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Transformers The Movie Theme
from album (Transformers The Movie) by White Lion
Something evil's watching over you Comin' from the sky above And there's nothing you can.. 
Beatles Movie Medley
from album (The Beatles Movie Medley) by The Beatles
Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery tour, step right this way. Roll up, roll up for the myster.. 
Songs From An American Movie Part 1
from album (Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How To Smile) by Everclear
*dog barks* The only thing that ever made sence to me Is the world that I saw from an American movie.. 
Song From An American Movie Part 2
from album (Songs From An American Movie Vol. 2: Good Time For A Bad Attitude) by Everclear
Sometimes I get to a pont Where I don't give a damn About anything anymore Sometimes I get to.. 

Scary Movies
from album (Scary Movie Soundtrack) by Bad Meets Evil
"What's your favorite scary movie?" [Em] Yo, Slim Shady! [R5] Yo, Royce 5-9 [Em] Y.. 
Drive In Movies And Dashboard Lights
from album (Drive In Movies And Dashboard Lights) by Nanci Griffith
Sister had a crystal voice She played a Silvertone from Montgomery Ward Baez songs and Monroe hair S.. 
Horror Movie
from album (Horror Movie) by Skyhooks
[Chorus x2] Watched a horror movie, right there on my TV Horror movie, right there on my TV Horror m.. 
Movie Star
from album (Movie Star) by Harpo
You feel like Steve McQueen when your driving in your car and you think you look like James Bond whe.. 
Scary Movie
from album (Scary Movie O.S.T.) by Eminem Featuring Royce Da 5-9
What's your favorite scary movie? [Em] Yo, Slim Shady! [R5] Yo, Royce 5-9 [Em] Y'all wanna.. 
Stillness Of The Night
from album (Believe In Rock & Roll) by REO Speedwagon
Midnight on the hill I heard the thunder fill The stillness of the night It hit me like a slap, you&.. 
Oops...I Did It Again (Movie Mix)
from album (Chaotic) by Britney Spears
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I think I did it again I made you believe we're more than just.. 
TV Movie
from album (Tracks) by Bruce Springsteen
I woke up last night shaking from a dream Fot in that dream I died My wife rolled over and told me T.. 
A Mother's Intuition
from album (Piglet's Big Movie [Soundtrack]) by Carly Simon
It's a mother's intuition To make a little space It's her quiet mission to tidy up her p.. 
Comforting To Know
from album (Piglet's Big Movie [Soundtrack]) by Carly Simon
When the heart of the hundred acre wood is beating And time is passing through There's a shadow.. 

If I Wasn't So Small (The Piglet Song)
from album (Piglet's Big Movie [Soundtrack]) by Carly Simon
It's not as if I want to rule the world Or even the forest Or even one tree I suppose I could be.. 
Winnie The Pooh
from album (Piglet's Big Movie [Soundtrack]) by Carly Simon
Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff He's Winnie the Pooh W.. 
With A Few Good Friends
from album (Piglet's Big Movie [Soundtrack]) by Carly Simon
With a few good friends And a stick or two A house is built at a corner called Pooh With a friend an.. 
That's Why God Made The Movies
from album (One Trick Pony) by Paul Simon
When I was born My mother died She said, “Bye bye, baby, bye bye I said, “Where you goin? I'.. 
from album (Katy Lied) by Steely Dan
Kids if you want some fun Mr. LaPage is your man He's always laughing, having fun Showing his fi.. 
Angel Eyes
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
Have you ever had the feeling That the world's gone and left you behind Have you ever h.. 
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
Don't think me unkind Words are hard to find They're only cheques I've left uns.. 
Demolition Man
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
Oh! Demolition demolition Demolition demolition Tied to the tracks and the train's.. 
Englishman In New York
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear I like my toast done on the side And you can he.. 
I Burn For You
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
Now that I have found you In the coolth of your evening smile The shade of your parasol A.. 
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
In the moonlight When the shadows play When the thought of what could happen Takes your b.. 
Murder By Numbers
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
Once that you've decided on a killing First you make a stone of your heart And if you f.. 
My One And Only Love
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
The very thought of you makes My heart sing Like an April breeze On the wings of spring.. 
Need Your Love So Bad
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
I need someone's hand to lead me through the night I need someone's arms to hold an.. 
Someone To Watch Over Me
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
There's a saying old says that love is blind Still were often told "seek and you s.. 
The Secret Marriage
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
No earthly church has ever blessed our union No state has ever granted us permission No fam.. 
This Cowboy Song
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
We rode all night across an endless desert We had no moon to light our way And though a mil.. 
from album (Sting At The Movies) by Sting
Chase the dog star Over the sea Home where my true love is waiting for me Rope the south.. 
The Moment Of The Truth
from album (The Karate Kid: Original Movie Soundtrack) by Survivor
When your alone You ask yourself What are you searching for Deep in the night A dream is born One t.. 
from album (Bed Of Roses) by The Statler Brothers
There's lots of things in this old world fancy cars and pretty girls And something I like more t.. 
Made Into A Movie
from album (***) by ZZ Top
Yet Another Movie
from album (A Momentary Lapse Of Reason) by Pink Floyd
One sound, one single sound One kiss, one single kiss A face outside the window pane However did it.. 
from album (Works) by Pink Floyd
All is love, is all I am a ball is all I am I'm so new compared to you and I am very small Warm.. 
Movie Star
from album (Crystal Ball) by Prince
{"Jam Of The Year" plays in BG} Let's see, body oil - check Incense - check Enviro.. 
I've Seen That Movie Too
from album (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) by Elton John
I can see by your eyes you must be lying When you think I don't have a clue Baby you're craz.. 
Bad Movies (Aways Fracture Me)
from album (Act Naturally # 2) by Homer & Jethro
I watched Jack Paar and all of the Tee Vee shows Layin' on my back, and a-peepin' out betwee.. 

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