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De Første Fugle Uden Dig
from album (Nye Rejsende) by Michael Falch
Hvor er det mærkeligt at være her, de første fugle uden dig Toget går til tiden; avisen er ha.. 
The Grave Digger
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
Six feet under I'm still alive Six feet under I've found my paradise When I left, the skies.. 
Digital Nation
from album (Digital Nation LP) by Bad Company
We are a digital nation.. 
Digging Your Scene
from album (Digging Your Scene) by The Blow Monkeys
Digging Your SceneThe Blow MonkeyI just got your message babySo sad to see you fade awayWhat in the.. 

Dignafied Soldiers
from album (Dignafied Soldiers 12") by D.I.T.C.
featuring Big L Lord Finesse O.C. A.G. [Big L] Check it when I'm onstage you nigg.. 
My Lovin' Is Digi
from album (RZA Presents Bobby Digital In Stereo) by RZA
featuring Force MD's Ms. Roxy [RZA] Protect your girl from Bobby Digital [Force MD.. 
from album (Digimortal) by Fear Factory
One step... One step... As I witness the death of innocence A predator feeding on its creation Thro.. 
from album (Dig Me Out) by Sleater Kinney
dig me out dig me in outta this mess baby outta my head whaddya want whaddya know one to get sta.. 
För Dig
from album (Live För Dig) by Lars Winnerbäck
Jag har sett varenda vrå av sveriges land Jag har härjat runt i loger och på Grand Jag har letat.. 
Shreds Of Dignity
from album (Shreds Of Dignity) by Pro-Pain
Once is enough Enough to make all the crazed insane Pretending we're tough we drive all night th.. 
Dig That Groove Baby
from album (Dig That Groove Baby) by Toy Dolls
Friday night is bath night this is what they say We are gonna dig the groove, we've waited all.. 
Digital Ist Besser
from album (Digital Ist Besser) by Tocotronic
Auf der Strasse denken Leute: Wie sieht der denn aus ? Daß so Leute doof sind setz ich als bekannt.. 
from album (Dignity) by Deacon Blue
There's a man I meet walks up our street He's a worker for the council Has been twenty years.. 
Jeg Vil Ha' Dig
from album (Vi Blir Alligevel Aldrig Voksne) by TV-2
Jeg vil ha´ dig og alt det der er dit dine håbløse drømme dine mareridt jeg vil ha´ dig me.. 

Funeral Procession
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
Welcome to the other side There's no place where you can hide Where demons rule with endless pow.. 
Haunted House
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
In the greenest of the valleys Once a fair and stately palace But when the night had thrown her pall.. 
King Pest
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
It's twelve o'clock in London town Human beings creeping round Pestilence all over the land.. 
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
Once upon a midnight dreary While I pondered weak and weary Lost my wife named Leonore An angel now.. 
Sacred Fire
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
My heart is pounding, full moon is rising My brain is crying, my eyes are staring I know what will h.. 
Scythe Of Time
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
I see the church / the town of Edinboro A tower of memories / of love and sorrow I remember the past.. 
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
You're lying there, I hear no silent cry A nameless spirit under the cloudy sky You've left.. 
Son Of Evil
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
Unborn child of the coming darkness Would you guide us through the time of dreariness Face like an.. 
Spirits Of The Dead
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
The war is over and people lying, Dead and buried in mother earth Corpses cover the ground and the w.. 
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
Know the bright lights of Hollywood Movietowns, a phony world Seen a few nights of wonder, Seen a fe.. 
The House
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
The House by Grave Digger I'm riding through the night, a friend has called me I see the moonle.. 
Wenn Das Feuer In Dir Brennt
from album (Digimon Frontier) by Digimon Frontier
WENN DAS FEUER IN DIR BRENNT Fahr bis zum Horizont immer weiter bleib niemals stehen denn alle Gren.. 
I Et Land Uden Høje Bjerge
from album (I Et Land Uden Høje Bjerge) by Michael Falch
I et land uden høje bjerge hvor det både regner og sner Skal jeg leve min dage og dø den dag det.. 
Aldrig Ska Jag Sluta Älska Dig
from album (Album Unknown) by Jonas Gardell
Jag vet att jag inte är nå´n skönhet eller så Om du lämnar mig kan jag det väl förstå För.. 
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
from album (Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!) by Nick Cave
[Dig yourself] [Lazâ??rus dig yourself] [Lazâ??rus dig yourself] [Lazâ??rus dig yourself] [.. 
from album (Crushing Digits) by Veto
I'm up to here In paper and pencils I'm nothing more Than a simple machine I feel like runni.. 
Digirap (Featuring Paul Gordon)
from album (Digimon: The Movie OST) by MC Pea Pod
All right Ready to go? I'm ready. Ready? Let's go. The digi-valution is up and runnin'.. 
Digital Dictator
from album (Digital Dictator) by Vicious Rumors
He travels through the skies With technicolor lights Terminating life in air Traffic regulation That.. 
from album (Signals) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson His world is under observation --- We mon.. 
Miss Riddle
from album (Dig) by Boz Scaggs
Hey Miss Riddle, I'm stuck in the middle again I don't know how but you've got me playi.. 
Deeper, Dig Deeper
from album (Blues For Salvador) by Santana
Deeper, Dig Deeper Deeper, Deeper, dig, dig, Deeper, Deeper Get a little closer You don¡¯t.. 
Diggin' Your Scene
from album (Astro Lounge) by Smash Mouth
tell me why we're all gluttons for pain the girl is totally insane she doesn't know the mean.. 
Devil Digger
from album (Demolition) by Judas Priest
I was cross-wired underground Nothing seemed to fit I was fried and memory bound Then it came to me.. 
I Dig Rock And RolI Music
from album (Christmas Dinner) by Peter, Paul & Mary
I dig Rock and Roll music and I love to get the chance to play. (and sing it) I figure it's abou.. 
Dig U Better Dead
from album (Chaos & Disorder) by Prince
Dig U better dead, I'd dig U better dead (I'd Dig U) Dig U better dead, I'd dig U better.. 
Digital Garden
from album (The Rainbow Children) by Prince
Love, like a rose in bloom All of the Rainbow Children will feel it soon 2 the east, word traveled a.. 

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