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from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
I got a feelin' way down inside I can't shake it, no matter how I try You can't touch it.. 
Before I Let Go
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Chorus: Can I get juss one kiss dis is it hit or miss, Before I let go. One more chance would be nic.. 
Bye Bye
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
It's brand new day Time for me to make a change In my life So wut'll I do I wanna make promi.. 
If You Want My Love
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Chorus: If you want my love, You better not hesitate Because I want you If you want my love, Don'.. 

Nothin' But Love
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Just a touch of love, a little bit Just a touch of love, a little bit baby Just a touch of love, a l.. 
On My Mind
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Chorus: There you go takin' up my time But dat alrite Cuz you're on my mind Make it hard to.. 
Somethin' About You
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Somethin bout you boy, drives my crazy Oh won't you be my baby I wanna be your lady It might be.. 
Somethin' Just Ain't Right
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Chorus 1: Somethin' just ain't right We can make it right I can't believe dat you Coul.. 
from album (Premiere) by Premiere
Boy I love you With all my heart and soul There's nothing that I wouldn't do You hold the ke.. 
Hatachi No Premium
from album (Premium Best 1) by Goto Maki
hatachi tte souzou to chigatteru nanka aneki no soretomo ne hatachi tte angai to futsuu da ne.. 
from album (Premonición) by Julian Martinez
PREMONICION (Julián Martínez) Intro Me siento destrozado, un poco aniquilado en medio de e.. 
from album (Real To Real Cacophony) by Simple Minds
Real to real Fact to fact Nothing moving happening Artifact The waiting room Waits Limbo can burn Bu.. 
Bad Moon Rising
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
I see a bad moon a-rising. I see trouble on the way. I see earth quakes and lightnin'. I see bad.. 
Born On The Bayou
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Now, when I just was a little boy, Standin to my Daddy's knee, My poppa said "Son, don'.. 

Down On The Corner
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Early in the evenin', just about supper time, over by the court house they're starting to un.. 
Fortunate Son
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Some folks are born made to wave the flag, Ooh, they're red, whit and blue. And when the band pl.. 
Green River
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Well, take me back down Where cool water flows, yeah. Let me remember things I love, Stoppin' a.. 
I Put A Spell On You
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
I put a spell on you Because you're mine You better stop The things that you're doin' I.. 
Proud Mary
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Left a good job in the city, Workin' for the man ev'ry night and day, And I never lost one m.. 
Suzie Q
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Oh, Susie Q, Oh, Susie Q Oh, Susie Q, Baby I love you, Susie Q I like the way you walk I like the w.. 
Travelin' Band
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Seven Thirty Seven comin' out of the sky. Oh! Won't you take me down to Memphis On a midnig.. 
Who'll Stop The Rain
from album (Premonition) by John Fogerty
Long as I remember The rain been comin' down. Clouds of myst'ry pourin' Confusion on t.. 
Les Derniers Seront Les Premiers
from album (D'eux) by Celine Dion
Quand marcher sans autre but Plus de passe demain fourbu Dans le neant du froid de la rue Quand les.. 
Premier & The Guru
from album (No More Mr. Nice Guy) by GangStarr
(Premier scratches "The Guru") It's '89 mine I'm Keithy E. the Guru Pr.. 
Name Tag (Premier & The Guru)
from album (Step In The Arena) by GangStarr
[Guru] The DJ's name is Premier and I'm the Guru *echoes* (repeat 2X) *music fades*.. 
The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
from album (Jealous One's Envy) by Fat Joe
Yeah This is goin' out ... to all the live mother***ers knowhatumsayin' All the r.. 
Metal Thangz *
from album (Metal Thangz 12"/Haze Presents NY Reality Check 101 (DJ Premier)) by Street Smartz
featuring O.C. Pharoahe Monch [O.C.] Yo unfold remarkable soul cold blooded bleedin.. 
from album (The Psycho Realm) by The Psycho Realm
I got mad visions, pictures and premonitions Of war drums and suicide missions Prosecution, executio.. 
Premeditated Murder
from album (The Fuse) by Pennywise
Premeditated Murder You can have Jesus They can have bombs In hindsight we speak out You praise all.. 
The Premix (How How)
from album (Zebra) by Yello
(aside from original How How lyrics) Man, woman, love, I'm bad Man, woman, love, I'm mad I.. 
Premiere Rencontre
from album (Comment Te Dire Adieu) by Françoise Hardy
je restais seule dans ma chambre rêvant de celui qui viendrait me sortir un jour de l'enfance e.. 
Vorvoya ¡Premio!
from album (Reincidentes) by Reincidentes
Resulta que tenemos en este país un presidente que es el ridículo total y creo que tiene razón la.. 
from album (Symphony X) by Symphony X
Unlock the doors of silence scanning eyes turn into stone pours the wine of hate and enmity Helples.. 
from album (Conjure One) by Conjure One
My souls is a desert Where nothing is comfort Sheltered from chaos and sheltered from you. Can.. 
De Premiere
from album (Verschil Moet Er Zijn) by Brainpower
Hooggeacht publiek; Zijn rijmkunst brengt velen in rep en roer hierbij de première van het nieuwe w.. 
Give It Up For The Kid
from album (Album Unknown) by Premium J
make that quik money en all the glo.. 
from album (Now That I Know What I Want) by Brian Kennedy
It’s just occurred to me, this is where destiny could lie Forget the wait and see, I’ve seen new w.. 
Premier Amour
from album (Voyage) by Malice Mizer
Boyaketa sora no shita de te wo hiite futari de aruiteta Futo omoidashita ano goro no koe ga tooku k.. 
Supreme I Preme
from album (Maverick A Strike) by Finley Quaye
Met a little girl in London city yeah When I hear that she sing so pretty yeah I had to catch a plan.. 

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