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Un Colpo In Un Instante
from album (Monaco '74) by Delta V
Notte finale mirino che io so non sbaglia un colpo no, non sbaglierò Faccio a meno di bugie da na.. 
Un Compromiso
from album (Que No Nos Cierren Los Bares) by Zirrosis
Por compromiso divino, por compromiso estatal por compromiso confundes el amor con un ritual Matrimo.. 
Un Couple Normal
from album (Douze Fois Par An) by Jeanne Cherhal
T'es amoureuse de lui et lui de toi tu en es sûre, trop de choses te le prouvent, et tu sens.. 
Uncle Sam
from album (Dead Yuppies) by Agnostic Front
Go to work give your shares We'll drain the life from you The internet so cool tax dollars hard.. 

Uncle Sam Blues
from album (Hot Tuna) by Hot Tuna
Got my questionnaire baby You know I'm headed off for war I got my questionnaire baby You know I.. 
Uncle Son
from album (Muswell Hillbillies) by The Kinks
He was just a workin' man, Simple rules and simple plans, Fancy words he didn't understand.. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin
from album (Cherry Pie) by Warrant
Just for the record let's get the story straight Me and Uncle Tom were fishin' it was gettin.. 
Uncle Walter
from album (Ben Folds Five) by Ben Folds Five
Your Uncle Walter's going on and on 'Bout everything he's seen and done The voice of 50.. 
Unclosing The Curse
from album (Wormwood) by Residents
Unclosing the Curse That Death-shaped flow of Light As it rushes -- so shall We Unclosing the Curse.. 
Uncloud The Sky
from album (Mind Revolution) by Skyfire
Where is the sun? I hope it's gone Only rain makes my world fade to grey Slowly marching to a fu.. 
Uncloudy Day
from album (Honeysuckle Rose) by Willie Nelson
Oh they tell me of a place where my friends have gone Oh they tell me of a home far away Oh they tel.. 
from album (Disconnection Notice) by Goldinger
Uncomfortable I wish I was comfortable ‘Cause I could show you lovable And sit another.. 
from album (What You Want Is Now) by House Of Heroes
dew on the grass. cold hands. blue dress. remember that? do you miss the moon? i do. all the stars a.. 
Uncomfortably Numb
from album (Letters) by Butch Walker
detox, detox, where are you? you coulda saved me from a disaster with all these cell phone numbers i.. 

from album (In Due Time) by Submersed
Take a step outside the boundaries we live in Get to know yourself the real you, the real me Join th.. 
from album (Nu Flavor) by Nu Flavor
UnTiL eTeRniTY UnCoNdiTi0NaLLy... HeRe aL0Ne Up In My Ro0m WisHin I cOuLd Be ALoNe WiTh.. 
from album (How To Ruin Everything) by Face To Face
Is there a way to become invisible? You say you might but you wouldn't dare I think it works whe.. 
from album (A Love Without End) by George Strait
Our luv is unonditional we knoew it from the start i see it in your eyes u can feel it from my hear.. 
from album (Unconditional) by Clay Davidson
Daddy waited up, in the kitchen by himself I came stumbling in that night With licquor on my breath.. 
from album (Inwards) by Dew-Scented
Aright retribution of thoughts The strongest pain is fine to me Criminal desire Addictive acts of m.. 
from album (Fearless) by The Bravery
I've spent my whole life surrounded and I've spent my whole life alone I wonder why I never.. 
Unconditional (Thankful Part II)
from album (Ready Or Not) by Devante
-Verse 1- Baby do you mind if I keep it real with you one time If I speak my heart, speak my mind I.. 
Unconditional Love
from album (A Night To Remember) by Cyndi Lauper
And I wanna be everything You want me to But I'm not sure I know how I lose faith and I lose.. 
Unconditional Love
from album (2Pac Greatest Hits) by 2Pac
(What y'all want?) Unconditional Love (no doubt) Talking bout the stuff that don't.. 
Unconditional Love
from album (Street Angel) by Stevie Nicks
Written by Sandy Stewart and D. Munday. Don't explain Just lay back and watch the rain Cause.. 
Unconditional Love
from album (Album Unknown) by Bea Sisters
I want to fall into you And I want to be everything you want me to But I'm not sure I know how I.. 
Unconditional Love
from album (Love Crazy) by Atlantic Starr
Unconditional love Who knows such a love made of Can any one give Unconditional Love I love you tr.. 
from album (Barbershop 2 Soundtrack) by G-Unit
[Chorus: Olivia - repeat 2X] Boy if you want me, then you can have me I want you to want me and love.. 
from album (Pepertual Motion Machine) by 13 Engines
Sometimes I'm dirty, sometimes I'm clean Sometime I talk in circles so I don't kn.. 
Unconscious Pleasure
from album (Embalmed In Blood) by Avulsed
A Travel Of Pleasure, Uncontainable Desire He Couldn't Resist, And She Started To Suck Climax To.. 
Unconscious Ruins (Dressed In Blood)
from album (Album Unknown) by Armand
You thought you were all to me For a promise - the great eternity Cursed by all things we should dre.. 
Unconsciously Screamin'
from album (In A Priest Driven Ambulance) by The Flaming Lips
Seeing the unseeable, filling down the void We're not what we used to be We're not really bo.. 
Uncontroll Me
from album (Cryptic) by Edge Of Sanity
[1.] I feel that chains are holding me down "The normal norm" is keeping me bound I need t.. 
from album (Firedemon) by Carnal Forge
You Can Try To Stop Me, Get In My Way But There's No Way You Can Beat Me No Use To Even Try The.. 
Uncontrollable Urge
from album (Gates Of Steele) by Devo
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahyeahyeahyeahy.. 
from album (Condemned) by Confessor
Born to live In your state of confusion Life's only illusion Visionary dreams of logic Penetrate.. 
from album (Catch 22) by Hypocrisy
Slip inside into the chaos/confusion I don't know when to stop Get myself wasted Run around like.. 
from album (America's Sweetheart) by Courtney Love
pretty faces grab the headlines you leave me nothing but my name and all the greed keeps multiplying.. 
Uncorrected Proofs
from album (Reconstruction Site) by The Weakerthans
The mirrors and the unacknowledged nods. Dial tones and license plates. The words you didn't cho.. 
from album (Louder Than Love) by Soundgarden
Small creature are you Small creature you are How quickly you are uncovered *** and cold Maumbling.. 



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