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Rag Doll
from album (Permanent Vacation) by Aerosmith
Rag doll, livin' in a movie Hot tramp, Daddy's little cutie So fine, they'll never see y.. 
Rag Doll
from album (Album Unknown) by The Four Seasons
Ooh, oo-oo-oo-ooh (Ooh-oo-ooh) Ooh-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh Ahh, ah-ah-ah-ahh (Rag doll, ooh) Ooh-oo-.. 
Rag Doll
from album (Breakaway) by Art Garfunkel
She walks in the field that's just across the way And picks all the flowers that brighten up a d.. 
Rag Doll
from album (Album Unknown) by Ray Baretto
How ya feelin? The day has had its way with both of us And no, Ive gone out of my way But I'm no.. 

from album (Adam's Apple) by Aerosmith
Chorus~ Rag Doll, livin' in a movie Hot tramp, daddy's little cutie So fine, they'll nev.. 
from album (Harder To Breathe Single) by Maroon 5
How ya feelin' The day has had its way with both of us And oh! I've gone out of my way but I.. 
from album (Stagg Street Recordings) by Kara's Flowers
How ya feelin? When the day has had its way with both of us And oh! I've gone out of my way but.. 
Ragdoll Blues
from album (I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress) by Zita Swoon
Ragdoll blues I got brand new shoes I got hotel, hotel But I ain't got no place to go Inside, o.. 
from album (Bridge) by Blues Traveler
When the fire In your belly ain't been shrinking And there's nothing Laying around that you.. 
from album (Anthem) by Agnostic Front
Look at me, look at you, nothing to say Everything I'm own, you've taken away All I ever wan.. 
from album (Sirens) by Savatage
I've been pushed out, but I'm back up on my feet, I've been turned down by every girl I.. 
from album (Torture Test) by Diesel Machine
You are the reason I exist Won't stop until I get revenge I will ensure you don't persist Ca.. 
Rage Absolute
from album (All For You) by Annihilator
I'm felling anger, I feel rage You see it coming from a mile away Built up inside, I lose contro.. 
Rage Against The Heart
from album (Early Daze) by Layzee Daze
She is beautiful But she is a secret She’s always in my eye But she doesn’t see it This love is p.. 

Rage Against Time
from album (Muse Sick In Hour Mess Age) by Public Enemy
Rage Against Time Microphone check Microphone check Can I get a check up from the nec.. 
Rage Hard
from album (Bang) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Rage! Rage! Rage! Rage! Rage Hard! Laugh like the head of Apollo Young and strong on the wings of.. 
Rage Hard
from album (Werk 80) by Atrocity
[Originally performed by Frankie Goes To Hollywood] [Gill/Johnson/Nash/O'Toole] Rage! Rage! Ra.. 
Rage In Heaven
from album (Plaything) by David Wood
When I first met you You were too hot to handle I was drawn to you Like a moth to a candle I was na.. 
Rage In The Cage
from album (Freeze Frame) by J. Geils Band
Shopping Center crazy I need some fast relief The boss says, "Boy, you're lazy" But I&.. 
Rage Of Angels
from album (Coup De Grace) by Orange Goblin
The bigger the battle, the better the man Bigger's the man with the gun in his hand Hard is the.. 
Rage Of Fire
from album (All Little Devils) by Dismal Euphony
Sweet child, I wish you were dead Sweet child, I wish you were dead Dry your eyes now, little one Sh.. 
Rage Of The Bloodbeast
from album (Rage Of The Bloodbeast) by Debauchery
Fire and iron, Demonic warmachines Burned flesh, tortured, armoured in chain mail Forward from hell,.. 
Rage Of The Sea
from album (World Of Black And Silver) by Crystal Eyes
Lightning strikes on the wild raging sea, the storm rules in the air Roaring thunder in the burning.. 
Rage Of The Winter
from album (Legendary Tales) by Rhapsody
Cold is the winter snow falls down mystical lights dance in the sky to the winds of night Spell of t.. 
Rage To Kill
from album (Convicted) by Cryptic Slaughter
A victim is chosen His future awaits Someone is watching No one can tame Satisfied hunger Hatred wit.. 
Rage To Love
from album (Singles Collection 1981-93) by Kim Wilde
Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Ten little Indians Standin' in a row All dressed up But nowh.. 
Rage Your Dream
from album (Initial D Themes) by Move
I got no impression This town made by the imitiation Wanting your sensation In this silly simulation.. 
from album (Resolve) by Lagwagon
Proceeds, who's in? Who wants a piece of him? So many articles to choose from Comrade, artiste A.. 
from album (Unstoppable Force) by Agent Steel
Spit out the fire. rage in the air Disciple of fate. the final hour HAMMERING METAL INTO YOUR HEAD.. 
Raggamuffin Girl
from album (Make Way For The Indian) by Apache Indian
Raggamuffin gal a yuh time fe shine Mek yuh mate we no seh one of a kind Right above front yuh no wa.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Eddie Meduza
Raggare, raggare Raggare, raggare Raggare, raggare Raggare, raggare Ååh pojkar, nu är det.. 
Raggarkungens Son
from album (Låtar Som Är Sådär) by Björn Rosenström
I baren sitter Bertil och blänger för en brud Rent objektivt ser hans intentioner ut att stranda M.. 
from album (Låtar Som Är Sådär) by Björn Rosenström
Ladda grabbar Häll i er bärsen Pilla in en prilla och förstå att ni är kungar ikväll Kamma ben.. 
from album (Confidential) by Anda Adam Cu Alex
I: Vin sa canta ceva pentru aceia Care cred ca sunt cine stie ce 'playa' Cand vad o fata li se-ap.. 
from album (Playboys) by The Rasmus
I can never be the same that I was yesterday. I'm loosing my mind, I'm loosing control. You.. 
Ragged And Dirty
from album (World Gone Wrong) by Bob Dylan
1. Lord, I'm broke, I'm hungry, ragged and dirty too, Broke and hungry, ragged and dirty too.. 
Ragged Bed
from album (Album Unknown) by The Glass Bottle
You should let me rot In this smelly ragged bed It's not my will that I want back I will coun.. 
Ragged Company
from album (Album Unknown) by Bea Sisters
O lord I think I'm falling To my disbelief I'm cursing like a sailor and lying like a thief.. 
Ragged Wood
from album (Fleet Foxes) by Fleet Foxes
Whoa-oh-oh Come down from the mountain, you have been gone too long The spring is upon us, follow m.. 
Raggedy Ann
from album (Angel Doves) by Mindy Smith
These hand me downs I am wearing Are worn at the knees, color faded...yeah All the little children a.. 



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