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S.A.D. Light
from album (Glasvegas) by Glasvegas
Winter blues no love for you Seasons change in a gothic way 10, 000 lux to light us up In these wint.. 
Sad Je Srce Stijena
from album (Album Unknown) by Crvena Jabuka
Prosli su dani, godine, kako si mi rekla vodi me plakale su noci kisama, muziku je ubila tisina Tvo.. 
Sad Kad Si Sam
from album (Album Unknown) by Carole Bayer Sager
Kad pocne pesma, vrati se sve za treptaj oka opet osetim te, da li osecas sta osecam ja sad kad si s.. 
Sad Legacy
from album (Bloom) by Audio Adrenaline
There's no such thing as freedom Without some responsibility All this shock and surprise But we&.. 

Sad Like Winter Leaves
from album (Fighting Starlight) by Benton Falls
tired. he stood in line at the grocery store. a bottle of wine and nothing more. an empty apartme.. 
Sad Lisa
from album (Another Saturday Night) by Cat Stevens
She hangs her head and cries on my shirt. She must be hurt very badly. Tell me what's making y.. 
Sad Little Girl
from album (Wiggle) by Screeching Weasel
Your smiley face is out of order today everything's wrong and you can't shut it off just sto.. 
Sad Little Moon
from album (Holiday) by Martin Nievera
The saddest brown eyes I'll ever know. You gave crying so long ago, But come outside and watch t.. 
Sad Lover
from album (Metal Magic) by Pantera
Alright Yeah Whoa if you want love don't come to me i'll be the last to give you sympat.. 
Sad Machines
from album (Drawing Black Lines) by Project 86
An ageless question, universal They're asking why Creation destined cries flood the night in pai.. 
Sad Millionaire
from album (Lunitik Muzik) by Luniz
featuring Brownstone Can I do my thang?? *(Yukmouth)* Speak on it. *(Brownstone.. 
Sad Mood
from album (20 Greatest Hits) by Sam Cooke
I'm in a sad mood tonight Oh, I'm in a sad mood I'm in a sad mood tonight Oh, my baby do.. 
Sad Movies
from album (The Best Of) by Boney M
Sad movies always make me cry Sad movies always make me cry He said he had to work, so I went to th.. 
Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
from album (Album Unknown) by Sue Thompson
Sa-a-a-d movies always make me cry He said he had to work so I went to the show alone They turned.. 

Sad October
from album (Moon Driven World) by Five For Fighting
A chill in the air of a sad October All my friends are fading away I'll be glad when it's.. 
from album (Picture Book) by Simply Red
I walk on stone, it leads me home. We don't have streets, just pure concrete. I'm not glad w.. 
Sadist (Tormentor)
from album (The Return...) by Bathory
I love to see you writhe in throe The more you suffer my lust grows I slit your throat and tear your.. 
Sadist Sagittarius
from album (Cinema Strange) by Cinema Strange
No prey from understanding vats of men... The victims bite their tails and find no flesh to witness!.. 
Sadistik Retribution
from album (Titan's Awakening) by Kronos
Malefic power of damnation of mighty possession Hypnotized by infernal dance of the goats Around the.. 
Sadly A Fiction
from album (Bridge) by Blues Traveler
And when the day begins I need her to begin me She's hell-for-leather when I let her see what.. 
Sadly Beautiful
from album (All Shook Down) by The Replacements
From the very first day that you were born to the very last time you waved and honked your horn had.. 
Sadly Ever After
from album (All I Can Be) by Collin Raye
We had a storybook beginning Getting better with each page Somewhere in the middle I somehow lost.. 
Sadly Sings Destiny
from album (A Night At The Opera) by Blind Guardian
A wooden cup And a crown of thorns Will set up the stage for the cross I rent a room next door There.. 
Sadly Smiling Through
from album (77) by One Less Reason
Verse 1 You're talking like you're leaving, You said it's your heart and not my call to.. 
from album (Return To Innocence) by Enigma
Sade dit moi Sade donne moi Sade dit moi qu´est ce que tu vas chercher le bien par le mal la v.. 
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
I got the devil in me It's just a cloud It's sadness It's just a cloud Then I find com.. 
from album (Diabolic Angel) by Bloodflowerz
My voice Inside Calling you in the night with an aching cry The light of the moon whispers secrets a.. 
from album (Worth The Weight) by Anvil
The story's been told a million fold Of an artist's search for fame As the years go by His s.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Stash
You said times with me were lots of fun But now funny just ain't what you want Yeah my girl, ain.. 
from album (Devolution) by De/Vision
You emerged from me Born down by the sea I know the games you play A mine of pure decay I know you,.. 
Sadness And Hate
from album (Wintersun) by Wintersun
Sadness And Hate Sad night, the weeper of starwind sky Take me where the shimmering lights are fadi.. 
Sadness And Strength
from album (Elvenefris) by Lykathea Aflame
You have pierced me, human being, it wasn't for the first time and I believe it wasn't for t.. 
Sadness In The Night
from album (Beto Vazquez Infinity) by Beto Vazquez Infinity
In the night I feel the cold of my loneliness Cold that embraces my heart Draining my strength to fi.. 
Sadness In The Night
from album (Album Unknown) by Tarja Turunen
In the night, I feel the cold of my loneliness Cold that embraces my heart Draining my strength to.. 
Sadness Of Immortality
from album (Elysium) by Christ Agony
I'll find you on the other side Even if you hate me I'll be beside you You won't even no.. 
Sadness Of The World
from album (Saana - Warrior Of Light, Part I) by Timo Tolkki
[Damian:] "Isn't it beautiful here"? I often come here to watch the sunsets It is so.. 
Sadness Seas
from album (Ephemeral) by Aeon
no light my world is so dark all my feelings now die sadness dwells in my soul it's like a ston.. 
Sadness Soot
from album (Mobilize) by Grant Lee Phillips
I'm movin' with the strength of a spear I'm cruisin' with the past in my mirror Done.. 
from album (Bare Ræva) by Luxus Leverpostei
Kom ut av skapet! (Vi snakker høyt om alt) Jeg har et rom som er fyllt med lær, dildoer fra Banko.. 
from album (Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz...) by Impaled Nazarene
Burning the brutal, brutal out of the game Bleeding in fire that releases part of my brain I akth a.. 



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