna be! Stay by her side soooo faithfully! I would if I could... But.. 
Apaato Pati
from album (Album Unknown) by DJ Pokemon
*Kyoo wa "pati" boku no apaato de minna kiite, hoshiri o misete Kyoo wa "pati".. 
The Wanker Song (One Week Parody)
from album (Album Unknown) by Club Veg
(To the tune "One Week" by the Bare*** Ladies) It's been, four weeks since you slep.. 
from album (Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire) by Bob Rivers
[Pokemon mon mon mon Lots of money mon mon mon Pokemon mon mon mon Lots of Money mon mon mon mon.. 
Parable Guy (Parody Of "American Pie" By Don Mclean)
from album (Album Unknown) by Vixen
(Mark 4:33,34) A long, long time ago, I can still remember how amusing He could make things soun.. 
I'm Gonna Feed (500 Mouths) (Parody Of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" By The Proclaimers)
from album (Album Unknown) by Vixen
(Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15) When I bake stuff with The dough I&#.. 
A Klana Indiana
from album (Album Unknown) by Parody
A klana Indiana a dicka, fetta, blada sitzt zu noh am Lagerfeia und verbrennt sich seine Eia Ui tua.. 

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