Lyrics - V #18

Vector, Third Movement
from album (Pain Necessary To Know) by Ephel Duath
Follies wedged, Deep, Twisting brush against the warp, This waltz agrees to armorial bearings stu.. 
Veda Very Shining
from album (Go!) by Letters To Cleo
That was my heart when time was a seed Tell me what it means We made it out okay but soon it turned.. 
Veden Ääri
from album (Rautakantele) by CMX
sen huoneen avaimet ja kirjojen välissä kuivattuja kukkia ja kuljettuja tietä niitä et käy ja.. 
from album (Nimetty) by 51 Koodia
kärpäsiä suustasi matoja hiuksistasi käärmeitä katseestasi silmät auki niin us.. 

Vedenpaisumuksen Jälkeen
from album (Vedenpaisumus) by Aknestik
Mä synnyin kuuden päivän sodan aikana se seitsemäs päivä oli hiljainen mun elämä on ollut pi.. 
from album (Vedergällning) by Fyrdung
Sover du om natten, känner du dig trygg? Eller skakar du av rädsla, har du Ã¥ngest för va.. 
Vedes Amigo
from album (Album Unknown) by Qntal
Vedes, amigo, o que oj'oy dizer de vós, assy Deus mi perdon, que amades ja outra e mi non; ma.. 
Vedge à L'os
from album (Vedgis Vedgis Revedgis) by Flokons Givrés
Vedge à l'os, l'os Chus ben qu'trop faitt Vedge à l'os, l'os Chais pus où chu.. 
from album (Forklædt Som Voksen) by Troo.l.s & Orgi-e
1. Vers Før var jeg en proletar en *** fattig nar nu æder jeg mig mæt i kvalivare kavia.. 
Vedi Le Fosche Notturne Spotigle (from Il Trovatore) (Verdi)
from album (The Miskolc Experience) by Therion
Il Trovatore / Atto II: La Gitana / Scena I ZINGARI Vedi! Le fosche notturne spoglie De' cie.. 
Vedno Si Sanjala Njega
from album (Album Unknown) by Fredy Miller
Hey, thanks for inviting me. I'll join you now in your quest kadar te vidim ko se mi smejes sre.. 
Vedno Zame
from album (Album Unknown) by Gusti & Polona Kasal
Znova sem prespala jutro, ga prestavim na vecer, ko bi videl moje sanje - ali cutis moj nemir? Zu.. 
from album (Music Bar) by Chinaski
Kolegyne, prosim vas Prestante tu kvilet Seberte se, vypadnete Nebo budu strilet A nechte si svy rec.. 
Veel Ja Veel
from album (Album Unknown) by Dynamint
Tol õhtul otsides üht rõõmu kurbuses Nii kaugeks jäi november külmas hinguses Se.. 

Veel Kord
from album (Album Unknown) by Kukerpillid
Ma ikka tunnen vahel, et nähtamatu ahel see linna külge kinnitanud mind. Siin igal majal numbe.. 
Veel Te Mooi
from album (Album Unknown) by Sanne & Erik
‘k Wil je liefst meteen vergeten Dit doet niemand mij nog aan En ik kan het nu wel weten S.. 
from album (Hannah) by Hannah
Aeg on muutnud liiga palju meid tean, et oled käinud teisi teid tulin tagasi kuid nüüd nÃ.. 
from album (Will Haven) by Will Haven
Head to toe draped in your skin Needless death, where's your compassion Why can't you see wh.. 
Vega Velocity
from album (De-Synchronized) by Syrian
Travelling through the space Sailing to constant warp The vortex I will embrace to show Enter the De.. 
from album (Confrontación) by Asunto
Es innegable el dolor, un cruel negocio manchado por la sangre de las víctimas, un castigo impue.. 
Vegan In Furs
from album (Satanic Panic In The Attic) by Of Montreal
I used to think it black while at my country seat Now I'm peaking in so many ways The gloom is.. 
Vegan Rap
from album (May I) by 9 Days
I was walkin' down the street Yo! To get something to eat Yo! But everything I'.. 
Vegan Revolution Draft Dodger Anthem
from album (Positively Positive 1998-2002) by Good Clean Fun
I think fur is a crime, I protest all the time you should see all my bumper stickers That Firestorm.. 
from album (A New Found Glory) by New Found Glory
It doesn't take much to keep holding someone's hand You have to keep your eyes open as wide.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Pimpadelic
If I had money everything would be ok, But I don't, so I'mma drink my life away. You know wh.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Ellen Ten Damme
Am i right, or am I strong. I can't resist cause I want to belong. Do you, do you, do you. How.. 
from album (Greyhound Sessions) by Adam Derry
It’s Vegas, baby, and I think maybe I’m a put all my money on you. It might sound crazy, but I.. 
Vegas Skies
from album (Whisper War) by The Cab
It's twelve o' clock and I need your attention It's like the alcohol making my head spin.. 
Vegas Smile
from album (Relentless) by Jackyl
Sweet Atlanta dances under the lights Me and the boys are back in town Tasting the nightlife Now t.. 
Vegas Two Times
from album (Just Enough Education To Perform) by Stereophonics
So it started with the immigration information bore You gotta know Gambling floor, then to the S T U.. 
from album (Pablo Honey) by Radiohead
I never wanted anything like this I worked hard, tried hard I ran around in domestic bliss I foug.. 
Vegetable Car
from album (Simple Times) by Joshua Radin
Baby, you don't even know me But one day I'll get up the courage as you pass by You'll s.. 
Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo
from album (Album Unknown) by Jimmie Greer
I don't want tofu, I'd rather have a mouthful of beef stew, I don't want to be vegetaria.. 
Vegetarian Mumbo-Jumbo
from album (Always Hate Hippies) by NOFX
Vegetarian....Vegetarian..... I don't want tofu I'd rather have a mouthful of beef stew I d.. 
Vegetarian Restaurant
from album (Young Forever) by Aberfeldy
You recall when he hated me And pretended that he didn't see And he glanced a cast in your direc.. 
Vegetative State
from album (The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code) by Napalm Death
In the end it comes down to this: Want, want, want for a blanket of material bliss Can you live it?.. 
from album (Asshole) by Guttermouth
Something’s up Something’s on my mind I try to go to sleep I try to pass the time What gives you t.. 
Végsö Vallomás
from album (Grafitti) by United
United : Végső vallomás Keserű ízű ébredés, hideg az á.. 
Végtelen Szerelem
from album (FG-4) by Fonográf
Úgy jött, mint az édes álom váratlanul, oly hirtelen Ott állt, úgy mosolygott énrám hogy é.. 



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