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from album (Awake) by Godsmack
Wait another minute. Can't you see what this pain has *** done to me. I'm alive and stil.. 
Great Awakening
from album (The Great Awakening) by 4him
Like a machine in pursuit, on the horizon like a raging fire, we move, driven by questions in.. 
from album (AWAKENING) by Xymox
Keep Myself Awake
from album (Keep Myself Awake) by Black Lab
I hate to talk like this I hate to lie cuz if theres something wrong that i cant say i have this dre.. 

from album (Awake) by Dashboard Confessional
Awake Through the years it takes to see you 'Til I almost lose my mind 'Cause I'll never.. 
from album (Awaken) by Catch 22
[ chorus ] Awaken inside the crystal dream Transcending across the velvet scream [ verse 1 ] I can s.. 
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
I stand here closed and open Praying for the summer rains Reaching in to pull back the curtains R.. 
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
I'm sitting with my heart out on the table I'm doing a face to face with God He picked up.. 
I Can
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
Looking on the sad times, the guilt and all the shame I have learned to submit my existing hurts an.. 
My Beautiful Robe
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
I want pleasure in your sight I want to subscribe to your delight So hold on and see what I do for y.. 
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
We take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of life We live beneath this canopy Why did we t.. 
Promise Blender
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
When I was a young boy I saw a vision of your face I made a my first promise to you Yeah ya know.. 
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
I ask Him when will I be free He said I am Asking Him when will I change He said No matter now, no m.. 
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
Here I lie again inside this broken body Wrestle against the tree, my muscles aching To get up now.. 

You Thought
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
You try to answer slow You put your head down low C'mon take your time Try to choose the most.. 
from album (Awakening) by Bloodjinn
The Awakening
from album (The Awakening) by Narnia
The Night Was Dark And Cold As Ice I Met That Stranger From Far Beyond My Dreams Staring Into Those.. 
Awake From The Dead, My Dear Best Friend
from album (Awake From The Dead, My Dear Best Friend) by Niccokick
Come on down, - I'll get my feet back on the ground Been up there very high, - Yeah I tried to c.. 
Awakening Of The Liar
from album (Awakening Of The Liar) by Hate
I am Satan's blood and you're Satan's blood, We're on uor way down to hell, We'r.. 
from album (Awake) by Secondhand Serenade
With every appearance by you, blinding my eyes, I can hardly remember the last time I felt like I do.. 
Awaken The Dragon
from album (Awaken The Dragon) by Pazuzu
As I stood here at the break of eternity the planets realined to hide the sun. The moon was red and.. 
Awaken The Dreamers
from album (Awaken The Dreamers) by All Shall Perish
They're coming Begin to light we must ignite the creed to fight begin our night They're comi.. 
from album (Aura) by Asia
I saw the writing on the wall The story of our birth then fall Within their tombs of holy stone The.. 
from album (Going For The One) by Yes
(Anderson,Howe) High vibration go on to the sun, oh let my heart dreaming past a mortal as me. Wher.. 
The Awakening
from album (Welcome To My Nightmare) by Alice Cooper
I wake up in the basement I'm so hungry I'm dry I must be here sleepwalking mustn't I Ge.. 
Remember When
from album (Awakening) by Color Me Badd
Nothing could be harder to believe... When you told me that you needed to be free(free) I'm only.. 
Rude Awakening #2
from album (Pendulum) by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Stay Awake
from album (And You Think You Know What Life's About) by Dishwalla
Staring at the wall because you know it understands And boy you wonder about everything that could h.. 
from album (American Prayer) by The Doors
Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin. Wake up!.. 
from album (American Prayer) by The Doors
Gently they stir, gently rise The dead are newborn awakening With ravaged limbs and wet souls.. 
We Deal In Dreams
from album (Awake: The Best Of Live) by Live
Don't you feel so very pointless in the feelin' of the rain and the violence of the sun? I m.. 
Winter Rose/Love Awake
from album (After The Ball/Million Miles) by Paul McCartney
All through the summer I have followed you around Bringing a rose for the winter that's coming.. 
from album (Louder Than Love) by Soundgarden
Music by Hiro Yamamoto Lyrics by K. McDonald Woke up depressed I left for work You have a good day.. 
Lying Awake
from album (Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch) by Our Lady Peace
I'm here to wear you out I'm here to watch you hide Nothing to figure out I'm here to wa.. 
Sister Awake
from album (The Edges Of Twilight) by The Tea Party
when the winter was over she returned there to find him and her memories filled her with light sh.. 
Awake And Dreaming
from album (Tip) by Finger Eleven
i can't lose anything so what's left is mine and I win this time consolation day i'll m.. 
Bad Magick
from album (Awake) by Godsmack
Does it feel so bad when you're taking a drag and when you're looking at the world through t.. 
Forgive Me
from album (Awake) by Godsmack
There's nothing to me now. An empty shell unfolded. How, when we learn to pray inside our demons.. 
Goin' Down
from album (Awake) by Godsmack
I see the world it's going 'round. Seems to me it's upside down. Looking for something t.. 
from album (Awake) by Godsmack
Two faced! I feel you crawling under my skin Sickened by your face By the way, to think that you'.. 

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