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Leaving's Not Leaving
from album (Anywhere But Here Soundtrack) by LeAnn Rimes
Sometimes a time comes along when it's time to, time to move on You'll still be there in eve.. 
Anywhere But Here
from album (Pokinatcha) by MxPx
it seems like life would be better some other way some other day, life is what you make it that'.. 
Alone In Santa Cruz
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
Did I ever tell you that I really love you... and I think about you all day? I really miss you and w.. 
Are We There Yet?
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
I think that we're lost again and this looks like the shitty side of town We're running out.. 

As We Speak
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
It's good to meet someone with a future as ***ed up as mine. So, I'm unpredictable, Is this.. 
Bite My Tongue
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
What can I say? I'll bite my tongue again today. What can I do when I feel so stupid over you? I.. 
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone. Save your breath I never was one. You don't.. 
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
I saw you cryin' as I turned away Did I see your face, like it wasn't there And I know I was.. 
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
Lately I've been feeling a little bit neglected. When it comes to your ex-boyfriends, well, I gu.. 
Let It Go
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
Forgot about that girl I didn't kiss... about the one show that I missed... I sorta figured out.. 
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
It all started that one day when I had nothing more to say to you so I ran the other way. Love is fo.. 
Perfectly Happy
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
Won't be another statistic... Won't be a minority... I'll achieve every goal I have... T.. 
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
Sometimes I sit and think about yesterday... Of all those simple words that I didn't even say. I.. 
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
It's frivolous, it's pointless, I'm waiting here in line. I'd buy a cup of coffee bu.. 

Take Me Back
from album (Anywhere But Here) by The Ataris
I am blue, the sky is grey, I guess it's better off that way. There's really not much left t.. 
Anywhere But Here
from album (Eden's Crush - Popstars) by Eden's Crush
I picked up the phone and heard her voice Is she takin' my time She sounded so cute so innocent.. 
Anywhere But Here
from album (Metamorphosis) by Hilary Duff
When I'm in a crowd Or on an island by myself Silent or too loud Wishing I was somewhere else An.. 
Anywhere But Here
from album (Siren Song Of The Counter Cult) by Rise Against
We've been alright up to now, but the air that we breath is about to run out. We've rehearse.. 
Anywhere But Here
from album (Album Unknown) by Brice Long
Title :Anywhere But Here Artist: Brice Long Album: Other Songs Lyrics Title: Anywhere But Here M.. 
Anywhere But Memphis
from album (Wish You Were Here) by Mark Wills
(Monty Criswell/Tony Martin/Mark Wills) Called her from a pay phone down on Beale Street On my way.. 
Anyplace But Here
from album (We've Come For You All) by Anthrax
Beneath by breath you take still you're gasping for air miles and miles you move into abyss you.. 
from album (Anywhere But Home) by Evanescence
(Korn Cover) All of my hate cannot be bound I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming No.. 
But Here I Am
from album (Vain Glory Opera) by Edguy
Always listen to what they tell - Dreamer Crazy habits are a work of hell - Dreamer Dressed in black.. 
You Ain't Going Anywhere But Gone
from album (Album Unknown) by Horror Artist
Girl you never had no home Baby once you' moved on Cos when you're gone you're gone You.. 
Butter Of '69
from album (Butter 08) by Butter 08
I was inside Goin' outside I was feeling fine In the 9-to-5 Just getting by Just the right time.. 
from album (Butter 08) by Butter 08
Do the local disco Butter*** emotion (C’mon over) Do the local mambo Butter*** emotion (Butter na.. 
Age Aint Nothing But A Number
from album (Age Aint Nothing But A Number) by Aaliyah
(chorus) Age ain't nothing but a number, throwing down ain't nothing but a thang, This somet.. 
Get Here
from album (Get Here) by Oleta Adams
You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway You can reach me on an airplane, you can r.. 
Here We Go
from album (Robyn Is Here) by Robyn
I couldn´t wait another minute when I had you here again I couldn´t wait no longer ´Ca.. 
Robyn Is Here
from album (Robyn Is Here) by Robyn
Robyn is here Robyn is here Robyn is here gotta let you know Lend me your ears can you.. 
But You Know I Love You
from album (But You Know I Love You) by Kenny Rogers
When the morning sun Streaks across my room And I've waken up >From another dream of you Yes.. 
(Come Round Here) Im The One You Need
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Now you say every time you need some affection The one you love goes in another direction And you ju.. 
from album (Between The Buttons) by The Rolling Stones
(Jagger/Richards) What you say girl, you see what is wrong You, must be joking, you was led alone.. 
Christmas Is Almost Here
from album (Christmas Is Almost Here Again) by Carly Simon
There's a hand that's old and rough And it's holding on To one that's new and small.. 
Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing
from album (Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing) by Salt-N-Pepa
It ain't nuthin but a she thing, yeah It ain't a man's world You go, girl! No more suga.. 
Here Comes The Nice
from album (There Are But Four Small Faces) by Small Faces
Here come the nice, looking so good He makes me feel like noone else could He knows what I want hes.. 
My Ride's Here
from album (My Ride's Here) by Warren Zevon
I was staying at the Marriott With Jesus and John Wayne I was waiting for a chariot They were waitin.. 
It's All Wrong, But It's All Right
from album (Here You Come Again) by Dolly Parton
Hello are you free tonight? I like your looks I love your smile Could I use you for a while? It'.. 
Wish You Were Here
from album (Wish You Were Here) by Pink Floyd
So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, Blue skys from pain. Can you tell a green field.. 
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
from album (Let The Good Times Roll) by B.B. King
One night farmer Brown was takin' the air Locked up the barnyard with the greatest care Down in.. 



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