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(Take Me To The) Riverbank
from album (Streets Of San Francisco) by Swingin Utters
Times have changed and the change of time's slow going my ramble tamble's still in tact and.. 
Take Me To The Bonuslevel Because I Need An Extralife
from album (Album Unknown) by Dee Clark
insert coin to play game over i see trouble on my way deepest dungeons far away from my home from.. 
Take Me To The Broadway
from album (Album Unknown) by Gonzales
I gotta get my prank on, prank on and hit 'em with a sad song, sad song So Take Me To Broadway(x.. 
Take Me To The Church
from album (Lauren Christy) by Lauren Christy
I thought I knew what love was like The fairytale, the masquerade You proved me wrong and made me.. 

Take Me To The City
from album (Space Walk) by Ace Frehley
Its not a place for everyone Sometimes I wonder am I having too much fun Vibrations stronger, strong.. 
Take Me To The Clouds Above
from album (Album Unknown) by LMC Vs U2
There's a boy I know he's the one i dream of looked into my eyes take me to the clouds above.. 
Take Me To The Hospital
from album (Saddle Creek 50) by The Faint
Hold my hand, it's shakin' bad I'm going to the doc I pay him to fix me up I think I'.. 
Take Me To The Hospital
from album (Invaders Must Die) by The Prodigy
Take Me To The . . . Take Me To The . . . Take Me To The Hospital Take Me To The Hospital Take Me T.. 
Take Me To The Kaptin
from album ((I'm Only) Half A Man) by Prism
The planet dies and no one cries So hard to believe If there was somewhere else to go You know I'.. 
Take Me To The Pilot
from album (Elton John) by Elton John
If you feel that it's real I'm on trial And I'm here in your prison Like a coin in your.. 
Take Me To The Riot
from album (In Our Bedroom After The War) by Stars
Grey skies and light fading, headlamps making patterns on the wall Uptown it's dead now but, out.. 
Take Me To The River
from album (More Songs About Buildings) by Talking Heads
I don't know why I love her like I do All the changes you put me through Take my money, my cigar.. 
Take Me To The River
from album (Live At Blues Alley) by Eva Cassidy
I don't know why I love you like I do After all the changes you put me through You stole my mone.. 

Take Me To The Time
from album (Fairyland?) by De/Vision
You can pray for me But you cannot save my soul Dig my grave but see That I still can hear you moan.. 
Take Me To The Top
from album (The Doctor) by Cheap Trick
We go back a long long way And it seems like yesterdaay When the words are spoken Or whispered in yo.. 
Take Me To The Top
from album (Too Fast For Love) by Motley Crue
Don't you know know know It's a violation I still hear you saying Such a perfec.. 
Take Me To The Water
from album (Trapped!) by Rage
My blinded eyes are staring at the burning sky There's not a cloud to throw a shadow in my way M.. 
Take Me To Your Heart
from album (Seamless) by Nylons
Chorus: Take me to your heart Take me to your heart Take me to your heart Take me to your heart Tim.. 
Take Me To Your Leader
from album (Fungus Amongus) by Incubus
What if your brain, unexpectedly and suddenly, picked out thin.. 
Take Me To Your Leader
from album (Take Me To Your Leader) by Newsboys
Isabelle is a belly dancer with a kleptomaniac's restraint tried stealing Helena's hand bask.. 
Take Me To Your Leader
from album (Head On) by Samson
Coming down to earth, and smiling cause you know I know The mother ship has left you bleeding in the.. 
Take Me To Your Leader
from album (Album Unknown) by Hanzel Und Gretyl
Ground zero heart attack Sonic humping brainiac Feed me instant solar crack I got your back Symphoni.. 
Take Me To Your Leader
from album (Desert Sessions Vol. 5 & 6) by Desert Sessions
Take me to your leader spoken: Sucks better, ain't got enough spine That's...I'll.. 
Take Me To Your World
from album (Tears Of Fire) by Tammy Wynette
If you can find it in your heart to just forgive I'll come back and live the way you wanted me t.. 
Take Me Under
from album (O-Town) by O-Town
O-Town, I want you to close your eyes and fall into a deep trance And when I count to three You will.. 
Take Me Under
from album (Three Days Grace) by Three Days Grace
Now it seems im fading All my dreams are not worth saving I've done my share of waiting And I.. 
Take Me With You
from album (Purple Rain) by Prince
I can't disguise the pounding of my heart It beats so strong It's in your eyes what can I sa.. 
Take Me With You
from album (Live In The Heart Of The City) by Whitesnake
Every time I see my baby home, I wanna kiss a little better so I get stoned. Gonna spread her pretty.. 
Take Me With You
from album (Intimate And Live) by Kylie Minogue
I try, not to panic, I hold on to the pieces, It's hard to stop my heart from breaking. If I cou.. 
Take Me With You
from album (Album Unknown) by Joan Weber
Please forgive me if I seem forward But I've never been in front of anything like you Its the la.. 
Take Me With You When You Go
from album (It's About Time) by Tracy Byrd
(Mark Nesler/Jennifer Hanson) You can settle down in Mexico Runaway join a circus show Whatever, b.. 
Take Miss Lucy Home
from album (Lightning Strikes Twice) by Molly Hatchet
Was drivin' in my car long about Saturday night, I met a guy in a silver Trans-Am at a traffic l.. 
Take My Advice
from album (Album Unknown) by Kym Sims
(Hey...) SPOKEN: "You better hear what I'm sayin' Just don't let him leave! You b.. 
Take My Anthem
from album (Mental Jewelry) by Live
war in me war overseas there ain't no difference between blood in Me blood overseas.. 
Take My Bitch
from album (Gettin' It) by Too Short
Beyotch!!! That's the trademark Short Dog in the house And it don't stop to the beat baby V.. 
Take My Blood
from album (10 Years In Rage) by Rage
People talked about this man That he could walk on water and That he would be a healer who could Mak.. 
Take My Body Close
from album (Album Unknown) by The Outsiders
Take my body close When the feeling is right Take my body close to the dancefloor I feel strong I&#.. 



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