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All I'm Asking For
from album (All I'm Asking For) by Krezip
I can hardly breathe and it's hard to handle the things I need to do It's hard to get up I d.. 
Is That Asking Too Much
from album (IV) by Diamond Rio
Some people say there's no American dream I hear them talking but they don't say a thing I.. 
People Asking Why
from album (Seal (Second)) by Seal
(Seal) 1994 Why, am I changing? Why do people, get complacent with the things they're told? Wo.. 
Song For The Asking
from album (Best Of Simon And Garfunkel) by Simon & Garfunkel
Here is my song for the asking Ask me and I will play So sweetly, I'll make you smile This is m.. 

On My Own (Not Worth Asking)
from album (Pisces Iscariot) by The Smashing Pumpkins
Not worth asking, who I'm supposed to be Not worth saying, seems I'm free Not worth reachi.. 
Always Asking Questions
from album (The Best Of Howard Jones) by Howard Jones
We all want peace we don't want misery So many of us wont let us be these things But we only are.. 
Asking For It
from album (Live Through This) by Hole
everytime that i sell myself to you i feel a little bit cheaper than i need to i will tear the petal.. 
Asking For It (Live)
from album (My Body The Hand Grenade) by Hole
Every time that I sell myself to you I feel a little bit cheaper than I need to I will tear the devi.. 
Asking Too Much
from album (Not A Pretty Girl) by Ani Difranco
i want somebody who sees the pointlessness and still keeps their purpose in mind i want somebody who.. 
Asking For The Moon
from album (Regina Regina) by Regina Regina
(Chapin Hartford/George Teren) The fences are mended, the bills are all paid And I feel kinda guilt.. 
from album (Don't Tell A Soul) by The Replacements
Summoned through a keyhole In a lunchbox for three Take me to your followers And the sw.. 
Am I Asking Too Much
from album (The Never Before Released Masters) by The Supremes
(Richards/R. Dean Taylor) Through a shadowed world I drift in emptiness and doubt Because I push a.. 
I'm Super (Thanks For Asking)
from album (Album Unknown) by Big*** Al
Big*** Al: Bombs are flying. People are dying. Children are crying Politions are lying too. Cancer.. 
She Was Asking For It
from album (The Bleeding) by Cannibal Corpse
Take me back Back to the scene It's coming back I remember her screams The fear in her eye The n.. 

Asking You
from album (5:30 Saturday Morning) by Lennon
Walk down that hall take me to that room Shut that door and close the lights too Turn on the radio t.. 
from album (All I'm Asking For) by Krezip
What's this, you're trying to talk about But I, I'm busy shutting out That's not wha.. 
from album (All I'm Asking For) by Krezip
Krezip - Promise Sometimes Somewhere You tried to hide, your mine for good You know it aint fair Bu.. 
Made For The Asking
from album (Ghost) by Donna Martin
If there are things made for the asking And you can never take too much I'd imaging you were las.. 
from album (Will Haven) by Will Haven
Is there light at the end of... That's all I can hope for When it seems so endless I'm sinki.. 
Asking For A Backseat
from album (Small Town Big Chip) by Flanders
i couldn't wait to shake you and i couldn't wait to break you. but for all my dreams and all.. 
Sometimes For The Asking
from album (Wonderful Life) by Black
Sometimes you laugh Sometimes we smile at eachother Sometimes you give a lot when really you'.. 

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