Lyrics - R #20

Rai Rai
from album (Flamma) by Dde
Endelig vart det helg har findressen klar og ei nyvaska skjort Her e inga tid Ã¥ mest' om uka.. 
Rain Your Love Down
from album (Conversation Peace) by Stevie Wonder
Such a lovely world was made for you and me Wondrous life for us to taste, touch, smell, hear, and.. 
Rain Yr Hand
from album (Rainer Maria EP) by Rainer Maria
how important all ages shows have been to the identity formation for me. that night, you grasp and p.. 
Rainy Night In Tokyo
from album (Passionfruit) by Michael Franks
Seventh of September Remember when We met at the shrine Your kimono looked so fine Temple dancers sw.. 

Rainy Nights
from album (Fireworks) by Angra
Rainy Nights can easily go The morning sun, a lover so A cup of tea still held tight in her hand And.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Fly Project
Inca o data soarele prinde Inca o data ploaia te stinge Ea nu ma minte, arata ce simte Vorbeste cuvi.. 
from album (Raise) by Karelia
RAISE (Main theme of the album : the power of persuasion. The leader's eloquence is stronger th.. 
Raise A Little Hell
from album ((It's Been) A Long Time) by Trooper
Raise a little Hell, raise a little Hell, raise a little Hell Raise a little Hell, raise a little He.. 
Raise A Little Hell
from album (Album Unknown) by Tooper
Raise a little hell , raise a little hell, raise a little hell! Raise a little hell , raise a litt.. 
Raise A Paw
from album (Ozma) by Melvins
Paw grant me its wisdom oh yeah. I felt your resistance and distance of heartfelt relief. Exis par e.. 
Raise A Voice
from album (Allies) by Crosby, Stills & Nash
We're all on our own Look at us all How can we not raise A voice Against the madness There.. 
Raise Hate
from album (A Nightmare In Daylight) by Uncurbed
Lost in this maze What's next to face ? C: Raise hate and *** the state *** the state and rai.. 
Raise Hell
from album (Evolution Purgatory) by Persuader
False believer everything is sacred, so cynical Your castle's ground is shaking, But you burry.. 
Raise Hell
from album (Album Unknown) by Charioteers
So don't worry they tell me hell's an ok place to be This time of year So don't worry th.. 

Raise Hell In Heaven
from album (Deadache) by Lordi
Underrated - Patronized Boiling Hate Is Rushing In My Veins Idolized - Then Despised Blood Will Pour.. 
Raise Hell... (Possesed)
from album (Thee I Worship) by Abused Majesty
Flesh eaten from inside Juice drank from the soul Burning filling that You are not alone Ancient evi.. 
Raise It Up
from album (Album Unknown) by Knutsen & Ludvigsen
No father figure in the house and I'm wonderin' how I'm gonna work it out oh, my friends.. 
Raise The Alarm
from album (White Noise) by Alpinestars
Whoa, whoa... I may not believe in God, It doesn't mean I'm a lesser person. I still have a.. 
Raise The Crown
from album (No Limits) by U.D.O
So tonight is something Something you can take Leave behind your sorrows Give yourself a break It&#.. 
Raise The Curtain
from album (Fool's Gold 7") by His Hero Is Gone
What is this I'm too blind to see Open arms Beckon me RAISE THE CURTAIN AND YOU ARE EXPOSED A.. 
Raise The Dawn
from album (7 Benedictions - 7 Maledictions) by Bloodflowerz
A shooting star, shining so far Enlights the dark night A melody enchanting me A kiss from heaven If.. 
Raise The Dead
from album (Feel The Fire) by Overkill
Feel the power, rushing forward, it gets into your veins. Almighty power, building higher, you'l.. 
Raise The Dead
from album (Bathory) by Bathory
"Dust to dust"... I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight against torment and dread Ca.. 
Raise The Hammer
from album (Glory To The Brave) by Hammerfall
Raise The Horns Of Battle
from album (Under The Serpentine Spell) by Crimson Moon
Raise the battle-axe unto their skulls in the bliss of spilling blood on enemy soil. Towards the syn.. 
Raise The Roof
from album (Yo! Bum Rush The Show) by Public Enemy
(chorus) Raise your hands so we can Raise the roof so you can Raise your voice so we c.. 
Raise The Roof
from album (Changin' The Game) by Luke
[Featuring No Good But So Good] WHAT TIME IS IT?? (BOOTY TIME) CHORUS: Let's go Rais.. 
Raise The Roof
from album (Indian Summer) by Carbon Leaf
Raise the roof, that I might see the stars To gain wisdom, to see things for what they are Please, I.. 
Raise Up
from album (Freak A Leek) by Petey Pablo
Petey Pablo - Raise Up [David Nevermind] (Petey Pablo) This is David Nevermind And today's c.. 
Raise Up
from album (Back Into Your System) by Saliva
Straight out the poorhouse eating lobster for breakfast Two new tour buses, cause my voice is infect.. 
Raised By Horses
from album (Animal Farm) by Clutch
I was eating dinner at the table with people from the music industry. They asked me if I liked it in.. 
Raised In Compton
from album (Straight Check N' Em) by Compton's Most Wanted
Compton is the place that I touched down. I opened my eyes to realise I was dark brown. And.. 
Raised In Hell
from album (Til' My Casket Drops) by C Bo
featuring Big Syke Verse One: C Bo I was born in hell without a pistol Now how can I.. 
Raised In The City
from album (Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash) by The Replacements
Raised in the city Ready to run Cruise to the lake Fun fun fun Disinclined to groove around Raised.. 
Raised In The Jungle
from album (What A System) by Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band
Wha oh wha oh wha (repeat) Born and raised in the jungle I'll never forget where I'm comin.. 
Raised On Promises
from album (Cruel Inventions (1991)) by Sam Phillips
building cage i can only study the blame i can think of a word for myself but no name question darts.. 
from album (Raised On The Radio) by Journey
Stagger Lee, can you Do The Locomotion Lucille I hear you knocking but you can't come in Rockin&.. 
Raised On Robbery
from album (Court & Spark) by Joni Mitchell
He was sitting in the lounge of the Empire Hotel He was drinking for diversion He was thinking for.. 
Raised On Rock And Roll
from album (Albatross) by Judy Collins
Oh, oh, I was raised on rock and roll Oh, and that music filled my soul. I've been wild since I.. 
Raised Up Family
from album (October Road) by James Taylor
I was raised up family, man, I'm glad I'm on my own. I was raised up family, man, I'm.. 



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