Lyrics - V #6

Val Jester
from album (Alligator) by The National
Build a fire for Val Jester Build a room for your love Take your time when you tell her How she live.. 
Val Kapot
from album (Album Unknown) by Normaal
Zondagsmargens vol te vroeg, steet er een an de deur En ik zeg flink geergerd: "woar kom i-j da.. 
Valer A Pena
from album (Teoria Dinâmica Gastativa) by Forfun
eu sempre quis ter mais do que eu podia ter se nos meus sonhos não há nada a temer indecisao n.. 
from album (Equally Cursed & Blessed) by Catatonia
Never meant you no harm Never meant you no harm, yeah, yeah Never spun you no yarn Never spun you no.. 

from album (Back In The High Life Again) by Steve Winwood
So wild standing there With her hands in her hair I can't help remember Just where she tou.. 
from album (Cheer Up!) by Reel Big Fish
Back when I met you I didn't have a clue of the horrible agony you would put me through but now.. 
from album (Mad Brilliant) by Ghost Of The Robot
Got an old Smiths' record and I put it on endlessly. To mourn a lethal fascination with a girl n.. 
from album (Ha Ha Sound) by Broadcast
Inside the mask another disguise I fall to sleep before closing my eyes Tiredness draws in my head a.. 
from album (Until Death Comes) by Frida Hyvonen
You re-wrote the rules You re-wrote the rules We met through a queer twist of time You loved me bett.. 
from album (Back To Black) by Amy Winehouse
Well Sometimes I Go Out, By Myself, And I Look Across The Water. And I Think Of All The Things, Of.. 
Valerie (Amy Winehouse)
from album (Album Unknown) by Joan Weber
Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water And I think of all the things, what yo.. 
Valerie's Friend
from album (Night) by Gazpacho
Little things that make up her life Watching them pick winners with her standing by She read a tired.. 
Valeti (Konglish)
from album (Again) by Boa
Valenti (Konglish) Geuh dae leul bah lah bohn nae moh seub Geuh dae gah bah lah bohn nae moh seub.. 
Valge Nägu
from album (Ei Kahetse Midagi) by Loits
Üksainus hetk tegi mõttetuks Kõik surmad tuleriitadel Hundiulgudest petetuks Saime me kõ.. 

Valged Roosid
from album (Album Unknown) by Boris Lehtlaan
Ei tee mind kurvaks see, mis läind ja milleks, mul on üks päev, mis meelest eal ei kao. See.. 
Valged Roosid
from album (Album Unknown) by Tarmo Pihlap
Ei tee mind kurvaks see, mis läind ja milleks, mul on üks päev, mis meelest eal ei kao. See.. 
from album (Return) by Fold Zandura
How can I explain to you what I am going through? It's such a shame. And how could I have left t.. 
from album (Empty Sky) by Elton John
The seadogs have all sailed their ships Into the docks of dawn While the sirens sit and comb their h.. 
from album (TYR) by Black Sabbath
Leading us on, to the land of Eternity Riding the cold cold winds of Valhalla The Kingdom of Odin i.. 
from album (I Am The Night) by Pantera
There is a place where every man who falls in battle surely will go and in this place lives a Go.. 
from album (Follow The Blind) by Blind Guardian
High in the sky Where eagles fly Morgray the dark Enters the throne Open wide the gate, friend The.. 
from album (Hammerheart) by Bathory
God of Thunder Who crack the sky Swing your Hammer Way up high In chariot of gold Ride across the c.. 
from album (Crimson Glory) by Crimson Glory
Winds of Odin guide us Over violent seas, the silent grave Gods of thunder Roaring, crackling power.. 
from album (Los Dioses Han Llegado) by Gigatron
La batalla ha terminado, esta to lleno de muertos por doquier. Fieros guerreros han caido pero morir.. 
from album (Rheingold) by Grave Digger
A sultry haze hangs in the air A lightning storm cuts through the sky Thunder, the master, calling f.. 
from album (Northern Rage) by Stormwarrior
Fivehundred gates and forty eke Open the brighte golden halle In Gladsheim where the one-eyed god We.. 
from album (Ziuwari) by Menhir
Dein Name brennt auf des Kriegers Brust Nur du kannst meine Wunden heilen Mir bricht das Herz, mir b.. 
from album (Royal Aces) by Barking Dogs
Ian Stuart war der Name eines weissen Barden dessen Lieder soviel kräfte gaben, so er sang seine.. 
Valhalla Backing Vocals Multitrack Sample
from album (Jubileum Volume III) by Bathory
Valhalla Shields of gold Valhalla Great Warroirs hall Valhalla Valhalla.. 
from album (Odotus) by Nicole
Hahmosi sulkevan sammaleen Polte on saatava Viiltää haavan taivaaseen Saan kaukaa kasvot vaienneet.. 
from album (Bound To Happen) by Spill Canvas
There's a special place inside my skull Where your DNA it codes my cerebrum In full stuttering a.. 
Valier - Queen Of The Valar
from album (3rd Age Of The Sun) by Battlelore
Trollshaws Short way to the East Trollshaws The land of the beast You may hide on the hills Lur.. 
Valio La Pena
from album (Amar Sin Mentiras) by Marc Anthony
Mirandote a los ojos se responden mis porques Me inspiro en tus palabras y mi casa esta en tu piel Q.. 
from album (Siamo Solo Noi) by Vasco Rossi
10 goccie di Valium per dormire meglio 10 goccie di Valium per dormire sul serio 10 goccie di Vali.. 
Valium Knights
from album (Ghetto Love) by Jaheim
Harvey Oswalds' dead and gone He took the last train out of town One minute man has cocked his l.. 
Valjean Arrested - Valjean Forgiven
from album (Les Miserables) by Les Miserables
Constables: Tell his Reverence your story Let us see if he's impressed You were lodging there la.. 
Valjean Chez Les Thénardier
from album (Les Miserables) by Les Miserables
Valjean Chez Les Thénardier JEAN VALJEAN J'ai rencontré dans la forêt cette petite qui tremb.. 
Välfärdens Pris
from album (Album Unknown) by Asta Kask
Den dagen ni vaknar, den dagen ni ser Att allt det vi fruktat ej ett hot längre är Att faran f.. 
Välgärningar & Illdåd
from album (Max 500 Singel) by Kent
Du kom till mig mitt i en dröm Och sa: rädda mig håll mig gömd Jag väntar där en mardrö***a.. 
Välj Dina Föräldrar
from album (Album Unknown) by De Lyckliga Kompisarna
Kommunerna ska spara pengar de slösat bort. Vi har ett budgetunderskott. Och allt det som kostar.. 



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