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from album (OpenBSD) by OpenBSD
Be Open Be Vocal Stay Open Stay Vocal (repeat) OpenBSD Twice a year, me an' Theo Theorize ove.. 
Open Your Eyes
from album (Open Your Eyes) by Yes
You've got a great imagination You carry on in the same old way No lessons learned from yesterd.. 
Open Our Eyes
from album (Open Our Eyes) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Father, open our eyes, That we may see, to follow thee. Oh lord grant us, thy lovin' peace, A.. 
Open Your Eyes
from album (Open Your Eyes) by Goldfinger
Open your eyes to the millions of lies that they tell you every day Open your mind to the clever dis.. 

Wide Open Spaces
from album (Wide Open Spaces) by Dixie Chicks
Who doesn't know what I'm talking about Who's never left home who's never str.. 
Alone With 20 Bucks
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Living, barely surviving Freebasing life till its end Divided soulless vices Death before life co.. 
Ant In The Dope
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I would fast for days And call you a god I would do anything even say I'm in love Just to pene.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Public Domain) Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright 'Round yon vir.. 
Closer To Coma
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Have you seen my sanity? I seem to have left it at home I feel pushed up against the wall Like som.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Like ecstasy to the spine A moment of lost words no memory of time A twist from within Like the ca.. 
Human Pinata
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Directions say assembly required Nothing's admired the majority's been Hired, wired, the tr.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong Jesus forgive for I have sinned Jesus I belief bo.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Shaffer/Arvizu/Morrill/Silveria) Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong? Jesus forgi.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone) I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst car.. 

L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress)
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst care I'm not.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/J. Gonzalez/G. Gonzalez) Translated by Reptilian You roll with the sick dog We come.. 
Powertools For Girls
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Dirt and grease The seductive sin Green tattoos, hands all over Life starts over again The cemen.. 
The Devil's Sweepstakes
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Up the stakes, up the stakes, up the stakes In the devil's sweepstakes This road is paved with.. 
Ty Johnathan Down
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock and key Someone help me So.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Jonathan Davis) Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock.. 
Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire
from album (Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire) by Bob Rivers
Chipmunks roasting on an open fire Hot sauce dripping from their toes (“Oh! That tickles!”) Yul.. 
Open Invitation
from album (Open Invitation) by Jackyl
I hate you Bin Laden I hate you Bin Laden I hate you Bin Laden I hate you Bin Laden I'm pissed o.. 
Keep My Grave Open
from album (Keep My Grave Open) by Sentenced
The days are hot and the dead lie unburied on the field So the wind brings the smell of blood; -.. 
Open Road
from album (Open Road) by Gary Barlow
My life is extraordinary bare I fought the fear and chased the pain Like NERD in my brain My life do.. 
Open Wounds
from album (Open Wounds) by Skillet
In the dark with the music on Wishing I was somewhere else Taking all your anger out on me, somebody.. 
Open Heart Zoo
from album (Open Heart Zoo) by Martin Grech
See in through both sides Wants more to life Know your limits boy Once more too high (too high) C.. 
Let My Love Open The Door
from album (Let My Love Open The Door) by Pete Townshend
When people keep repeating That you'll never fall in love When everybody keeps retreating But.. 
Open Up
from album (Open Up (Single)) by COG
Burn... Burn, Burn, Burn... Open up Now open up You lied, you faked You cheated, you changed the s.. 
Walk Into My Open Womb
from album (Walk Into My Open Womb: The Apathy Manifesto) by Canaan
Melancholia caressed my stretched hand And together we came, dancing to the sound of a shining verti.. 
Video Game
from album (Video Game) by Stiliti
Anche se tu mi chiamerai Ora sarò solo come non mai Ricorderò cose che tu Non cercherai quando mi.. 
Go!!! (4th Opening Song)
from album (Go!!! (4th Opening Song)) by Naruto
We are Fighting Dreamers Takami wo mezashite Fighting Dreamers Narifuri kamawazu Fighting Dreamers.. 
Video Demons
from album (Video Demons) by Dead Inside The Chrysalis
Open Your Mind
from album (Open Your Mind) by Yoko Ishida
fukai ao no sekai koete meguriau kaze ga toori nuketeku maiorita masshiroi hane fuwari yurete oshim.. 
Fall Back Open
from album (Fall Back Open) by Now It's Overhead
Hanging on in the dusk Shadows long vanishing Anodyne in my blood Fade me out into sleep With a pul.. 
Across The Open Sea
from album (Across The Open Sea) by Unleashed
Open Wide
from album (Across The Open Sea) by Unleashed
Evil wrath Live forever Deep inside Strong as ever Growing hate Rising higher Open wide Spit forth f.. 
4.2: 100001 1010101
from album (OpenBSD) by OpenBSD
The starting line is nervous we burst upon the course Electric is our passion An open hearted force.. 
4.1: Puffy Baba And The 40 Vendors
from album (OpenBSD) by OpenBSD
Here's an old story ... Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors We all know the details Magic cave, magi.. 
4.0: Humppa Negala
from album (OpenBSD) by OpenBSD
Humppa negala Humppa negala Humppa negala Venismechah Humppa negala Humppa negala Humppa negala Ven.. 
3.9: Blob!
from album (OpenBSD) by OpenBSD
Little baby Blobby was a cute little baby when we found him on the beach, there was nothin' shad.. 



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