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Sad Caper
from album (Fairweather Johnson) by Hootie & The Blowfish
I know she said Before you left me you were free So I'll just lay me down Control has left.. 
Sad Cinderella
from album (For The Sake Of The Song: First Album) by Townes Van Zandt
by Townes Van Zandt When the bandits have stolen your jewelry and gone and your crippled young gyps.. 
Sad Clown
from album (Touch) by Sarah McLachlan
A time so haunting moonlight in the mist Lay me down beside you oh as long as it lasts From.. 
Sad Clown
from album (If I Left The Zoo) by Jars Of Clay
Say how's the weather so I look out the window To brighten my soul but I can't cont.. 

Sad Country Song
from album (The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy) by David Allan Coe
If you're feeling lonely And think you're the only one Left that's alone in a bar If y.. 
Sad Day
from album (300 Lésions) by Kyo
Des fleuves tachés s'élèvent au ras du sol Des peintures sous la peau, des symboles Se révè.. 
Sad December Day
from album (Album Unknown) by Love & Kisses
A Sad December Day The Bullets fell like rain As I was standing there With tears of fire A city.. 
Sad Disco
from album (Sad Disco) by Rhesus
Oh, I'm coming around to see you I'm whistling and smiling in the pouring rain Oh, I'm c.. 
Sad Dog
from album (Delongpre) by Campfire Girls
i need some romance, i need a walk in the park. i need a second chance. i need a sad dog. one th.. 
Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul
from album (Dreamquest) by Evol
2. Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul [Music by Lord of Sorrow; lyrics by Prince of Agony] I feel You In my s.. 
Sad Exchange
from album (Dardevil Soundtrack) by Finger Eleven
Quietly, thinking to myself, Sharing have a mind, Instead of nothing else, the shakings just begun.. 
Sad Excuse
from album (Luna) by Maná
Let's get it right, before the hand hits 12 tonight Cause I can see in your eyes, you trip on ev.. 
Sad Excuse For A Grip
from album (My So Called Knife) by Lollipop Lust Kill
Its hard to say if I am alive Disorder runs rampant in my mind Loose thoughts slipping through my s.. 
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
from album (Blonde On Blonde) by Bob Dylan
With your mercury mouth in the missionary times, And your eyes like smoke and your prayers like rhym.. 

Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
from album (Blonde On Blonde) by Bob Dylan
With your mercury mouth in the missionary times, And your eyes like smoke and your prayers like rhym.. 
Saddam A Go-Go
from album (This Toilet Earth) by Gwar
I at the time was a communist Lived on a collective farm She was a part-time antichrist Our *** went.. 
Saddam Hussein Is Rock'n'roll
from album (Album Unknown) by Garotos Podres
Sadam Hussein is Rock’n’Roll Rock’n’Roll, Rock’n’Roll Sadam Hussein is love and soul love and.. 
Sadder Day
from album (Album Unknown) by Deville
"Sadder Day" and this won't always be there won't hold this awkward moment you s.. 
Sadder Than You
from album (Popstram [EP]) by Tobin Sprout
Strong ones at last And they're ones That never hold out Sad ones at last And they're on.. 
Saddest Day
from album (Broken Silence) by Foxy Brown
[Foxy] This one, is dedicated, to you [Wayne Wonder] Foxy Brown.. Wayne Wonder.. Puttin it down.. w.. 
Saddest Girl Story
from album (Say It Like You Mean It) by The Starting Line
So it's safe to say that we've been here before; Heart torn out, down for the count and stil.. 
Saddest Night In The World
from album (Portrait) by The Walker Brothers
On the saddest night in the world, I lost my way, I lost a girl and the rain came down in the street.. 
Saddest Song
from album (More Betterness!) by No Use For A Name
What's wrong with everyone? There's a panic in their eyes Like others getting close are alie.. 
Saddest Song
from album (Kill The Last Romantic) by Easyworld
Won't you look out to that horizon The ship's almost sailed away They all disappear like pro.. 
Saddest Song
from album (Real Ballads) by Cherry
Remember that song, it was your song, It was my song, it used to be our song. It used to make me smi.. 
Saddest Song In The World
from album (Love Is The New Hate) by Shihad
I'm drowning, It's over We're growing, Unstable Unable, To give in Keep dreaming, Keep l.. 
Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World
from album (Sumday) by Grandaddy
She's in the kitchen crying by the oven It seems she really loved him And he's so drunk he&#.. 
Saddle My Dreams
from album (Lila) by Lila McCann
I'm a restless girl That's right And I'm gonna be free 'til the day I die.. 
Saddle The Wind
from album (Reflections Of A Shadow) by Rage
Now I know it's time again to change my life Yes it's time for me to leave it all behind Say.. 
Saddle Tramp
from album (Silent Reign Of Heroes) by Molly Hatchet
Well, i pulled out of canyon county Great cradle of the west My mama and me and one lone dog Tryin t.. 
Saddle Up
from album (Let It Rock) by Georgia Satellites
I want you to listen to me baby I got a lot of things on my mind Listen to me baby I got a lot of t.. 
Saddle Up
from album (Album Unknown) by David Christie
Ref: Saddle up and ride your pony Sit around and you'll be lonley Saddle up and make the dust f.. 
from album (American Stars & Bars) by Neil Young
Oh, oh, Carmelina, The daughter of the wealthy banker. Since she came to town all my friends are gon.. 
from album (Saddy) by Addy
Saddy, baby - don't get crazy Detours. fences... I get defensive I know you've heard it all.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Chorale
(Sade, sade, sade) (Sade, sade, sade) (Sadeee...) (Sade) Yksin sateista katua kuljen maailmalle sil.. 
Sadelop Marie
from album (Album Unknown) by Twista Featuring Kanye West
REFREIN Sadelop Marie ik nok mijn stijgbeugel naar de krant Scheten op je hoofd als ik zweer bij mij.. 
from album (MCMXC A.D.) by Enigma
Procedamus in pace In nomine Christi, Amen (Let us go forth in peace In the name of Christ, So be.. 
Sadeness (Part 1)
from album (Return To Innocence) by Enigma
Sade dit moi Sade donne moi Sade dit moi qu'est ce que tu vas chercher? le bien par le mal la ve.. 
Sadeness (Reprise)
from album (MCMXC A.D.) by Enigma
(in reverse mode) Cum angelis et pueris, fideles inveniamur Sade dit moi Sade donnes moi Sade di.. 
from album (Kuuntelija) by Stella
Yö, puiset sormet minun suomuillani, rakkaani, ollaan kai väsyneitä kumpikin. Yö, se v.. 



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