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from album (BrokenToyz) by BrokenToyz
All my toyz are broken. I live on the Island of Misfit Toyz. I wear a broken condom. No one plays wi.. 
A Thing About You
from album (A Thing About You) by Roxette
A thing about you I pick up the phone, I'm dialing your number While I pray you're at hom.. 
Made To Be Broken
from album (Made To Be Broken) by Soul Asylum
Guess I'll be leaving in the morning By the chill that you gave me I will ride I will tear out m.. 
Broken Promises
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
I made myself a promise, the day you put me down, That I wouldn't see you if you came around. Bu.. 

It's All About The Benjamins
from album (It's All About The Benjamins 12") by Puff Daddy
featuring The Lox Verse One: Puff Daddy Now... what y'all wanna do? Wanna be ball.. 
I Can Dream About You
from album (I Can Dream About You) by Dan Hartman
No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes I'm not hiding the remedy to cure this old hear.. 
Broken Promise Land
from album (Broken Promise Land) by Mark Chesnutt
There¡¯s a Bible on the dresser and a sign hung on the door And a woman in my arms who shouldn¡¯.. 
Let's Talk About Love
from album (Let's Talk About Love) by Celine Dion
Everywhere I go all the places that I've been Every smile is a new horizon on a land.. 
Somethin¡¯ About
from album (It's About Time) by John Denver
This song was first released on the It¡¯s About Time Album. It is the only album it has been relea.. 
All About A Feeling
from album (All About A Feeling) by Donna Fargo
Let me tell you all I know about a feeling Everybody oughta know about a feeling You can't live.. 
What About Me
from album (What About Me) by Moving Pictures
WHAT ABOUT MEMoving PicturesWell there's a little boy waiting at the counter of the corner shopH.. 
Broken Wings
from album (Broken Wings) by Mr. Mister
Broken WingsMr. MisterBaby I don't understandWhy we can't just hold onTo each other's ha.. 
Forgot About Timmy (Southpark Remix)
from album (Forgot About Timmy (Southpark Remix)) by Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem
[Dr Dre] Ya'll know me still the same Timmy!! But I been low key Hated on by most these niggas.. 
For My Broken Heart
from album (For My Broken Heart) by Reba McEntire
(Liz Hengber, Keith Palmer) There were no angry words at all As we carried boxes down the hall One.. 

What Am I Gonna Do About You
from album (What Am I Gonna Do About You) by Reba McEntire
The kid down the street mowes the grass every week The neighbor next door fixed the roof where it le.. 
from album (Broken) by Texas
Every night before I rest my head Hold me close as I draw another breath Still hoping, that our lo.. 
Broken By You
from album (Broken By You) by Jordan Knight
First lonely night, what will I do? I feel my heart breakin' in two I'm such a fool, whe.. 
Do You Think About Me
from album (It's About Time) by Julie Reeves
Matchbooks and movie stubs Cards and faded flowers in a box of love My favorite photograph Oh I used.. 
It's About Time
from album (It's About Time) by Julie Reeves
Baby I see your trying to figure out What this enigma they call love is all about Oh no I'm no e.. 
The Last Song I Will Ever Write About A Girl
from album (Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits) by The Ataris
Broken heart again today... The flowers that I gave to you have withered all away. Just when I open.. 
Broken Silence
from album (Broken Silence) by Foxy Brown
[Foxy Brown speaking] The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stre.. 
Intro - Broken Silence
from album (Broken Silence) by Foxy Brown
[News Reporters Speaking] "Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested today in Raleigh, North Carolina on.. 
Just About Enough
from album (Just About Enough) by Sarina Paris
Just About Enough, Just About Enough, Just About Enough, Just About Enough, Just About Enough, can&.. 
It's About Time
from album (It's About Time) by Tracy Byrd
(Curtis Wright/Jim Collins) Another fourteen hour day, crisis solved deadline made I came home like.. 
Something To Brag About
from album (It's About Time) by Tracy Byrd
(Al Anderson / Jeffrey Steele) I need something to brag about A new car, a big two story house I c.. 
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence
from album (Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence) by GlassJaw
That burning feeling. Red liquids. Clear liquids. Blessed are the sick. Children shiver in the r.. 
Only Thing I Care About
from album (Broken Toy Shop) by Eels
She had the eyes of some one older, I have eyes that wonder 'round, I couldn't see what real.. 
Permanent Broken Heart
from album (Broken Toy Shop) by Eels
I walked by your window, To see if you're home, The candle was burning, I could see you weren.. 
(What's So Funny) About Peace, Love And Understanding
from album ((What's So Funny) About Peace, Love And Understanding) by Curtis Stigers
As I walk through this wicked world Searching for light in the darkness of insanity I ask myself, is.. 
Let's Talk About Love
from album (Let's Talk About Love) by Modern Talking
Let me rock you, let me roll you Take my hand I will take you to a new start Calling the promised la.. 
Don't You (Forget About Me)
from album (Don't You (Forget About Me)) by Bouncing Souls
Hey, hey, hey ,hey Ohhh... Won't you come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing you know it.. 
A Broken Whisper
from album (A Broken Whisper) by Wolfsheim
silence slowly comes to me... embraces me so tight to keep me cold... a thought that's driftin.. 
Something To Talk About
from album (About A Boy Soundtrack) by Badly Drawn Boy
I've been dreaming of the things I've learnt about a boy Whose bleeding, celebrate to eleva.. 
Forget About Me
from album (Forget About Me) by Boxcar Racer
I said: “I'm happy to see you again,” And I asked, “Well, how's everything with you?” Yo.. 
I Still Think About You
from album (I Still Think About You) by Danger Danger
Lying all alone in bed Crazy thoughts running through my head Thinkin' about you Tryin'.. 
Broken Glass
from album (Broken Glass) by Grey Daze
Every day I wake up The sun rains down on me But this one seems so different It's black as day i.. 
Broken Silence
from album (Broken Silence) by So Solid Crew
(verse 1) I grew up in the same place, Where ?? got shot in the face, I saw abrahams brains, split o.. 
A Broken Heart Can Mend
from album (A Broken Heart Can Mend) by Alexander O'Neal
A broken heart A broken heart A broken heart can mend A broken heart A broken heart A broken heart.. 
About A Burning Fire
from album (About A Burning Fire) by Blindside
I thought about fire in the sky. I thought about fire. I thought about love burning in your eye... 
Apple Tree Man
from album (All About Eve) by All About Eve
The tree gives me shade The shade turns to shadow He turns to speak The apple tree man Lives in a se.. 




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