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from album (Back To Front) by Lionel Richie
Sail on, down the line About half a mile or so And I don't really wanna know ah Where you're.. 
Sail On
from album (Brick House) by The Commodores
SAIL ONThe CommodoresSail on down the lineBout a half a mile or soAnd a don't really wanna know.. 
Sail On
from album (Destiny's Child) by Destiny's Child
Sail on down the line 'bout A half a mile or so and I don't really wanna know W.. 
Sail On
from album (Heaven Can Wait) by Gamma Ray
I see your picture, laughter from yesterday Silence all around me, except the voice from the TV And.. 

Sail On
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
You cannot see it coming Always without a warning You need to hold on tighter Find a brand new start.. 
Sail On A Rainbow
from album (Fate For Breakfast) by Art Garfunkel
I heard a nightingale croon last night in town. I smiled up at the moon, had another round. You'.. 
Sail On By
from album (By 7:30) by Vonda Shepard
I've got a mind that you'll never see I've got amazing remedies I've got a.. 
Sail On Sailor
from album (Holland) by The Beach Boys
I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean Through restful waters and deep commotion Often frightened, unenl.. 
Sail On Sailor
from album (Meet Me In Margaritaville) by Jimmy Buffett
I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean Through restful waters and deep commotion Often frightened, unenl.. 
Sail On Sailor
from album (Album Unknown) by Michael Allsup
Life is an ocean. You sail the open sea. Shipwrecked and you wonder if you're ever gonna be f.. 
Sail On Sailor
from album (Together) by LuLu Featuring Sting
I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean Through restless waters and deep commotion Often frightened, un.. 
Sail On Stormy Waters
from album (Human Stain) by Cornerstone
Theres a shaking of the spirit Theres a stranger in the town And the words that he has spoken Sai.. 
Sail To The Moon
from album (Hail To The Thief) by Radiohead
I sucked the moon I spoke too soon And how much did it cost? I was dropped from Moonbeams And sailed.. 
Sail To You
from album (Two Hearts) by Men At Work
Now there is this place With so much space It's at the bottom of the world So it lay unspoiled.. 

Sailing Round The Room
from album (All I Intended To Be) by Emmylou Harris
One last gaze upon the sun Bid farewell to everyone Kick that bucket out the door Where I'm goin.. 
Sailing Ships
from album (Slip Of The Tongue) by Whitesnake
(Coverdale/Vandenberg) Do you remember Standing on the shore, Head in the clouds, Your pockets fill.. 
Sailing Shoes
from album (Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley) by Robert Palmer
(Lowell George) There's a lady in a turban In a cocaine tree And she does a dance so rhythmical.. 
Sailing To America
from album (Crusader) by Saxon
Excitement in the air There's a journey to prepare They check the food and water's all on bo.. 
Sailing To Philadelphia
from album (October Road) by James Taylor
[From Mark Knopfler's "Sailing To Philadelphia"] I Am Jeremiah Dixon I Am A Geordie B.. 
Sailing To Philadelphia
from album (Sailing To Philadelphia) by Mark Knopfler
I am Jeremiah Dixon I am a Geordie boy A glass of wine with you, sir And the ladies I'll enjoy A.. 
Sailing Without A Sail
from album (The Michael Johnson Album) by Michael Johnson
In the dark of the night something magic In the words that you breathe in my ear Let the highway unw.. 
from album (Aint Love A Bitch) by Rod Stewart
I am sailing, I am sailing home again 'cross the sea. I am sailing stormy waters, to be near you.. 
from album (Best Of Rod Stewart) by Rod Stewart
(R. Stewart / R. Wood) You ain't gonna get me honey no way Tearing down the highway in the pour.. 
from album (Beatin' The Odds) by Molly Hatchet
Met an old man on the street, A dirty hat laying at his feet, I looked and saw adventure in his eyes.. 
from album (Eastern Wind) by Chris De Burgh
Sailor Underneath a silver moon, the ship is like a ghost, She's been out there for a week, jus.. 
Sailor And Widow
from album (Album Unknown) by Keren Ann
He was a sailor A sailor at sea and a sailor of love And he thought he could save her Save her from.. 
Sailor Boy
from album (Walking To New Orleans) by Fats Domino
Oh sailor boy, don't steal my girl from me I'm so alone, please let her be Oh sailor boy, my.. 
Sailor Man
from album (Denim Demon) by Turbonegro
Oh so handsome - Oh so strong - Tell me stories of distant shores - All night long - I shiver all ov.. 
Sailor Moon Theme
from album (Call My Name (And I'll Be There)) by Sailor Moon
Fighting evil by moonlight, Winning love by daylight, Never running from a real fight, She is the on.. 
Sailor Song
from album (The Evening Of My Best Day) by Rickie Lee Jones
Oh the ship I'm on Time is what I ride Forty winds, the captain and the tide Oh a sailor boy Sto.. 
Sailor Song
from album (Album Unknown) by Toybox
So if we all come together, we know what to do We all come together, just to sing we love you And if.. 
Sailor Song
from album (Soviet Kitsch) by Regina Spektor
She will kiss you til your lips bleed But she will not take her dress off Americana, Tropicana All.. 
Sailor Song
from album (Beggars And Kings) by Dan Steven
I'd be a sailor if I had a sail, if I had a sail, I would be I'd be a whaler if I had a whal.. 
Sailor Tattoos
from album (40 Hour Train Back To Penn) by The Movielife
Train station knows every word you said. Vacation from all the games we played. (I turn away.) Long.. 
from album (Bad Attitude) by Meat Loaf
Long distance callin' in the middle of a rainy night So much static, hardly knew your voice An&#.. 
Sailor's Lament
from album (Pendulum) by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Woke up early feelin' light, (shame, it's a shame.) Somebody got to me last night, (shame, i.. 
Sailor's Life
from album (Albatross) by Judy Collins
Chorus: Oh a sailor's life is a weary life For he robs the girls of their delight Causes them to.. 
Sailor's Rest
from album (Album Unknown) by Stan Rogers
(CHORUS 1) It's acrimony down in the card room With winning hands thrown on the baize; Forgotten.. 
from album (The Brothel To The Cemetary) by Tiger Lillies
And the sailors, they sing sad songs, About the sea that eats them whole. And the sailors they sing.. 
Sailors And Soldiers
from album (Album Unknown) by Tank
Sailors and soldiers uniformed shoulders they're growing older over the sea The troops they are.. 



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