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Swimming In Your Ocean
from album (God Shuffled His Feet) by Crash Test Dummies
When I'm sampling from your bosom Sometimes I suffer from distractions like Why does God cause t.. 
Swimming In The Ocean
from album (Boomtown) by David & David
just for tonight I'll watch from above the too-late rites for a long dead love just for toni.. 
I Go Swimming
from album (Plays Live) by Peter Gabriel
Ooh, I go swimming, swimming in the water Swimming in the river, swimming in the sea I go swimming.. 
Flowers On The Wall
from album (Swimming In Champagne) by Eric Heatherly
I keep hearin' your concern about my happiness But all that thought you've given me is, cons.. 

Night Swimming
from album (Automatic For The People) by R.E.M.
Nightswimming deserves a quiet night. The photograph on the dashboard, taken years ago, turned aro.. 
Jaws Theme Swimming
from album (Deja Entendu) by Brand New
In a car outside, we stalk the idle kind. If you're leaving, just let me know. Tobacco and peppe.. 
Not Swimming Ground
from album (Out My Way) by Meat Puppets
Six straight rolls in a blindman's game Half a dozen snake eyes all the same Holler to an echo R.. 
Swimming Ground
from album (Up On The Sun) by Meat Puppets
The sun is up and beating down It's hot enough to melt the ground A little water would do us goo.. 
I Love You
from album (Barney Songs) by Barney
I love you, you love me, we're a great big happy family! With a smile and a kiss, a hug form m.. 
Early To Bed
from album (Like Swimming) by Morphine
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man or woman miss out on the nightlife Early to bed and ea.. 
French Fries With Pepper
from album (Like Swimming) by Morphine
On 6-6-66 I was little I didn't know shit and on 7-7-77 eleven years later still don't know.. 
I Know You (Part 3)
from album (Like Swimming) by Morphine
Give me a kiss hello goodbye what's the difference? Just end everything you say with a smile W.. 
Swimming Upstream
from album (Duality) by Ra
The sun disapeared right before my eyes My heart turned and walked away I gave you the keys to an op.. 
Swimming In December
from album (Let It Go) by Galactic Cowboys
Another day of winter The sweat is building up It always fails to amaze me The ignorance erupts San.. 

Swimming Through Molasses
from album (Ultimate Escape) by Tsunami Bomb
There's a light inside my head Flickering but almost dead My will to be awake Covered in two ton.. 
Stop Swimming
from album (Stupid Dream) by Porcupine Tree
This song leaks out onto the pavement It could be a joke, it could be a statement The more that I fa.. 
Swimming Song
from album (Attempted Moustache) by Loudon Wainwright III
1. This summer I went swimming, This summer I might have drowned But I held my breath and I kicke.. 
Swimming Beach
from album (Barkada) by Parokya Ni Edgar
Tayo na nga Sino pa ba ang hinihintay natin dito Naiinip na ako Sige na nga Apakan mo na ang silin.. 
Swimming With You
from album (Fighting Starlight) by Benton Falls
Swimming With You i got to the car. drove far. decided to stay away. with my foot on the gas. drov.. 
Swimming Pool
from album (Biggest Blue Hi-Fi) by Camera Obscura
My head's been lying dormant like a sleepy little mouse what I have inside me it's enough to.. 
Swans With The Swimming
from album (Cinder & Smoke) by Iron & Wine
"take me again," she said, thinking of him "to the pond with the swans and the swimmi.. 
Swimming In The Flood
from album (Album Unknown) by TV Smith
On show And if you miss it this time Well, it all comes round again But while it's on screen It&.. 
Fatal Flower Garden
from album (The Swimming Hour) by Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire
It rained it poured It rained so hard Rained so hard all day Till the boys in our school Come out to.. 
How Indiscreet
from album (The Swimming Hour) by Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire
(One, two, three, four) I saw you last night My my, how indiscreet (My my, baby my my my) Your self.. 
Two Way Action
from album (The Swimming Hour) by Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire
I've been driving all night Bathing in fluorescent light Of a western Tennessee gas station With.. 
Swimming Pool
from album (Future Future Future Perfect) by Freezepop
Late at night, the air was cool We snuck into the swimming pool You dove headfirst, I waded in The s.. 
from album (Shut Up I Am Dreaming) by Sunset Rubdown
Maybe an ocean is found in a lake. Maybe exceptions to this could be made. But I'm swimming Lord.. 
from album (The Sitting Room) by Anne Clark
Your body is the shoreline sometimes I am the sea clinging desperately feeling all the contours Eb.. 
from album (Backyard Babies) by Backyard Babies
I thought release the endless pain I think it'll never be the same But I didn't cause the su.. 
from album (Backyard Babies) by Backyard Babies
Who's the man? Who's your God? Who's the creep that you've been dreaming of? Are you.. 
Back On The Juice
from album (Backyard Babies) by Backyard Babies
You never defeated me, Or anything that you wanted me to do to myself I'm now gonna walk away I.. 
Voodoo Love Bow
from album (Backyard Babies) by Backyard Babies
I keep my motivation on But I'm afraid of what I'll become When you reveal the fact of who.. 
Jump (Love And Swimming Pools)
from album (Mummer) by XTC
Scared of love, love and swimming pools Falling in you said was for fools But when you're stand.. 
Start Swimming
from album (April Rain) by Delain
I'm waiting for another day I'm waiting for the clock to reach the six and twelve I'm wa.. 
Clean Up Your Own Backyard
from album (A Little Less Conversation) by Elvis Presley
Back porch preacher preaching at me Acting like he wrote the golden rules Shaking his fist and speec.. 
Back In Your Own Backyard
from album ((I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance) by Billie Holiday
The bird with feathers of blue Is waiting for you Back in your own backyard You'll see your cast.. 
Backyard Brawl
from album (The Eyes Of Alice Cooper) by Alice Cooper
Got a cut on my thigh, got a nail in my eye And I`m bleedin' all over the wall Got a barbed wire.. 
At The Mercy
from album (Chaos And Creation In The Backyard) by Paul McCartney
At the mercy, at the mercy At the mercy of a busy road, Who can handle such a heavy load? At the.. 
English Tea
from album (Chaos And Creation In The Backyard) by Paul McCartney
Would you care to sit with me For a cup of English tea Very twee, very me Any sunny morning What a.. 
Follow Me
from album (Chaos And Creation In The Backyard) by Paul McCartney
You lift up my spirits, you shine on my soul Whenever I'm empty, you make me feel whole I can re.. 

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