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Take It To The Bridge
from album (Darkhorse) by Crazy Town
Tripple X bottle, role models from hell Livin' our dreams we like to scream and yell White boys,.. 
Take It To The Floor
from album (You Got Served) by B2K
C'mon WHOOOO Ay u kno wat This track obviously dont need no talkin on it, but I gotta do it.. 
Take It To The Guns
from album (Album Unknown) by Karen O'Donovan
[Intro] Breath heavy got that haze in my lungs, i ain't nothin' but a raisin in the sun, ma.. 
Take It To The Limit
from album (Already Gone) by The Eagles
All alone at the end of the evening and the bright lights have faded to blue. I was thinking 'bo.. 

Take It To The Limit
from album (The Time Of The Oath B-side) by Helloween
Been here just long enough to see what trip you;re on Suffered from your ugly deeds The way you;re p.. 
Take It To The Limit
from album (Take It To The Limit) by Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings
All alone at the end of the evening and the bright lights have faded to blue I was thinkin' abou.. 
Take It To The Limit (Featuring Mick Mars)
from album (Take It To The Limit) by Willie Nelson Featuring Waylon Jennings
She's got a body I can barely believe She's indeed the devil, but on another level Her kind.. 
Take It To The Root
from album (Clam Dip And Other Delights) by Soul Asylum
Hey what're you doing comin' around my place I've been cryin', tears are down my fac.. 
Take It To The Sky
from album (Faces) by Earth, Wind & Fire
I remember when, as a child, I used to stop and stare Looking in the sky, wondering How, did my l.. 
Take It To The Streets
from album (The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World) by Keith Murray
featuring 50 Grand Ron Jay Intro: You better recognize what. Snatchh your ***in' he.. 
Take It To The Streetz
from album (Sky's The Limit) by Magic
Bitch***I ain't looking for no gun play so why you got your hand on your grip ? I go.. 
Take It To The Top
from album (Natural) by Peter Andre
Take it to the top 'Cos I never wanna stop To the top, c'mon (CHORUS) Take it to the top &#.. 
Take It To The Top
from album (Ugodz-Illa Presents The Hillside Scramblers) by U-God
[Intro: U-God] Time to strongarm this shit This how we gon' do, dead arm this man, knowhatimsayi.. 
Take It To The Top (Featuring 50 Cent)
from album (Album Unknown) by Teddy Wilson With Billie Holiday
50 Cent [Freeway] Chorus- Shorty if you love me like you lost and you can't find your way withou.. 

Take It Where You Find It
from album (Wavelength) by Van Morrison
Men saw the stars at the edge of the sea They thought great thoughts about liberty Poets wrote down.. 
Take It With Me
from album (Mule Variations) by Tom Waits
The phone’s off the hook, no one knows where we are It’s a long time since I drank champagne The o.. 
Take It With Me
from album (Alex Chilton) by Patty Griffin
Phone's off the hook No one knows where we are It's a long time since I Drank champagne The.. 
Take Lots With Alcohol
from album (From Here To Infirmary) by Alkaline Trio
Hello what the hell am I doin' here That's a really nice suit This is a really comfortable c.. 
Take Me
from album (Nine Lives) by REO Speedwagon
I always wondered if I could give Enough love for a woman to live on But as I grow, as I learn and l.. 
Take Me
from album (All I Remember Is You) by Tommy Dorsey
TAKE METommy Dorsey Take me, I'm yours if you'll take me;Please darling, awake me,And set my.. 
Take Me
from album (Misguided Roses) by Edwin McCain
I pull me boots off throw my weapons on the floor. Cry my eyes out in my private little war. We.. 
Take Me
from album (Thirty Years Of Funk: 1969-1999) by Grand Funk Railroad
Take Me Come and dance with me, take me all the higher. Put your arms around me, make me feel much.. 
Take Me
from album (Colour My Life) by Oasis
Take me when I'm young and true Was it me or was it you ? Take me when I'm not so strong W.. 
Take Me
from album (Getting Away With Murder) by Papa Roach
Take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out Chorus: So take me and let me in Don&#.. 
Take Me
from album (Whites Off Earth Now!) by Cowboy Junkies
Take me to the river and we'll watch the water roll Take me in your warmth and you'll fill m.. 
Take Me
from album (Stepping Stone) by Lari White
(Stephony Smith/Bob DePiero) Forty miles outside of Houston's city limits, Eldorado with a full.. 
Take Me
from album (Letters To The President) by Hawk Nelson
Can you hear me? Does anyone around me Feel the way that I feel now? Cause from the window where I s.. 
Take Me
from album (Gotthard) by Gotthard
He came walking through fire I saw him walk on water too A kind of living wire he's not like me.. 
Take Me
from album (Complex Simplicity) by Teedra Moses
(Chrous) Take me Back to that day when you made me fall I want to go, I want to go Make me feel Like.. 
Take Me
from album (Giant For A Day) by Gentle Giant
Take Me
from album (Album Unknown) by Waiting For Steve
you are the answer for my life i need you every day you are the sunshine in dark nights and nothing.. 
Take Me
from album (Eros & Thanatos) by Manimal
Take me too. Away from you From myself Take me There The land is not too far away so don't stand.. 
Take Me
from album (You Were At The Time For Love) by Don Chaffer
"Old ain't a word the I'm fond of," he said. "And these days I've begun t.. 
Take Me
from album (16 Biggest Hits: George Jones & Tammy Wynette) by George Jones & Tammy Wynette
Take me, take me to your darkest room Close every window and bolt every door The very first moment I.. 
Take Me Alive
from album (The Attraction To All Things Uncertain) by Tweaker
return to life feel what’s happening the seasons have made me whole the storm inside gone with the.. 
Take Me Along
from album (Flesh_Power_Dominion) by Callenish Circle
And why can't you wait a little longer / You don't want to leave this soon / There's on.. 
Take Me Along
from album (No Time To Explain) by Blood Or Whiskey
And now the time has come for leaving And when you go I must go too I hope that when it matters most.. 
Take Me Anywhere
from album (Another Spin Around The Sun) by Edwin
She grew up beside me on the curb where i was walkin she.. 
Take Me Anywhere
from album (So Jealous) by Tegan And Sara
bright just like the stars above me, proud just like my mother planned it, short on all the things i.. 
Take Me Apart
from album (I'm Not So Tough) by Mindy McCready
(Fiona Kernaghan/Marv Green/Aimee Mayo) Hey thanks a lot for invading my life Took a sweeter smell.. 



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