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Sacral Fire
from album (Defenders Of The Crown) by Human Fortress
In the night the fire burns unholy bastards It shines so bright the hellfire on earth If they refuse.. 
from album (Elements Of Silence) by Pride And Fall
View all the colours in your hand A distinctive red shines trough them all These rusty nails bear si.. 
Sacrament (Blood Religion Part I)
from album (Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest)) by Sigrblot
Today we have no great warlords as we are not yet ourselves. The dawning Great War has not yet broug.. 
Sacrament Of Wilderness
from album (Oceanborn) by Nightwish
*** in midwinter magic Lies an angel in the snow The frozen figure crossed by tracks of wolves An.. 

from album (Album Unknown) by Middle Of The Road
There's something about the weather That everybody loves They caII it the Indian Spring of Sacra.. 
from album (George Is On) by Deep Dish
I can't help but feeling that love is always dealing me a losing hand California's sleeping.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by The Castells
Sacred (whoa-oh-whoa) Our love is sacred (whoa-oh-whoa) Church bells were ringing On the Sunday we m.. 
from album (A Photograph Of You) by Depeche Mode
Sacred Holy To put it in words To write it down That is walking on hollowed ground But it's my d.. 
from album (For Real) by Amel Larrieux
Is there nothing sacred anymore When Celebrities are deified And we're still calling some cou.. 
from album ('Ten To Chi' To '0 To 1' To) by Pierrot
aojiroku kimi wo tsuki ga utsushiteita itsumade matte mo ugoki ha shinakatta yagate nemuke ni osowa.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Sonics
The realms bleeding It suffers Old and weak No further argued There is war at hand (The systems weak.. 
Sacred And Profane
from album (In My Time Of Dying) by Pride And Fall
Hold your fate against my name And contemplate if you're insane It's of that image you once.. 
Sacred Cowboys
from album (Balls To Picasso) by Bruce Dickinson
With sense of irony - everyone You see is chasing their illusion Take a dive or sink or swim But in.. 
Sacred Darling
from album (Voi-La Intruder) by Gogol Bordello
I am so glad you stuck true to your obsessions and filed rest of questions under "false" I.. 

Sacred Divinity
from album (Chapter III) by Agathodaimon
In peaceful silence she lies there and sleeps Dreaming of secrets conceiled in the deeps Of our lo.. 
Sacred Divinity
from album (Chapter III) by Agathodiamon
In peaceful silence she lies there and sleeps Dreaming of secrets conceiled in the deeps Of our lo.. 
Sacred Emotion
from album (Cmon Marianne) by Donny Osmond
There's a candle I keep in my window, and it's burning brighter tonight. Through the storm a.. 
Sacred Fire
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
My heart is pounding, full moon is rising My brain is crying, my eyes are staring I know what will h.. 
Sacred Ground
from album (Q2k) by Queensryche
Iced over, close your eyes. Whisper the flame, it takes us higher. Seems our world is closing around.. 
Sacred Heart
from album (Sacred Heart) by Dio
The old ones speak of winter The young ones praise the sun And time just slips away Running into no.. 
Sacred Heart
from album (Spirit Bound Flesh) by Scott Kelly
Hands of my beliefs, wring on Holding God so free Thirst of my heart, drives on Holding the sky to t.. 
Sacred Heart Of Stone
from album (Speeding Time) by Carole King
Sacred heart, sacred heart of stone Even the sword of love cannot penetrate you Sacred heart, sacred.. 
Sacred Hell
from album (The Savage Poetry) by Edguy
Ravens in the air, noone in the streets Seems like the fiend he must be back Riding on his horse but.. 
Sacred Hell
from album (Night Owl Vol. 1) by Giuseppe Andrews
our sacred hell has a fire to tell,sha-na-na,our sacred hell has no water bill, sha-na-na,our sacred.. 
Sacred Illusion
from album (Devil's Ground) by Primal Fear
[Music by: Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Stefan Leibing, Tom Naumann, Vinter (Vinter)] [Lyrics by: Mat.. 
Sacred Land
from album (Neverworld) by Power Quest
Memoires of childhood, a place so far away Growing up together, it was where I thought we'd stay.. 
Sacred Lie
from album (Ten Thousand Fists) by Disturbed
My conviction is stronger today As i fight to uncover your Sacred Lie And the fear isn't going a.. 
Sacred Life
from album (The Cult) by The Cult
Abbie Hoffman was so young Don't you know your king has gone? Mmm, well well River Phoenix was s.. 
Sacred Love
from album (Sacred Love) by Sting
Take off those working clothes Put on these high heeled shoes Don't want no preacher on the TV b.. 
Sacred Man
from album (Solum Mente Infirmis) by Stigmata IV
The darkness within my soul Is the place where he's rested and growed An entity that's slept.. 
Sacred Pathways
from album (Sacred Pathways) by Artension
I crossed the jungle to the Nasca lines And found myself on ancient runways Sacrifice...abandoned b.. 
Sacred Power Of Raging Winds
from album (The Dark Secret) by Rhapsody
Naira, oriel tarna. Majestic winds of the northlands protect our heroes from the deadly Naroth cover.. 
Sacred Serenity
from album (Symbolic) by Death
Wherever we go, whatever we do Your shadow is not far behind our steps And our breath Protecting and.. 
Sacred Sound
from album (Dark Matter) by IQ
Even after all the days are gone Even though the writer knows he's wrong Still the words are wri.. 
Sacred Things
from album (You) by Bang Gang
Whatever others do We don't follow The smoke has settled in our eyes Again It's misty in ou.. 
Sacred Trickster
from album (Album Unknown) by Style P
I want you to levitate me Don't you love me yet? Press up against the amp Turn up the treble, do.. 
Sacred Trust
from album (This Is Where I Came In) by The Bee Gees
I meant to fight it to the finish but you made me forget, and though it's possible I'm drea.. 
Sacred Trust
from album (Album Unknown) by One True Voice
I meant to fight it to the finish but you made me forget And though it's possible I'm dreami.. 
Sacré Charlemagne
from album (Album Unknown) by France Gall
Qui a eu cette idée folle Un jour d'inventer l'école C'est ce sacré Charlemagne Sacr.. 
Sacré Coeur
from album (La Marmaille Nue) by Mano Solo
Et j’avais le sacré coeur gros comme ça, et j’avais le sacré coeur qui palpitait tout bas, je.. 



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