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Valka S Loky
from album (Lihova Skola Umeni, Aneb Valka S Loky) by Tri Sestry
Tak se dneska odehrava dalsi valka s loky rezavej je rum a susti listy koky Tyden pracne budovany -.. 
Valkoinen Huone
from album (Nimetty) by 51 Koodia
Astun sun huoneeseen Hohtavan valkoiseen Nyt pöydällä kuvas nään Käännän sen.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by La Costumbre
The world is a battlefield We're in a dark shadow You win or you'll be lost forever Don'.. 
Valkyries Ride
from album (Fate Of Norns) by Amon Amarth
Soon a new day will be spawned Scattered fires glow Soon first blood will be drawn And dying ambers.. 

Valkyriors Dom
from album (Bortglömda Tid) by Hel
VÃ¥gar inte visa sig för svag. Det värker i hans kropp. Han blundar hÃ¥rt av slag. Han.. 
Vallat Ja Väet
from album (Discopolis) by CMX
Maailma on uniluoma yhteinen satu, tarina tornit kohoaa korkeuteen kirkot auki taivaaseen Tehtaat p.. 
from album (It's A Nice Day To Be Alive) by Poetic Ammo
(yeah) (uh huh) Mad flavor We bring it to you Strainght to the source Makkeleke ni edhuthu sole ta.. 
Valle De Balas
from album (A Donde La Llevas) by Desorden Público
La ciudad se encierra a ver telenovelas se levantan fortalezas, se prenden velas aya afuera los rebo.. 
Valle De Valium
from album (Miami) by Babasonicos
Belleza Pálida, No Sos Igual A Las Demás, Perla Rosada, Frágil Caparazón, Déjame Acariciar.. 
from album (Paintin' The Town Brown-Live 9) by Ween
[studio version appears on the "Voodoo Lady" EP] Vallejo, Vallejo, Vallejo, Vallejo Val.. 
from album (D W Washburn) by Monkees
ValleriThe Monkees(Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart) Valleri,.. 
from album (Missing Links Volume 2) by Monkees
By Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart Valleri. I love my Valleri. There's a girl I know who makes me.. 
from album (Roots To Branches) by Jethro Tull
Wake hard in the morning. See the young girl milking. Stream rushing by on a bed of stone. Old goats.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Robert Cray Band
In the valley I feel the hands of death. All around me shadows haunt my steps. Dark surrounds, but.. 

Valley Forge
from album (The Glorious Burden) by Iced Earth
Close your eyes and imagine the soldier at Valley Forge The suffering that he endured was real starv.. 
Valley Girl
from album (Album Unknown) by Frank & Moon Unit Zappa
Valley Girl She's a Valley Girl Valley Girl She's a Valley Girl Okay, fine Fer sure, fer sur.. 
Valley Girl
from album (200 Years Old) by Frank Zappa
Valley Girl She's a Valley Girl Valley Girl She's a Valley Girl Okay, fine Fer sure, fer sur.. 
Valley Girl Soundtrack
from album (Pocket Pool) by Killer Pussy
Verse One: Growin' up in the hood thinkin' everything Gonna be all right but it's the.. 
Valley Girl Ventriloquist
from album (Anarchists Of Good Taste) by Dog Fashion Disco
Hermaphrodites with x-ray eyes Shapeshift into paradigms March like nazi's to a polka dirge To c.. 
Valley Of Chrome
from album (Skull & Bones) by Cypress Hill
[B-Real] You can't hide from the man with the master plan Huntin for your head "How I Could.. 
Valley Of Death
from album (City Baby's Revenge) by G.B.H
Into the Valley of Death, you'll take your last breath. But you don't realise, that the heat.. 
Valley Of Dreams
from album (II Power Of Moonlight) by Tiger Army
Night eternal in the valley of dreams. It is said not to exist but I have seen. If you go with me w.. 
Valley Of Dry Bones
from album (A Vision Of Misery) by Sadus
Valley of dry Bones Bless the Land Arise come together Bone to Bone Fusion of Flesh to Bone Sand bec.. 
Valley Of Lost Souls
from album (Flesh & Blood) by Poison
I hit the highway Touch life barely sixteen No angel of mercy Coming down to save the soul of me I.. 
Valley Of Misery
from album (St Anger - Promo) by Metallica
It's all misery You think that's living Depressive thoughts Can be misleading So laugh and c.. 
Valley Of Sin
from album (Mystica) by The Blood Divine
(1. Verse (mellow)) Life is unreal, in the darkest dreams we felt it all, al long time ago can't.. 
Valley Of Solitude
from album (On Earth As It Is In Hell) by Martyr AD
Burn me alive This place is dead to me A breeding ground of tragedy My enemies at my arms length A d.. 
Valley Of Sound
from album (Siren) by Heather Nova
Move me Don't try Let the music reach me tonight Push me over into something new I've.. 
Valley Of Tears
from album (Hard To Swallow) by Vanilla Ice
There is little doubt that behind these words there is still a longing to know G-d; and to find prot.. 
Valley Of Tears
from album (Aint That A Shame) by Fats Domino
VALLEY OF TEARSFats DominoI want you to take me, where I belongwhere hearts have been broken, with a.. 
Valley Of The Birds
from album (Written In Red) by The Stranglers
Ray decided to be silly after all He'd died a 1000 times before in the viet war So he strapped h.. 
Valley Of The Corpses
from album (Deathrash Assault) by Deathchain
9. Valley Of The Corpses [music: Corpse & Bobby lyrics: Corpse] Parted from the caravan during.. 
Valley Of The Crucified
from album (Choronzon) by Akercocke
Slowly drowning in sand Dust and death greet you In the valley of the crucified Survey the slaughter.. 
Valley Of The Damned
from album (Valley Of The Damned) by Dragonforce
On a cold dark winter night Hidden by the stormy light A battle rages for the right For what will be.. 
Valley Of The Dead
from album (The Dead Shall Inherit) by Baphomet
I have walked through the valley of the death I have feld the cold grip of death being beckoned towa.. 
Valley Of The Dolls
from album (A House Is Not A Home) by Dionne Warwick
Gotta get off, gonna get Have to get off from this ride Gotta get hold, gonna get Need to get hold o.. 
Valley Of The Dolls
from album (Valley Of The Dolls) by Generation X
Into the valley of the dolls Into the valley of the dolls Into the valley of the dolls Went the gang.. 
Valley Of The Kings
from album (Burning The Daze) by Marc Cohn
Down along these hillsides Many miles ago Lived a man of vision child But little did I know He was a.. 
Valley Of The Kings
from album (Songs From The Lions Cage) by Arena
Desperation on your own Let the kindred spirits go Keep on building, stone on stone Never fail, n.. 
Välkommen Hem
from album (Album Unknown) by Asta Kask
Han läste det pÃ¥ ett plakat Han hörde pÃ¥ sin faders tjat Min gosse, du vet din plikt Ã.. 



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