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from album (Analogue) by A-Ha
Come back my darling one I'm calling on ya. The road ahead is long and I must warn ya. I wonder.. 
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
from album (Anarchy) by Chumbawamba
na-na-na Albert! Who? Bobby! Who? For god´s s.. 
from album (Anarchy) by Busta Rhymes
[CHORUS] What this world is comin to, to, to Can you see, see, see, see What's in store for you,.. 
Intro: The Current State Of Anarchy
from album (Anarchy) by Busta Rhymes
And so the third celestial sphere in proximity to the sun entered a new millenium 6 billion souls in.. 

Heavy On My Heart
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
I try to fly away but it's impossible And every breath I take gives birth to deeper sighs And.. 
I Do
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
Who are they anyway With their sticks and stones Don't they know that we know? There's a.. 
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
Ohhh.. Ohh.. I use to tell myself that you would wait I borrowed time for two and I twisted fate.. 
Seasons Change
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
Cradle the weight of your life You can survive What lies before you It's only a matter of tim.. 
***y Single
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
All my life I've tried to find A love to give me piece of mind And I, I looked into your eyes Ca.. 
Sick And Tired
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
My love is on the line My love is on the line My love is on the line My love is on the line A l.. 
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
Ohh.. Time... Time.. They say timing... is everything But nothing you control 'Cause there&.. 
Welcome To My Truth
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
Sentimental days In a misty clouded haze Of a memory that now feels untrue I used to feel disguis.. 
Where Do I Belong
from album (Anastacia) by Anastacia
Ohhh.. Ohhh.. Life doesn't promise a bed of roses Or white knights Fields of emotions I'.. 
from album (Unconditional) by Clay Davidson
Daddy waited up, in the kitchen by himself I came stumbling in that night With licquor on my breath.. 

Cada Mañana
from album (Cada Mañana) by Benny Ibarra
Cada mañana entre mis brazos te encuentro y cada mañana siento tu piel que acaricio y no puedo.. 
from album (Anabelle) by Fun People
Parapapapaaaaa!!!! Yo tenia una amiga y su nombre era Anabelle, Anabelle te sentias mal Anabelle.. 
Anastazja, Jestem
from album (Anastazja, Jestem) by Lzy
Leżę tutaj już od piętnastu lat Nie mogę nic powiedzie.. 
from album (Anaconda) by Sisters Of Mercy
Baby buy an Anaconda baby buy a thing to wear She go walking she go crawling she go sliding through.. 
Anata Dake Mitsumeteru
from album (Anata Dake Mitsumeteru) by Slam Dunk
Anata dake mitsumeteru Deatta hi kara Ima demo zutto Anata sae soba ni ireba Hoka ni nannimo iranai.. 
Ana Julia
from album (Ana Julia) by Los Hermanos
Quem te ver passar assim por mim não sabe o que é sofrer Ter que ver você assim sempre tão linda.. 
Everyone In Anal Cunt Is Dumb
from album (40 More Reasons To Hate Us) by Anal Cunt
is that scott and tim,or gilbert and lewis i let them in the band,didn't know that they'd sc.. 
I'm In Anal Cunt
from album (I Like It When You Die) by Anal Cunt
retarded jibberish.. 
Amigo Felix
from album (Las Aventuras De Enrique Y Ana) by Enrique Y Ana
Esta mañana me ha contado el gallo que el elefante le conto al castor que la culebra dijo a la pi.. 
from album (Anatevka) by Fiddler On The Roof
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A pot, a pan, a broom, a hat. Someone should have set a.. 
from album (Ananke) by Moonlight
Nigdy nie będzie podobnie Myślę o tym, co chcę zapomnie.. 
In The Dark Of The Night
from album (Anastasia Soundtrack) by Anastasia
[Rasputin] In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning And the nightmare I had was as bad as.. 
Journey To The Past
from album (Anastasia Soundtrack) by Anastasia
Heart don't fail me now Courage don't desert me Don't turn back now that we're here.. 
Kahin Door Jab Din
from album (Anand) by Anand
Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye Sanjh Ki Dulhan Badan Churaye Chupke Se Aaye Mere Khayaalon Ke Aangan M.. 
from album (Anand) by Anand
Zindagi ...kaisi hai paheli, haaye Kabhi to hansaaye kabhi ye rulaaye Zindagi... Kabhi dekho man na.. 
Goodbye We're Falling Fast (Nightmare Anatomy)
from album (Nightmare Anatomy) by Aiden
Your pretty face, disguised in a veil of fear, drips with tears as I gave you one last kiss before t.. 
Knife Blood Nightmare (Nightmare Anatomy)
from album (Nightmare Anatomy) by Aiden
She said, "Live young and leave a wake of beauty." That's all I ever could have asked,.. 
Esta Mañana
from album (Esta Mañana Y Otros Cuentos) by Coti
Desde que llegué Nunca paró de llover Tampoco te pude ver Es que nadie contesta Desde que llegué.. 
Anarquia En La Escuela
from album (Anarquia En La Escuela) by Flema
No da más, basta ya No soporto la escuela Días aburridos, prisioneros Hoy los chicos solo quieren.. 
from album (Anatolia) by Pentagram
Won't you believe in the darkness I'm mournin Blaze in the night is the sign of the warnin Y.. 
Anatolia (Turkce)
from album (Anatolia) by Pentagram
8. Anatolia Sonsuz karanlýk bu yaslý günümde Yad insanoðlu bu durmaz sözünde Nerden bilinmez.. 
Hotondo Ga Anata Desu
from album (Hotondo Ga Anata Desu) by Melon Kinenbi
anna migoto kuchizuke sarete kirai ni wa narenai ja nai no hon no chotto no waru fuzake nara mou.. 
A Flock Of Words
from album (Trey Anastasio) by Trey Anastasio
A change in your voice was all that I heard A quavering breath a pause in a word A shadow that sudde.. 
from album (Trey Anastasio) by Trey Anastasio
I've been drifting, For years at sea. But now, you've come along, to rescue me. (chorus) A.. 
Jeevan Daa Mainu Anand Aa***aa Hai (Jeevan Daa Mainu Anand Aa***aa Hai)
from album (Shoonya) by Anandmurti Gurumaa
Jeevan daa mainu anand aa***aa hai Mere ghar mein shaahon ka shah aa***aa hai Milli main di manzi.. 
Yedalo Ganam
from album (Anand) by Anand
yedalO gaanam pedavE mounam selavannaayi kalalu selayEraina kanulalO merisEnilaa Sree ranga kaavEri.. 



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