Lyrics - R #4

Racist Society
from album (Major Label Debut) by Screeching Weasel
did you know that you live in a racist society did you know you're the privileged class and ever.. 
Rack Em' Up
from album (Lie To Me) by Jonny Lang
I used to hang out, down at Jack's Pool Hall You go down there, don't do nothin' at all.. 
from album (More Stories For Dana) by Meaghan McLaughlin
It's all just time passing, scribbled on the page. One more shot, one more beer and our age... T.. 
Raconteur, Troubadour
from album (Octopus) by Gentle Giant
Gather round the village square Come good people both wretched and fair. See the troubadour play on.. 

Rad Cu Tine
from album (Album Unknown) by Elegance
rad cu tine si glumesc, poate crezi ca te iubesc, eu iubesc dar nu pe tine cand am timp iti spun pe.. 
Rad Des Schicksals
from album (Die Profezieung) by E Nomine
Rad des Schicksals in Gottes Hand Ich folge Deiner Spur im Sand Rad des Schicksals bleib nicht ste.. 
Rad Dog
from album (Anarchy) by Chumbawamba
Roll over, Let Alice take over Puppy eyes Puppy eyes Tearing clothes Spitting pride Roll over Roll.. 
Rad Gumbo
from album (Rad Gumbo) by Little Feat
If you walk in right off the street You can take the load right off your feet Mamma bring the menu t.. 
Rada Bi Nazaj
from album (Album Unknown) by TABU
Sama V Sobi Štiri Stene Zatohel Vonj, Otroški Jok Me Spanec Noče Več Objeti.. 
from album (Blackout) by Stratovarius
Confidence is a must Happiness is a plus Edginess is a rush Edges I like â??em rough A man with a.. 
Radar Gun
from album (The Brooklyn Side) by The Bottle Rockets
Straight from 12th grade into junior college Buddy buddy buddy I passed my exam Makin' me a law.. 
Radar Love
from album (Candy's Going Bad) by Golden Earring
RADAR LOVEGOLDEN EARRINGI've been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheelThere'.. 
from album (Alles) by Doe Maar
Ik loop op straat Het is al laat Maar 'K wil niet naar huis Toch niemand thuis En Ik kan niet a.. 
Radha Kaise Na Jale
from album (Lagaan : Once Upon A Time In India) by Rahman Ar
--FEMALE-- Madhuban mein jo Kanhaiya kisi gopi se mile Kabhi muskaaye, kabhi chhede, kabhi baat kare.. 

from album (The Waiting Room) by Armsbendback
Can't wait for the day when we fall in love again cause to be a friend is the best medicine For.. 
from album (Ninguno) by Boomerang
Es otra noche que lastima mi accionar Que va borrando mis ideas Voy a animarme a acercarme sin pensa.. 
from album (Alternative 4) by Anathema
Inside... The dark is fading away I don't want to be alone anymore Inside... The light of dawn.. 
from album (Soma Holiday) by Greenwheel
I've had enough of this red light. I've been waiting here for so long, so long. Driving on l.. 
Radiance Of Mordacity
from album (Carnage In The Worlds Beyond) by Enthroned
[music: N.Daemon/Nornagest, lyrics: Nornages] Valorisation of hypocrisy perpetuated by the glorious.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Honeymoon Suite
Into the gutter The shoe slips A cold foot, sweaty head Numb fingertips Bloodshot eye Got a nail in.. 
from album (Ended Up A Stranger) by The Walkabouts
Radiant ghost Love you the most Call me from the next town Call me when you lie down Were you dro.. 
Radiant City
from album (Wild Opera) by No-Man
can you see me? the radiant city CAN the radiant country YOU HEAR ME? the twilight of money CAN.. 
Radiant Eclipse
from album (Waking The Fallen) by Avenged Sevenfold
Two nights ago I was shot A bullet sunk straight through my skull A friend pulled the trigger that s.. 
Radiant Star
from album (Eternal) by Samael
Reversed time climb up the side of mystery holding tight the key to nowhereland the long time promis.. 
from album (Polythene) by Feeder
Pull back my skin Look deep within Transparent grins The more you kill me Just see how it is Just se.. 
Radiation Day
from album (Monolithic Baby) by Monster Magnet
Corporation Bigwigs A keep us alive boy you can try to run but babay you can't hide go ahead and.. 
Radiation Sickness
from album (Game Over) by Nuclear Assault
Destruction Has ruined your world Flags of death Have been unleashed You've survived And now you.. 
Radiation Suit
from album (Sorry About Tomorrow) by Hot Rod Circuit
wish i could save you from yourself maybe this time repair the fracter-didnt heal so well but its.. 
Radiation Vibe
from album (Fountains Of Wayne) by Fountains Of Wayne
Are you alone now Did you lose the monkey He gave you backaches And now you slouch He didn't me.. 
from album (Truth From Lies) by Catie Curtis
It's all right, we're gonna be fine But let's give my mama and my daddy a little time &#.. 
from album (Paris Kills) by The 69 Eyes
It's not the morning It's not the dawn The daylight savings reminds me of the fall I'd l.. 
from album (Shine) by Mammuth
I'm gonna give you some anger Coming straight form my heart I've had enough now I don't.. 
from album (Extrañando Casa) by División Minúscula
RADICAL Ella es muy especial, también algo radical y lleva su mundo a todos lados lo guarda.. 
Radical Cut
from album (The Sham Mirrors) by Arcturus
Spit white speech the voice is mine the skin of the slit cut cigarette size The butt size head volu.. 
Radical Dreamer
from album (Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack) by Noriko Mitose
Osanai te ni tsutsunda furueteru sono hikari wo Kokomade tadottekita jikan no fuchi wo samayoi Saga.. 
Radical Dreamers Nusumenai Houseki
from album (Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack) by Noriko Mitose
Osanai te ni tsutsunda furueteru sono hikari wo Kokomade tadottekita jikan no fuchi wo samayoi Hel.. 
Radical Modernism
from album (Altered States Of America) by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Red blowing out of***and mouth Let the dog DIE alone.. 
Radical Resistance
from album (Hordes Of Chaos) by Kreator
Atheists with a strong believe In the powers of intuition Fundamentalists, a lying truth Cultural bi.. 
Radically Change Myself
from album (Refuse To Be Dead) by Kurhaus
institutionalised opposition, defining myself through antis not pros how can one boy be so full of h.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Piff Och Puff
Man: NÃ¥nting händer, det e nÃ¥tt skumt pÃ¥ gÃ¥ng. Men vÃ¥ra, vänner, dom vaktar da.. 



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