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from album (Fever In Fever Out) by Luscious Jackson
stay low, arrows echoes of heroes follow their go borrow halos climb high, you might die or stick ar.. 
Take A Shot
from album (Album Unknown) by Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
(Shot!) (Take a Shot!) I see a thousand corridors And I've walked through them all Nowhere an op.. 
Take A Step Back
from album (Street Fighting Years) by Simple Minds
Go tell it on the mountain Like it burst forth like a fountain Try to shake the deep foundations of.. 
Take A Toke
from album (Take A Toke) by C&C Music Factory
I'll take you higher, higher I'll take you higher, higher I'll take you higher, higher I.. 

Take A Train
from album (No Reservations) by Blackfoot
Bought a ticket in a transit station Headed southbound for home To take a look at my dear Mom and Pa.. 
Take A Train (Awakening)
from album (Black Bullet) by Kidney Thieves
I wanted to take a train to the nearest awakening Took a bullet the speed of light, into infinite ti.. 
Take A Train (Awakening)
from album (Zerospace) by Kidneythieves
I wanted to take a train to the nearest awakening Took a bullet the speed of light, into infinite ti.. 
Take A Turn
from album (March Of The Saint) by Armored Saint
Hear her words Whispers on the shore Blinded by a haze, in a daze I pick myself off the ground,.. 
Take A Walk
from album (Addicted To That Rush) by Mr. Big
Equal Opportunity knocked Twice too late to stay on top of it all All for one, one for all. Push me,.. 
Take A Walk
from album (Girls Can Tell) by Spoon
Tough Break Handjob Broke It All Right In Two And It Won’t Get Back Together With Stitches And Glue.. 
Take A Walk
from album (Acknowledge) by Masta Ace
Blue skys, sunshine, what a day, let's take a walk in a Brownsville come on Bedstop come on.. 
Take A Walk
from album (Take A Walk) by Sara Paxton
See the people they're drivin' in their cars Drivin' in their cars Drivin' in their.. 
Take A Walk On The Wild Side
from album (Heroine) by Velvet Underground
"Take a walk on the wild side" Holly came from Miami, FLA Hitch-hiked her way across th.. 
Take A Walk Thru Bethlehem
from album (A Lover Is Forever) by Trisha Yearwood
(Ashley Cleveland/John Barlow Jarvis/Wally Wilson) The City's Decorated Up For Christmas All Th.. 

Take A Whiff (On Me)
from album (All The Things) by The Byrds
Take a whiff, take a whiff, take a whiff on me Oh birdie, take a whiff on me Hey, hey baby, take a w.. 
Take A Whiff On Me
from album (The Leadbelly Of Congress Recordings) by Leadbelly
Walked up Ellum and I come down Main Tryin' to bum a nickle, just to buy cocaine Ho, ho, honey t.. 
Take Away
from album (Neon Show) by Compliments Of Gus
Take away everything Friendship over reckoning Love above anything Midnight conversations A little.. 
Take Away My Pain
from album (Falling Into Infinity) by Dream Theater
I was sitting on the edge of his bed Staring at the headlines on the paper He said, "Look at.. 
Take Away The Load (Sandy's Song)
from album (Who Knows Where The Time Goes) by Sandy Denny
I sit and wonder at the thought That someday you'll be going At the same time I realize I must n.. 
Take Away The Pain
from album (Happy Love Sick) by Shifty
take away the pain and let me fly away take away the pain and let me fly away this is a last dance.. 
Take Away The Sun
from album (Dropbox (Self-Titled)) by Dropbox
If I could tade away the sun and steel light from everyone. Then you'd all be forced to see what.. 
Take Away This Pain
from album (Take Away This Pain) by Outlaw
Could you take way this pain? Could you take away this shame? Would the thoughts that are weighing o.. 
Take Back
from album (Nimrod) by Green Day
You pushed me once too far again I'd like to break you *** teeth. Stick a knife in the cente.. 
Take Back Control
from album (A Revolution Transmission) by Stretch Arm Strong
Degradation sets in her eyes. A lifeless figure full of desire. We do nothing as she expires. we do.. 
Take Back The City
from album (A Hundred Million Suns) by Snow Patrol
Take back the city for yourself tonight I'll take back the city for me Take back the city for yo.. 
Take Back The Land
from album (Album Unknown) by Oi Polloi
Tore the people from the land Torched their houses with bloodied hands Thousands starved or died at.. 
Take Back Yesterday
from album (Album Unknown) by Christian Ingebrigtsen
Today is just another day But it’s lost without you here with me Time’s become my enemy ThatÂ.. 
Take Care
from album (Beneath Medicine Tree) by Copeland
I'll take care of you oh Have faith that when you call my name I'll be there It was a strai.. 
Take Care
from album (A Good Day) by The Shuttles
The sweet breeze from the apple trees, is blowing through the open window. Green grass around the bl.. 
Take Care
from album (Whatever's Got You Down) by Samiam
I hope you got the help you needed I'm so sorry for the way I treated you Didn't know you we.. 
Take Care Of All My Children
from album (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards) by Tom Waits
Oh, take care of all of my children Don't let 'em wander and roam Oh, take care of all of my.. 
Take Care Of Me
from album (Soldier) by Iggy Pop
I've been working a long long time Now I'm caught in a wicked bind You offered love but I th.. 
Take Care Of Me
from album (Exposed) by Chanté Moore Featuring Da Brat
{Da Brat} It's Tim and Bob again Chante Moore again All up in that, oww goodnes What'chu tal.. 
Take Care Of Me
from album (Air) by Agua De Annique
Hush in my hands There's not a thing ever so precious Than you in my hand You can never let me l.. 
Take Care Of Me
from album (Thing A Week II) by Jonathan Coulton
I woke up with a headache Slept too late and my coffee turned cold Nobody got me my breakfast My eye.. 
Take Comfort
from album (Anyway You Want Me) by Bread
Take Comfort(James Griffin & Robb Royer)Take comfort where you find itwhatever gets you throughT.. 
Take Comfort
from album (Make This Your Own) by The Cooper Temple Clause
To think I showed such promise, such potential as a lover but I guess I had my hands full with mysel.. 
Take Control
from album (Lust) by Lords Of Acid
Oohoo ohoo I'm moving, I'm follow the beam I'm hypnotised by your scream Created by lov.. 
Take Control
from album (Life Outside Of The Submarine) by Ben Glover
Take Control I am like an unmanned vessel Helplessly I toss and turn and sway Without my captain I.. 
Take Control
from album (Life On The Ropes) by Sick Of It All
I've got to take control of the problem Before it takes control over me I've got to change t.. 



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