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Back In The Day
from album (Ahmad) by Ahmad
Chorus: repeat 4X Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore But some days I s.. 
Back In The Day (Jeep Mix)
from album (Ahmad) by Ahmad
Intro: Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish.. 
Back In The Day (Remix)
from album (Ahmad) by Ahmad
Intro: Jerome! Jerome! Put on that Bobby Womack! Nah girl I wanna go way back, ahh yeah check this.. 
Gul Kendine
from album (Gul Kendine) by Mor Ve Otesi
gül kendine biter mi sandın tüm dertlerin hemen ödenmez büyük borçlar hayata terste.. 

Gulf Winds
from album (Gulf Winds) by Joan Baez
It's only when the high winds blow that I wish my hair was long Sailing through the autumn leav.. 
Gulag Orkestar
from album (Gulag Orkestar) by Beirut
They call it night, they call it night, and I know it well... 
Gullible's Travels
from album (And The Horse They Rode In On) by Soul Asylum
Keep a watch out behind you from that which can blind you And die like a dream in a jar Forewarned i.. 
Betcha By Gully Wow
from album (Album Unknown) by The Stylistics
There's a spark of magic in your eyes Candyland appears each time you smile Never thought that f.. 
from album (Empty Sky) by Elton John
Gulliver's gone to the final command of his master His watery eyes had washed all the hills with.. 
A Dream Worth Keeping
from album (Fern Gully) by Sheena Easton
Anytime you want to be right here Just immagine me and all this will appear You can keep this moment.. 
Glitter Gulch
from album (King Of America) by Elvis Costello
Enter Madam X painted in a shocking pink spangled dress Her teeth are perfect but her mouth is loose.. 
Flight Of The Gull
from album (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) by Neil Diamond
Music by: Neil Diamond (instrumental).. 
Gulf Of Araby
from album (Live In Concert) by Natalie Merchant
If you could fill a veil with shells from Killiney's shore and sweet talk in a tongue that is no.. 
The Gulf Of Mexico
from album (Soul's Core) by Shawn Mullins
she cooks him ham and hocakes at 5:30 in the morn she does the dishes and irons his unifo.. 

Hully Gully
from album (Album Unknown) by The Olympics
Hully GullyThe OlympicsSmith & GoldsmithA there's a dance spreadin' round like an awful.. 
Gulf War Song
from album (Bargainville) by Moxy Fruvous
We got a call to write a song about the war in the Gulf But we shouldn't hurt anyone's feeli.. 
from album (Robot Hive/Exodus) by Clutch
Ain’t no doubt Jesus sees us Acting foolishly on American Band Stand Agog with spastic b.. 
Gul Pembe
from album (Mancoloji) by Baris Manco
Sen gülünce güller açar Gülpembe Bülbüller seni söyler, biz dinlerdik Gülpembe Sen gelince.. 
from album (19 Dias Y 500 Noches) by Joaquin Sabina
Un día los enanos se revolverán contra Gulliver todos los hombres de corazón diminutos armados c.. 
Gulere, Gulere
from album (Voces De Ultratumba) by Estopa
Llegaba la hora del patio, yo con mi cigarrillo. El tiempo pasaba despacio, cuando yo hacía novillo.. 
The Gulf
from album (Till We Have Faces [Inside Out Music]) by Steve ***ett
You know it's so hard To be up before dawn A few seconds' breath A last cigarette Execut.. 
Kau Pergi Jua
from album (Album Unknown) by Adam Ahmad
Wajahmu Seindah serinya pelangi yang indah Seharum mawar putih segar berkembang Wajahmu Mengapa seri.. 
Gulf Shores
from album (Lost Blues & Other Songs) by Palace Brothers
It was hard enough to climb upon It was slow-going at first Sister, you have laid long in the sun Ar.. 
Kasih Tak Kesampaian
from album (Album Unknown) by Ramli Sarip & Hartina Ahmad
Kubujuk hati nan rindu Melihat engkau berlalu Terpegun bagai mimpi Hilang kau dari sisi Kini ku send.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Ramli Sarip & Hartina Ahmad
Detik-detik bebayang yang mengejar Bagai nelayan di tangan jala tertebar Menadah pasir karang nan ka.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Ramli Sarip & Hartina Ahmad
Naluri kita manusia Selalu leka Hanya sujud dan sembah Padanya jua Kini engkau ku datangi Berserah.. 
Barbaazul Vs. El Amor Letal
from album (Gulp!) by Los Redondos
Esta vez, por fin, la prisión te va a gustar. El reo semental se va a licuar esta prisión. Gatas l.. 
El Infierno Esta Encantador Esta Noche
from album (Gulp!) by Los Redondos
¿Son por acaso ustedes, hoy, un público respetable? ¿Pueden acaso beber el vino por ustedes envas.. 
La Bestia Pop
from album (Gulp!) by Los Redondos
Mi héroe es la gran bestia pop, Que enciende en sueños la vigilia Que antes que cuente diez, dormi.. 
Te Voy A Atornillar
from album (Gulp!) by Los Redondos
Te aprieto mucho, te empleo mucho. te sirvo mucho, te piso mucho. -¿Cómo puede ser que te albo.. 
Unos Pocos Peligrosos Sensatos
from album (Gulp!) by Los Redondos
Si tus peligros son tan sensatos, casi sin arrebatos, y sos prudente en la tiniebla, y con los gatos.. 
Yo No Me Cai Del Cielo
from album (Gulp!) by Los Redondos
Nena, no quiero perderte, no pases de todo, que no está tan mal. Yo no me caí del cielo, pero.. 
Of Of
from album (Of Of) by Gulsen
Iclendigim günler oldu Bozuldugum seyler oldu Hicbirini yansitmadim Konuşmaksa bi hayal ol.. 
Guld Och Döda Skogar
from album (Alltid Attack) by Imperiet
Guld och döda skogar Pengar är som pärlor dom har gnagt på oss så länge länge nog Är det klo.. 
Bunga Bunga Berguguran
from album (Album Unknown) by Fauziah Ahmad Daud
Ditiup angin senja Bunga-bunga berguguran Di dalam keindahan tiada lagi cahaya Hilanglah seri penghi.. 
Kisah Cinta
from album (Album Unknown) by Fauziah Ahmad Daud
Ini sebuah kisah cinta Dari sekuntum bunga sekeping hati Dua jiwa dalam lamunan Berat rasa untuk ber.. 
Mon Det Regner I New York?
from album (Guld) by Klondyke
Hvis du stikker blår i mine øjne så gør det ikke noget for jeg er vant til lidt af hvert små us.. 
from album (Dol Guldur) by Summoning
All that is gold does not glitter All that is long does not last All that is old does not wither Not.. 
Khazad Dum
from album (Dol Guldur) by Summoning
From ashes and fire be broken A light from the shadows shall spring Renewed shall be blade that was.. 

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