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Sad Party
from album (Album Unknown) by Jennifer Peña
akarukute sunao de kirei de hohoemashiku nantonaku natsukashiku issho ni ireba sore de ii sore dake.. 
Sad Pony Guerilla Girl
from album (A Promise) by Xiu Xiu
You say I am a looker Because I am a girl You say I'm stupid Because I am your girl Leave me ou.. 
Sad Professor
from album (Up) by R.E.M.
if we're talking about love then I have to tell you dear readers I'm not sure wher.. 
Sad Reggie
from album (Quality Soft Core) by Mad Caddies
I find myself searching For the soul I once had Watered down the smoke inside me I've become a.. 

Sad Robot
from album (Album Unknown) by ***phonique
sad sad robot his steely skin is covered by centuries of dust once he was a great one but now he.. 
Sad Sad Kiddie
from album (Runners High) by The Pillows
I know you You get on my nerves You feel that way too It's the same with me You don't see m.. 
Sad Sad Kiddie
from album (Synchronized Rockers) by Yuta, Toshi, Chiho And Jiro's Session
I know you You get on my nerves You feel that way too It's the same with me You don't see m.. 
Sad Sad Me
from album (The Nixions) by Nixions
Sad sad me...know what your wishing But your making your entrance a bit too late Sad sad me...I hear.. 
Sad Sad Movie
from album (Graveyard Mountain Home) by Chroma Key
My mistake is never knowing, by mistake I keep on going Love is in the room but I don't know it,.. 
Sad Sad Rain
from album (Standing In The Dark) by Platinum Blonde
Falling in and out of time Falling in and out of line You would always laugh at me As I came up for.. 
from album (Flashpoint) by The Rolling Stones
(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Fling you out into orbit No one's going to hear you shout And fools.. 
Sad Sad Situation
from album (A Hangover You Don't Deserve) by Bowling For Soup
All right, this is a sad sad situation One, two, three! Hitched a ride I was so messed up But I su.. 
Sad Sad World
from album (All By Myself) by Sheryl Crow
I know you hate me, I see that now. If I was unhappy, I'd be somene you could still care about... 
Sad Sad X-Mas
from album (D.A.D. Draws A Circle) by D-A-D
Well, son tomorrow it's christmas Yeah, daddy it's such a thrill I'll suppose we'll.. 

Sad Sauce
from album (A Reptile For The Saint) by Blackmail
I hope it's done Before I wake up Try to burn the sun Your quality is one Somewhere it's s.. 
Sad Song
from album (Exercises) by Nazareth
Every song I sing's a sad song, Every note seems out of key, Every line I write falls out of rhy.. 
Sad Song
from album (Definitely Maybe) by Oasis
Sing a sad song In a lonely place Try to put a word in from me It's been so long Since I found.. 
Sad Song
from album (2 Wicky) by Hooverphonic
Now its time to move to the next level Sore wet eyes that look at the devil Tell me please that its.. 
Sad Song
from album (The Screaming Jets) by Screaming Jets
How about a sad song to help me get further down So down like I’m drowning, so down like I.. 
Sad Song
from album (The Soundings) by Blue States
Seems so heavy though You shouldn't let it go If only you heard the words I said I love what yo.. 
Sad Song
from album (David Byrne) by David Byrne
Sad Song
from album (Uprising) by Entombed
We'll come a long way to rip out The heart of your city Install a filter to get rid of Everythin.. 
Sad Song Of The Woods
from album (Vargtimmen Part I) by Wyrd
Longing, yearning / wishful, dread Plaintive, mourning / woeful, weary Cruel be the wind that carrie.. 
Sad Songs
from album ((Ho! Ho! Ho!) Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas) by Elton John
Sad Songs (Say So Much)Elton John(Elton John/Bernie Taupin)Guess there are times when we all need to.. 
Sad Songs
from album (Album Unknown) by Ham Sandwich
We’re listening to My sad songs now The ones that we played Whenever we’re alone together You know.. 
Sad Songs And Waltzes
from album (Shotgun Willie) by Willie Nelson
I'm writing a song all about you A true song as real as my tears But you've no need to fear.. 
Sad Songs And Waltzes
from album (Fashion Nugget) by Cake
I'm writing a song all about you A true song as real as my tears But you've no nee.. 
Sad Songsa
from album (Album Unknown) by Alessi
It's early in the morning Today I'm moving away Sittin' here for the last time Makes.. 
Sad Statue
from album (Mezmerize) by System Of A Down
Conquest to the lover, and your love to the fire, Romances evolving in the absolute. Forgiveness i.. 
Sad Story
from album (Anything) by Plain White T's
Got nothin' to say anymore There's nothin' new, it's all been done before Not lookin.. 
Sad, Sad Music
from album (If There Was A Way) by Dwight Yoakam
There should be music Sad, sad music But this silence that you left Is all I have I must have misse.. 
Sad, Sad Song
from album (Sad For Days) by Tilly And The Wall
Push your heart back under your sleeve Don't know what you want me to believe You give me pink l.. 
Sado ***y Chick
from album (Shlageri Od Sodoman) by TB Traceri
Monster si priznaj mi dusho neli Monster si Ti si sado ***y chick ti mene sakash pak da me vidish.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Bart Herman
Keeping your mind strong Turn the bass on Feed the fire Let's get higher Gotta get this thing.. 
from album (Yeest) by Blood Duster
Open wound, fist *** Lance the eye, of the cock Egg beater shoved, in your gash On you ass, I will.. 
from album (Black Shining Leather) by Carpathian Forest
Whipped and pierced, you disbehave. Underneath the whip to soothe the beast Burn a candle from my s.. 
Sadomasochistic Rites
from album (Goatlord) by Darkthrone
Hearses are raining from the open sky megolomania reigns supreme Chilled in horror - Christian Deat.. 
Sadomatic Rites
from album (Drawing Down The Moon) by Beherit
Black haired witches Bitches with their goats Black robes and candles Rituals can begin! City of lu.. 
Sadopasmasoquista (La Orgía De Los Asesinos A Sueldo)
from album (Ni Un Paso Atrás) by Reincidentes
Tus caricias de cuero me emocionan; me torturas siempre en la bañera; destrozarte la pipa es mi ilu.. 



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