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Bust A Move
from album (Bust A Move) by Young MC
This here's a tale for all the fellas Try to do what those ladies tell us Get shot down cause yo.. 
Bus Stop
from album (Bus Stop) by The Hollies
BUS STOPThe HolliesBus stop, wet day, she's there, I sayPlease share my umbrellaBus stop, bus go.. 
from album (Busted) by Cheap Trick
Ooh what you fell into It's really nothin' new Well it's the same thing every day I'.. 
Synapse - Phillip Steir-My Ghost In The Bush Of Life Mix
from album (Deconstructed) by Bush
I don't mind this Deaf again Just a skinfull What we choose to forget Thinking you know Th.. 

Do The Bus A Bus
from album (Extinction Level Event) by Busta Rhymes
Uhhh! Yo Bus a Bus (yeah) Yo Bus a Bus (c'mon, c'mon) Yo Bus a Bus, (UHH) rockin to the beat.. 
Bus A Bus Remix
from album (Violator - The Album) by Busta Rhymes
[Busta Rhymes] Uhh uhh uhh uhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh Do the Bus a Bus Yea yea Do.. 
A Bushel And A Peck
from album (A Bushel And A Peck) by Doris Day
I love you a bushel and a peck A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck A hug around the neck a.. 
Busted Stuff
from album (Busted Stuff) by Dave Matthews Band
Not enough Never too much Woman looked just like love Rolling stone Gathers no moss But leaves a tra.. 
The Bushwicken
from album (Phantom Of The Rapra) by Bushwick Bill
Hello? Is anybody out there? Can you hear me? It's about to happen (chorus) x13 Dr. W.. 
Bust A Slug (Remix)
from album (Bust A Slug 12") by Wu-Syndicate
featuring Ghostface Killah, Ill Knob, Superb, Trigga * skit for 30 seconds before beat drop.. 
Strictly Business
from album (Strictly Business) by EPMD
Try to answer to the master on the MC rap artists No joke on the lyric it's hard to be m.. 
from album (Business) by Treble Charger
There's better ways to let me know Leave a message, slip a note In a place I'll never find.. 
Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
from album (Killing Is My Business) by Megadeth
I am a snyper Always hit the mark Paid assassin Working after dark Looking through the night Using i.. 
It Doesn't Matter
from album (Sonic Adventure Soundtrack) by Sonic Adventure
Ooooooh yeah When I don't show up, don't criticize Im just living by my own feeling And I w.. 

Un Hombre Busca Una Mujer
from album (Busca Una Mujer) by Luis Miguel
Que tenga un toque especial Que sea como es Un aspecto tan normal Que a veces ni la ves Que no sea u.. 
The Bus Driver's Prayer
from album (The Bus Driver's Prayer And Other Stories) by Ian Dury And The Blockheads
Our Father, Who art in Hendon Harrow Road be Thy name Thy Kingston come Thy Wimbledon In Erith as it.. 
All The Way
from album (Busted) by Busted
It happens every time, You've given me the sign, We start to get it on, But then you stop me. Y.. 
from album (Busted) by Busted
VERSE 1 Your face is everywhere I go now And you're on every television show now, Baby I need y.. 
Crash And Burn
from album (Busted) by Busted
VERSE 1 You're so fit, and you know it And I only dream of you And my life's such a bitch B.. 
Crashed The Wedding
from album (Busted) by Busted
I'm so rushed off my feet Looking for Gordon Street So much I need to say I'm sorry that it&.. 
Dawson's Geek
from album (Busted) by Busted
You think you know it all i see it inthe way you're speaking, The long words tat you use are sta.. 
Everything I Knew
from album (Busted) by Busted
Everything I knew, Just went out the window, Now I can't depend on you, Forever And I never thou.. 
Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt
from album (Busted) by Busted
Hey, ho, let's go! The girls in the suburbs wear nose rings made out of phosphor, Lips are blue.. 
Late Night Sauna
from album (Busted) by Busted
Late night sauna Saw you sitting in the corner Something crossed my mind That I couldn't hide A.. 
Loser Kid
from album (Busted) by Busted
I was always picked last for teams, I wore my sister's jeans, I was a loser kid. And the teacher.. 
Losing You
from album (Busted) by Busted
yeahhhhh sitting here alone thinking it through trying to convince myself that i'm not losing yo.. 
We Are Tossers
from album (Busted) by Busted
busted are tossers they write shit music busted are tossers they write shit music busted are tossers.. 
When Day Turns Into Night
from album (Busted) by Busted
Nobody's there when you get home Your renting movies on your own My photo's on your bedroom.. 
Without You
from album (Busted) by Busted
The way you always made me look at you With all the simple things you said The way so many things su.. 
Year 3000
from album (Busted) by Busted
One day when I came home at lunchtime I heard a funny noise. Went out to the backyard to find out if.. 
You Said No
from album (Busted) by Busted
Your so fit, And you know it, And I only dream of you, Cuz my life`s, Such a bitch, But you can chan.. 
Horror Business
from album (Horror Business) by Distillers
[Originally by Misfits] too much horror business drivin' late at night psycho '78 my bathroo.. 
El Que Busca Encuentra
from album (El Que Busca Encuentra) by Elefante
El Que Busca Encuentra Salvese quien pueda que anda suelto un corazon Dispuesto a lo que sea sin do.. 
Lo Que Andábamos Buscando
from album (Lo Que Andábamos Buscando) by Elefante
No conoce las fronteras, y se mete donde sea, vaga por cualquier lugar. Anda por las azoteas, por.. 
I Love You
from album (Barney Songs) by Barney
I love you, you love me, we're a great big happy family! With a smile and a kiss, a hug form m.. 
from album (Busted) by Hot Action Cop
everybody knows troubles easy to get burnt out dealer to the teachers pet for some fun there is al.. 
from album (Bush) by David Banner
[David Banner] Mama ain't got no cash, daddy aint got no doe So daddy went to my mama and starte.. 
Horror Business
from album (Horror Business) by The Distillers
too much horror business drivin' late at night psycho '78 my bathroom is new you, you don.. 
Bus Durch London
from album (Bus Durch London) by Christina Stürmer
Es ist schönes Wetter wo wir sind Die Sonne reist mit uns und kennt Geschichten wie die von uns zwe.. 



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