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Take Control
from album (Maldroit) by Weezer
Leave Me now Show Me how And I won't Be ashamed Of the things We once made And I won't be.. 
Take Cover
from album (The Union Presents: Organized Rhymes) by The Union
featuring Guru Take cover (cause shit could go down for real) Take cover (do you hold a pound.. 
Take Cover
from album (Phantoms) by Acceptance
She's a liar It comes to this All we had 'til now is gone And I'm the other Piece to thi.. 
Take Cover
from album (Hey Man) by Mr.Big
Words in my mouth Someone told me to say They go unspoken My mind gets in the way I hold my tongue.. 

Take Dat
from album (Resurrection) by Lords Of The Underground
Uh uhh yeah.. what? LOTUG uhh yeah Yeah uh uh From the Q to New Jeru yeah Uhh.... 
Take Ecstasy With Me
from album (Holiday) by Magnetic Fields
You used to slide down The carpeted stairs Or down the bannister You stuttered like a kaleidoscop.. 
Take Em' Away
from album (Old Crow Medicine Show) by Old Crow Medicine Show
Chorus: Take ‘em away, take ‘em away, Lord Take away these chains from me My heart is broken .. 
from album (Among My Swan) by Mazzy Star
I can't believe your thinking save everyone, inside you take everything fake everything save eve.. 
Take Everything Back
from album (The Kids Are Ready EP) by The Faulty
Every time I open up my eyes The innocence and purity goes And I wake up every day blind The innocen.. 
Take Five
from album (Ain't No Sunshine) by Al Jarreau
Won't you stop and take a little Time out with me, just take five Stop your busy day and take th.. 
Take Five
from album (Album Unknown) by Dave Brubeck
Won't you stop and take A little time out with me Just take five Stop your busy day And take the.. 
Take Good Care
from album (The Journey) by 911
I've been broken-hearted It felt like my world was caving in, leaving me lonely It felt.. 
Take Good Care
from album (Dick This) by Dick Brave & The Backbeats
My tears are fallin' 'cause you've taken her away And though it really hurts me so There.. 
Take Good Care
from album (Deus Ex Machina) by Liv Kristine
When the sun was down I opened my eyes And I looked around All the stars were bound To fall from th.. 

Take Good Care Of Her
from album (Album Unknown) by Adam Wade
Take good care of her, take good care of her I suppose I ought to say congratulations For you've.. 
Take Good Care Of My Baby
from album (Album Unknown) by Bobby Vee
My tears are fallin' 'cause you've taken her away And though it really hurts me so There.. 
Take Good Care Of My Baby
from album (Album Unknown) by Bobby Vinton
My tears are fallin' 'cause you've taken her away And though it really hurts me so There.. 
Take Good Care Of My Heart
from album (Whitney Houston) by Whitney Houston
Time can pass so slowly When you feel so all alone Love can strikeour h like lightning Wh.. 
Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy
from album (Between The Bridges) by Sloan
You've got lots to say, don't take this too seriously (There's plenty of believers) We h.. 
Take Her Back
from album (Wait For Me) by The Pigeon Detectives
He's not sure what he should do, She's 17 he's 22, Is that too much of a difference? So.. 
Take Her In Your Arms (With Manus Lunny)
from album (Dublin Lady) by Andy M. Stewart
Have you seen him on the corner And his lip would reach the pavement. He's been hiding from his.. 
Take Her Out
from album (Black Gives Way To Blue) by Alice In Chains
Here I am again I feel time is draggin on Aren't you getting tired of me? Whinging overdrawn Fa.. 
Take Her To The Music Store
from album (Too Bad Your Beautiful) by From Autumn To Ashes
Emotionless grey skies bleed somber dreams of sorrow Blackened unseen heart tears a virgins godlike.. 
Take Him Back
from album (The Boy Is Mine) by Monica
Baby exchanging for no use I need to Come right back and be alone again Baby I didn't.. 
Take Him Back Rachel
from album (London Warsaw New York) by Basia
Take him back Rachel It's time to stop lying When he looks at me he's dreaming of your eyes.. 
Take Him In My Heart
from album (Accept) by Accept
And holy pray (...) before she went to bed Her body was imaculate, her hair was solid gold Pretend s.. 
Take Hold Of The Flame
from album (Greatest Hits) by Queensryche
We see the light of those who find A world has passed them by To late to save a dream that's gro.. 
Take It
from album (God Says No) by Monster Magnet
Oh little baby your so ***ed up To much of that and there ain't no love Stay in the closet and.. 
Take It
from album (WCW Mayhem) by Insane Clown Posse
If it was up to me I would never dare you If it was up to me I would rather spare you If it was up t.. 
Take It
from album (Break The Cycle) by Staind
I feel like this won't go away no matter how hard I try to squeeze my eyes shut so i can't s.. 
Take It
from album (Automatic) by Jesus And Mary Chain
sung by Jim She could take my time and that's okay You got to get right down and show me what&#.. 
Take It
from album (Happy Ending Single) by Avril Lavigne
Just take it take it. Just take it take it. I know what you do, Flash me. The way it's done.. 
Take It
from album (Invisible) by Jaded Era
Nails scratch the blackboard A nail in my coffin I'm the straw that Broke the camel's back S.. 
Take It
from album (Album Unknown) by Tom Novy Featuring Lima
Four o´clock in the morning it´s dawnin´ And the taxis are waiting waiting in line You know.. 
Take It All
from album (The Lonely Position Of Neutral) by Trust Company
Looking up from underneath, as low as we are, Nothing looks the same to me, am I deceived? I stand a.. 
Take It All Away
from album (Take It All Away) by Ryan Cabrera
So much beauty in life Shining on the outside Empty on the inside I get lost sometimes Blinded by th.. 
Take It All Away
from album (Faktion) by Faktion
I’ve never seen Such an opening I’ve never had Such a plan that turned out right It’s not r.. 
Take It All Away
from album (Album Unknown) by Rockwell Featuring Michael Jackson
You've stripped me down, the layers fall like rain. Its over now, just innocence and instin.. 
Take It All Away (Acoustic)
from album (You Stand Watching (Bonus Disc)) by Ryan Cabrera
So much beauty and life, Shining on the outside, Empty on the inside, I get lost sometimes, Blinded.. 
Take It All The Way
from album (Pressure Chief) by Cake
You keep pushing me away In spite of what you say I found out yesterday That I've been wasting.. 



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