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Apa Artinya Cinta
from album (Ost Apa Artinya Cinta) by Melly
Tiba-tiba engkau ada Kemudian engkau hadir Laksana kerdil ku memeluk Lihat aku lebih dalam Di matam.. 
Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up
from album (Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up) by Paula Abdul
(Elliot Wolff / Howie Tee / Bryan Abrams / Mark Calderon / Kevin Thornton / Sam Watters) Well ther.. 
Letters Never Sent
from album (Letters Never Sent) by Carly Simon
In a suitcase tied with string On the highest shelf In the closet down the hall Hidden from myself F.. 
Street Fighting Years
from album (Street Fighting Years) by Simple Minds
Chased you out of this world, didn't mean to stop I turned around and suddenly you where gone Li.. 

A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done
from album (A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done) by Sonny & Cher
Ride I used to jump my horse and ride I had a six-gun at my side I was so handsome women cried A.. 
Some Things Never Change
from album (Some Things Never Change) by Supertramp
I went back my home town To the school and walked around And the way it felt It seemed just like.. 
Artificial Flowers
from album (Artificial Flowers) by Bobby Darin
Alone in the world was poor little Anne As sweet a young child as you'd find. Her pa.. 
A Fool Never Learns
from album (A Fool Never Learns) by Andy Williams
A fool never learns To get away, just run away before his heart begins to break A fool never learns.. 
I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
from album (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You) by Aretha Franklin
You're a no good heartbreaker You're a liar and you're a cheat I don't know why I l.. 
I Never Knew
from album (I Never Knew) by Deborah Cox
Oh yeah oooh...mmmmm (sigh) It was a cold day in December I remember it so well you captured my hea.. 
Tomorrow Never Dies
from album (Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack) by Sheryl Crow
Darling I'm killed I'm in a puddle Waiting for you to return Oh what a trill, Fascinations g.. 
Never Gone
from album (Never Gone) by Backstreet Boys
I really miss you... There's something that I gotta say... The things we did, the things we sa.. 
Never Say Never
from album (Never Say Never) by Brandy
Who would thought a guy Would want a girl like me Who would ever thought that I Would fal.. 
Rebel Never Gets Old
from album (Rebel Never Gets Old) by David Bowie
3, 2, 1… Never ever gonna get old So I'm never ever gonna get high Never ever gonna get old So.. 

Sometimes When I'm Dreaming
from album (Art Garfunkel) by Art Garfunkel
All the friends I believed in I believed in for a while They had their flair They had their style Bu.. 
Da Art Of Storytellin' (Remix)
from album (Da Art Of Storytellin 12") by Outkast
featuring Slick Rick Verse One: Big Boi Yea.. Somebody hit me the other day for a re.. 
They Never Saw Me Coming
from album (They Never Saw Me Coming) by TQ
featuring Jay Yeah KB noon time Steady Mobb'n L.A. to the Bay Atlanta GA Yeah.. 
I'll Never Get Over You
from album (I'll Never Get Over You) by John Hiatt
I would have thought time would erase I'll never get over you The feeling's lost in your emb.. 
Never Give Up
from album (Never Give Up) by Yolanda Adams
Visions that can change the world Trapped inside an ordinary girl She looks just like me To afrai.. 
We'll Never Stop
from album (We'll Never Stop 12") by Rakim
featuring Connie McKendrick yeah (it don't stop) yeah check it out (it don'.. 
Art Of Facts
from album (That's Them) by Artifacts
Intro: Tame One As Mellow Max passes the blunts to Skully We're about to come get nutty up.. 
Art Of Scratch (Intro)
from album (That's Them) by Artifacts
[DJ Kaos cutting and scratching this whole intro/skit] Brick City... Brick City and always univ.. 
Never Let You Down
from album (Never Let You Down [single]) by Honeyz
Oh baby I love the way you treat me like a lady Sweet sugar you're so fine You're alw.. 
Never Surrender
from album (Never Surrender) by 2 Unlimited
Come on! - Come on! Come on! - Come on! Prayin' for the good times So'long to the bad times.. 
A Night I'll Never Remember
from album (A Night I'll Never Remember) by Little Texas
(Porter Howell/Brady Seals/Stephen Allen Davis) (Track 8 - Time 3:40) I've been sittin' at.. 
Never Say Die
from album (Never Say Die) by Black Sabbath
People going nowhere, taken for a ride Looking for the answers that they know inside Searching for a.. 
Never Leave A Job Half Done
from album (Winners Never Quit) by Pedro The Lion
Blood stains on the carpet Blood stains on my hands Drag her toward the kitchen Hide the evidence Oh.. 
Winners Never Quit
from album (Winners Never Quit) by Pedro The Lion
If at first you don't succeed Try, try again If I were you I'd give up The path is too narro.. 
I Hope I Never
from album (I Hope I Never) by Split Enz
I fall apart when your around When you're here, I'm nowhere I can't pretend that I'm.. 
Never Be Another
from album (Never Be Another) by Adam Gregory
You’re the light, That lights my way, On rainy nights, You’re the road that’s headed home When it.. 
I´m Never Gonna Give You Up
from album (I´m Never Gonna Give You Up) by Cynthia Rhodes
Featuring with Frank Stallone Frank: I need to know someone Who´s warmer then the sunshine Coul.. 
Fighting The World
from album (Fighting The World) by Manowar
Fight, fight, fight Fighting the World every single day Fighting the World for the right to play He.. 
Diamonds Never Made A Lady
from album (Diamonds Never Made A Lady) by Modern Talking
Oh my heart is crying in the night for you Oh, my God, oh don't you feel like a fool You're.. 
Never Let Her Go
from album (Never Let Her Go) by David Gates
Everybody needs a someone Waitin' to be there when things are a-lookin' down So if you feel.. 
Love Never Fails
from album (Love Never Fails) by Sandy And Junior
Chorus There will be those times we fight back tears And there will be those times that we get sca.. 
If I Never Stop Loving You
from album (If I Never Stop Loving You) by David Kersh
If there was a perfect night This might be the one For telling you the way I feel And just how real.. 
Never Say Die
from album (Never Say Die) by Petra
You've been tossing in your sleep All the promises you made that you couldn't keep And you.. 
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
from album (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) by Loretta Lynn
I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, There's gotta be.. 
Never, Neverland
from album (Never Neverland) by Annihilator
["no not 'alison hell' part 2! yes, another gloomy subject! yet another true story! thi.. 
Art Of Life
from album (Art Of Life) by X-Japan
Desert rose Why do you live alone If you are sad I'll make you leave this life Are you white, bl.. 



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