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Hello! Orange Sunshine
from album (Orange Sunshine) by Judy And Mary
ORENJI wo kajitte tabi ni demashou nagai yasumi totte Okini'iri no boshi wo asaku kabutte Ame.. 
Orange Juice And Advil
from album (Orange Juice And Advil) by Finally Gone
Your hands are touching mine I feel like our hearts are together I'm Hoping That, I'm Hopin.. 
Born Annoying
from album (Born Annoying) by Helmet
I open my mouth to talk about me I’ll follow you around I’ll talk about me Boring stories, I talk.. 
Agent Orange
from album (Agent Orange) by Sodom
Operation >>Ranch Hand<< Spray down the death Down on their farms Assault against the po.. 

Orange Goblin
from album (Frequencies From Planet Ten) by Orange Goblin
I wanna fly you away with me Into the mystic third eye We'll reach the gates when the Sun goes d.. 
from album (Orange) by Days Of The New
Mijikai yoru ni mayoi konde meiru Heya to kodoku de mazu mabushii gamen Onaji toki onaji kimochi no.. 
Orange Blossoms
from album (Orange Blossoms) by JJ Grey & MOFRO
Well, I snuck to her window to leave her a note "Will you come meet me at the back of the grove.. 
Oranges On Apple Trees
from album (Lifelines) by A-Ha
Oranges on appletrees bugs that mate with bumblebees oranges on appletrees water comes and water go.. 
Appels + Oranges
from album (Adore) by The Smashing Pumpkins
What if the sun refused to shine? What if the clouds refused to rain? What if the wind refused to.. 
Evolution Orange
from album (Raise!) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Seeing Seeing is believing It's the greates feeling Knowing in your heart Just trust yourse.. 
Orange Blossom Special
from album (At Folsom Prison) by Johnny Cash
Look a-yonder comin' Comin' down that railroad track Hey, look a-yonder comin' Comin'.. 
Orange Colored Sky
from album ((I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons) by Nat King Cole
I was walking along, minding my business When out of an orange-colored sky Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Won.. 
Burnt Orange Peel
from album (One Foot In The Grave) by Beck
Long ago, with things to be I got a garden hose and a color tv I got time on my hands I got time on.. 
Orange Blossom Lane
from album (Album Unknown) by Glenn Miller
ORANGE BLOSSOM LANEGlenn Miller When I kissed you in Orange Blossom LaneI could hear this heart of m.. 

Orange Krunch
from album (333) by Green Jelly
In your sleep, I will hunt you down! Crunch bones. Rage war. I said "Your life is a worthle.. 
from album (Avalon Sunset) by Van Morrison
On a gold autumn day You came my way in Orangefield Saw you standing by the riverside in Orangefield.. 
Orange Drive Palms
from album (829) by Papa Roach
I try I lie Someone's sphincter in my eye Kick it with that rebel cat and I want it to be that I.. 
Orange Crush
from album (Green) by R.E.M.
(Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) (chorus 1) Follow me, don't follow me I've got my spine, I'v.. 
Orange Mound
from album (Body Parts) by The Prophet Posse
Chorus x4 Orange mound nigga orange mound Orange mound nigga then we gonna turn it out.. 
County Orange
from album (Ghosts Of Hallelujah) by The Gourds
our little friend he didn¹t want to wear his white buckled shoes nor was barefoot his.. 
Agent Orange
from album (Boys For Pele) by Tori Amos
Gotta tell you what I heard from agent orange mister suntan mister happy man mister I know the girls.. 
The Power Of Orange Knickers
from album (The Beekeeper) by Tori Amos
The power of orange knickers under my petticoat the power of listening to what you don’t want me t.. 
Orange Pineapple Juice
from album (Resurrection) by Common Sense
Hand me a little bit of umm orange pineapple juice I'ma sip on it check it out I got.. 
All Awake
from album (Blue Green Orange) by I Mother Earth
Look for me to climb fallen trees in yellow summer Look for me in wide falling fields of bohemia A.. 
from album (Blue Green Orange) by I Mother Earth
Though the sign says "Monterey: Forty light years from Right here," we'll go anyway Go.. 
Love Your Starfish
from album (Blue Green Orange) by I Mother Earth
To hesitate, to reel and stutter In a free fall To eat your grapes and slow the runner You just need.. 
When Did You Get Back From Mars?
from album (Blue Green Orange) by I Mother Earth
We never thought that you were gone until we turned the lights on and spoke to your god but he ain&#.. 
Across This Antheap
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Soldiers, workers, slaves and farmers, Nurses, queens and drones. Wish they'd leave my head to.. 
Chalkhills And Children
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
I'm floating over strange land, It's a soulless, sequined, showbiz moon. I'm floating.. 
Cynical Days
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Another year's gone by, The world's grown older, Sometimes I heave a sigh, People grow co.. 
Garden Of Earthly Delights
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Kid, Stay and snip your cord off, Talk and let your mind loose, Can't all think like Chekov,.. 
Here Comes President Kill Again
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Here comes President Kill again, Surrounded by all of his killing men. Telling us who, why, where.. 
Hold Me My Daddy
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Hold me my daddy, I never felt lower than dirt on the floor. I say hold me my daddy, I never felt.. 
King For A Day
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Everyone's creeping up to the money god, putting tongues where they didn't ought to be. On.. 
Merely A Man
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Higher. I'm a king, yes, I'm a head of state. But I'm the kitchen boy who'll wash.. 
Miniature Sun
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
I'm 12 o'clock, All daylight hours, I'll warm your bed, I'll grow your flowers... 
One Of The Millions
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
I got so much to say But I'm afraid it'll come out wrong. I'm not akin to the Eighties.. 
Pink Thing
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Anytime you rise, I'm here, And I'm crazy for you pink thing. You make me want to laugh,.. 
Poor Skeleton Steps Out
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Poor skeleton steps out, Dressed up in bad blood, Bad brains, bad thoughts, and others deeds. Po.. 
Scarecrow People
from album (Oranges And Lemons) by XTC
Hope you enjoyed your flight, In one of our new straw aeroplanes, You'll find things here are.. 

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