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Black S
from album (Blue Foundation) by Blue Foundation
My Kandora, you wander solemnly. I linger, I owe – what? A hundred tides! I'll wait, I know th.. 
Long Black Veil
from album (Kentucky Bluegrass) by Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
Ten years ago, on a cold, dark night There was someone killed neath the town hall light There were f.. 
Pitch-Black Ink
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
I can tell you this story is true At the very first time I look at you saw something in your eyes I.. 
Black-Hearted Woman
from album (Blue Murder) by Blue Murder
When she walked in the room I was drawn like a fool, almost hypnotized You made my heart beat, baby.. 

Blue On Black
from album (Blue On Black) by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
night falls and i'am alone skin yeah chilled me to the bone you turned and you ran oh yea.. 
Black And Blue
from album (A Apolitical Blues) by Van Halen
Slip n' slide, push it in Bitch sure got the rhythm I'm holding back, yeah, I got control Ho.. 
Blue Water - Black Heart
from album (One) by The Black Heart Procession
I fell like a dove into the desert barely breathing my tears built (filled) an ocean I was out on a.. 
We Work The Black Seam
from album (The Dream Of The Blue Turtles) by Sting
This place has changed for good Your economic theory said it would It's hard for us to.. 
Black Blade
from album (Cultosaurus Erectus) by Blue Oyster Cult
I have this feeling that my luck is none too good This sword here at my side don't act the way i.. 
Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver
from album (Fire Of Unknown Origin) by Blue Oyster Cult
It's in the whirlpool, where matter vanishes Degenerate star, arm of Orion An iron sun, the forb.. 
The Red And The Black
from album (Tyranny And Mutation) by Blue Oyster Cult
Canadian mounted baby, a police force that works Red and black, that's their color scheme Get th.. 
Black & White
from album (The House Of Blue Light) by Deep Purple
Read all about it Tell me have you heard the news Captain Bob he don't pay no dues You know he&#.. 
The Blacksmith Blues
from album (Album Unknown) by Ella Mae Morse
Down in old Kentucky Where horseshoes are lucky There's a village smithy standin' under a ch.. 
Blue American
from album (Black Market Music) by Placebo
I wrote this novel just for you It sounds pretentious but it's true I wrote this novel just for.. 

High Head Blues
from album (Amorica) by Black Crowes
sometimes i have a ghetto in my mind other times sunshine high head fine in between i get cold,.. 
Struttin' Blues
from album (Shake Your Money Maker) by Black Crowes
Hey boys, buzzin' bee stingin' Ringing ears never gonna' stop Stand tall sickness creepi.. 
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
from album (The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion) by Black Crowes
With my winter time My idols and stage fright In another night Where the lights are loud and bright.. 
Towne's Blues
from album (Black-Eyed Man) by Cowboy Junkies
You're clean as a widow woman's washboard, son, stick it in the wind Put the mountains to yo.. 
Blackbird On The Wire
from album (Blue Is The Colour) by The Beautiful South
(Heaton/Rotheray) Eyes to take you dancing mouth to leave your wife Legs to run away with and you.. 
Black Eyed Dog
from album (Way To Blue) by Nick Drake
A black eyed dog he called at my door The black eyed dog he called for more A black eyed dog he knew.. 
Into Deep Blue
from album (Blackout) by Stratovarius
Sometimes I just want to lie in your lap And dive into dep blue When the world's too much to bea.. 
Black Cat Bone
from album (Good Looking Blues) by Laika
must have been the devil who changed my mind/must have been the wind blowing not me crying/half the.. 
Shade Of Blue
from album (B.R.M.C.) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
"I've been here before, I know this shade of blue, it's you I've felt your touch b.. 
Bright Blue Rose
from album (Babes In The Woods) by Mary Black
I skimmed across black water Without once submerging Onto the banks of an urban morning That hungers.. 
The Dead Flag Blues
from album (F# A# (Infinity)) by Godspeed You Black Emperor!
The car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel And the sewers are all muddied with a t.. 
Sanguinary Blues
from album (Doomsday Sun) by The Black League
Woe to thee... Children of the Night Hear the sweetest music playing in your mind? Who hath "Th.. 
from album (Utopia A.D.) by The Black League
[Luttinen, Valanne, Jarva et al.] Clean your SPIRIT.It's gonna clean your SOUL. When that BLUES.. 
Black Pyramid
from album (Tales Of The Knife) by Lucerin Blue
I see them coming from way over there To witness the world's most alluring nightmare Covered i.. 
Blue Burns Orange
from album (The Silence In Black And White) by Hawthorne Heights
Bleed these colors open wide Burning blues from butterflies (Tonight we, Tonight we fly) Flying fast.. 
Rainbow Blues
from album (Ghost Of A Rose) by Blackmore's Night
The rain wasn't made of water The snow didn't have a place in the sun So we slipped behind t.. 
Black Night
from album (A Man And The Blues) by Buddy Guy
Black night is fallin' Oh how I hate to be alone Black night is fallin' Oh how I hate to be.. 
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
Cryscythe... time is right Autumn is near, moon shines bright It's time to find a new nest For m.. 
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
When the dusk lays hands on the town of misery The light attracts all you children of light Every ni.. 
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
Through thick snow, through the freezing blow. Through darkness I roam... Alone in night, no one on.. 
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
You start whispering when I wake Quit speaking when the seal breaks I taste a sweet & bitter tas.. 
The Serpent And Eve
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
Gloomy shade of green Again I'm having this same dream I'm in a garden And you are here with.. 
The Wind
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
A chilly October morning And we lay side by side For now I take last a look on you Before I take a r.. 
Wild At Heart
from album (Pitch-Black Blues) by Cryhavoc
I'll give you roses and red wine we'll drink Candles burn in dead of night. Every step or br.. 
40 Shades Of Blue
from album (Fire Of Freedom) by Black 47
I remember your eyes from the 12th of July When the sirens were screamin' and the flames lit th.. 
White, Blue And Red
from album (Little Black Numbers) by Kathryn Williams
Smoke a galouise at the after show Even though you gave up a year ago Think of all the ways to meet.. 

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