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Take My Breath Away
from album (Highway To The Dangerzone) by Berlin
Take My Breath Away BerlinWatching every motion in my foolish lover's gameOn this endless ocean.. 
Take My Breath Away
from album (98 Degrees) by 98 Degrees
If I had castles built on high I'd find a million ways to write yoour name Against th.. 
Take My Breath Away
from album (A Girl Like Me) by Emma Bunton
If I told you how I feel about you Would you say the same and If I wrote it in a letter Would you ke.. 
Take My Breath Away
from album (Album Unknown) by Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
(Jessica) Watching every motion In my foolish lover's game On this endless ocean Finally lovers.. 

Take My Breath Away
from album (Know Nothing Stays The Same [EP]) by Copeland
Watching every motion in my foolish lover's game. On this endless ocean finally lovers know no s.. 
Take My Chances
from album (How Can We Be Silent) by Barlowgirl
I've bowed out from this Can I say I'm sick And now it's time for me to stand up and mak.. 
Take My Hand
from album (No Angel) by Dido
Touch my skin,and tell me what you're thinking Take my hand and show me where we're going Li.. 
Take My Hand
from album (54-40) by 54-40
I'm thinking in circles Don't know where to turn All messed up are my signals Go nothing lef.. 
Take My Hand
from album (Simply Nothing) by Shawn McDonald
(chorus)Take my hand to the promise land And on You I want to stand Cause I cannot do it on my own Y.. 
Take My Hand
from album (Back To The Bayou) by Wayne Toups
When I look At your face You're still as pretty as an angel But there's something out of.. 
Take My Hand
from album (Powerride) by Shakra
Days and weeks and years go by You're still the last in line It's time to make your final ch.. 
Take My Hand
from album (Paradise In Flames) by Axxis
Still feel your breath on my burning skin Forbidden passion hidden deep within Hear me saying: keep.. 
Take My Hand
from album (Whisper War) by The Cab
Calm your nerves now Don't worry, just breathe Are you sure now? Don't bother packing, let&#.. 
Take My Hand
from album (Run For Your Life) by The Creepshow
Close your eyes and go to sleep my boy Lay your pretty head to rest This nightmare's close to be.. 

Take My Hand, Precious Lord
from album (A Little Less Conversation) by Elvis Presley
Precious Lord, take my hand Lead me on, let me stand I'm tired, I’m weak, I’m lone Through the.. 
Take My Head
from album (We Have Come For Your Parents) by Amen
Take my head, rip it open Take the sickness, buried it too Take my head, rip it open Take the scisso.. 
Take My Heart
from album (All Around The World) by Lisa Stansfield
Trust me when I say I've been waiting for this day Just look me in the eye and know that I want.. 
Take My Heart
from album (Celebration) by Kool & The Gang
Take My HeartKool And The GangHas there ever come a time, when you fell real niceAnd you want to let.. 
Take My Heart
from album (78) by Al Martino
Take my heart it's yours forever Tell me yours is mine alone Since we met I cans't forget yo.. 
Take My Heart
from album (Jake) by Jake
Don't wory Baby I won't go away Can't you feel it in the way that I tell you That I'.. 
Take My Heart
from album (Album Unknown) by Jacky James
Take My Heart Back
from album (Soundtrack - If Only) by Jennifer Love Hewitt
It'll be alright You said Tommorrow Don't you cry Don't you shed a tear When you wa.. 
Take My Heartch
from album (92 Days Of Rain) by Corey Hart
Take me to the top again Take me to the high road shining 'Cause you know I never seen the world.. 
Take My Hunger
from album (Heartbeat Of The Earth) by Inkubus Sukkubus
Your love is crashing through my veins Your heat has far eclipsed the day Let nought but hunger take.. 
Take My Life
from album (As I Came Of Age) by Sarah Brightman
There's a river that's swollen with rain You wouldn't guess that I've known so much.. 
Take My Life
from album (Stay) by Jeremy Camp
Here i am before you now I'm like a child reaching out Here i am i'm giving all i can Bre.. 
Take My Life
from album (Album Unknown) by Love & Kisses
Take my life Take these things inside of me Take my life Take it all and set me free set me free.. 
Take My Life (And Let It Be)
from album (Album Unknown) by Stanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth, And Rod McLennan
Take my life and let it be Consecrated Lord to Thee Take my moments and my days Let them flow in cea.. 
Take My Life Away
from album (Twilight Of Days) by Athena
Now I know why I am alone Answers grow, in this room I will know my past. Two different minds insid.. 
Take My Life... Please
from album (Dogzilla) by Dog Eat Dogma
CHECK my PULSE ... WITH a RAZOR FEEL it BEAT ... on the EDGE of a BLADE CUT my THROAT ... to SPITE m.. 
Take My Love
from album (Rocks Won't Cry) by Shane And Shane
Lord, i'm giving all i am with everything i am holy and annointed one, to You i lift my hands i.. 
Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)
from album (Fever The Best Of Little Willie John) by Little Willie John
Intro chorus: (My love, my love, take my love) Take my love I wanna give it all to you You can, you.. 
Take My Pain
from album (Only Human) by At Vance
I can feel the heat as it burns my skin can you hear my creed I'm paying for my sins Rainy days.. 
Take My Pain
from album (My Darkness) by Before The Dawn
Paralysed, I cannot breath tearstained, unable to inhale kneeled down, face on the ground screaming.. 
Take My Ring Off Your Finger
from album (For A While) by Jeremy Castle
Chorus: Take my ring off your finger Wipe your tears and walk away Find a way to face tomorrow And d.. 
Take My Scars
from album (The More Things Change) by Machine Head
It's been around for a thousand years And it'll be here for plenty more It is the face hidde.. 
Take My Temperature
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
Take a look at your eyes they're bloody mental swelled to the size of the Lincoln Continental a.. 
Take My Time
from album (Unspoken) by Pentagram
6. Take My Time Poor victims of delusion poor minds to question who we are Or amplified ignorance.. 
Take My Word
from album (Here's Willie Nelson) by Willie Nelson
Take my word for what I tell you I have never lied to you Pay no mind to what they're sayin'.. 
Take Myself Away
from album (Planet : Fame) by Robin Black
[la la la la] We were sitting, thinking It was me and you and our Elusive friends and feinds And se.. 



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