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Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aayi
from album (Budda Mil***aa) by Kishore Kumar
Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aayi Aur Gale Ka Haar Hui Subah Ko Jab Hum Neend Se Jaage Aankh Tumhise Cha.. 
from album (Alla-Tin-Gala) by Gasolin'
La la la la, la la la, la la la la, la la la la. Det trækker op maskiner tænker hvor er min sjæl.. 
from album (Alla-Tin-Gala) by Gasolin'
Rabalderstræde er en gade hvor den slet slet ikke får for lidt for der sprut i stride strømme og.. 
from album (Demos 1994-2003) by Schrottgrenze
Irgendein Geburtstag Ungeladen und ohne Präsent Wo man den Gastgeber Nur flüchtig und vom Sehen ke.. 

from album (Album Unknown) by Chas And Dave
rabbit x 20 you got a beutiful chin, you got beutiful skin, you got a beutiful face, you got taste,.. 
Rabbit Hole
from album (Year Of The Rabbit) by Year Of The Rabbit
I fell asleep about a year ago I'm dreaming now with the coma fools I hit my head on the rabbit.. 
Rabbit In Your Headlights
from album (Album Unknown) by U.N.K.L.E.
I'm a rabbit in your headlights Scared of the spotlight You don't come to visit I'm stuc.. 
Rabbit Run
from album (8 Mile Soundtrack) by Eminem
Some days I just wanna up and call it quits, I feel like I'm surrounded by a wall of bricks, Eve.. 
Rabbit Slayer (Kill The Wabbit)
from album (Album Unknown) by Ozzie Fudd
In an abandoned ware house with no lights just shadows and soon no rabbits. The purpose of the event.. 
Rabbit's Dying
from album (Throwing Muses) by Throwing Muses
He's running home again He's running in the rain Covering the brain I'll stay in, stay i.. 
from album (Clear Hearts Grey Flowers) by Jack Off Jill
He said that he would stay forever Forever wasn't very long He said that he would take the high.. 
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37
from album (99 Red Balloons) by A.F.I.
What once did exist Now is meaningless And doesn't it seem funny How soon you did forget All.. 
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37
from album (MySpace Records Volume 1) by A.F.I.
What once did exist, Now is meaningless. And doesn't it seem funny, How soon you did forget (How.. 
Rabbits In A Basket
from album (Dance And Sing) by The Navigators
Two gentlemen went walking down the street one day. They meet a pretty fair maid coming the other wa.. 

from album (Risc Maxim 2) by Voltaj
I: Toata lumea stie Ce mult tin la tine Tu nu vrei, dar tu nu vrei Iti spun ca n-ai pereche Ca.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Stories
1. Toata lumea stie ce mult tin la tine. Tu nu vrei! Dar tu nu vrei! Iti spun ca n-ai pereche, ca es.. 
from album (Tempi Antiqui) by Corvus Corax
Als ich einst ging im Morgengrau, kam ich an einen alten Bau, drei schwarze Raben saßen da, so Le.. 
Rabia (Spanish Version)
from album (Recoil) by Nonpoint
Yo soy la ultima maxima victima Echa patrás echa patrás Vaya vete Echa vete Yo soy la soledad úni.. 
Rabiatul Adawiyah
from album (Impian Kasih) by In-Team
Engkau bermula dengan sengsara Dalam mencari bahagia Terasa bagai bayang-bayang Gelap walau disuluh.. 
Rabicho Do Cachorro Rabugento
from album (Album Unknown) by Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
Eu vim do norte com um cachorro fedorento Com dois sacos de cimento, muita fome e muito amor Não.. 
from album (Chainsaw Dismemberment) by Mortician
Infected, rabid flesh Revenge for, acid death Frothed-deathrage Tortured-Fleshcrave Hippie crazed cu.. 
Rabid Bits Of Time
from album (Soft Airplane) by Chad VanGaalen
You've been dead for years, but you never knew. And the rabid bits of time, have been eating you.. 
Rabid Child
from album (Then-The Earlier Years) by They Might Be Giants
Lord, please don't take me away. Rabid child stays at home, talks on a CB Truckers pass calling.. 
Rabid Dogs
from album (Eye For An Eye) by Corrosion Of Conformity
Rabid dogs. Eating flesh. Rabid dogs. Rabid dogs... 
from album (Bloodshot) by Element Eighty
Well I'm so sick I'm sicker than you Closing walls What can I do Well I'm so sick I'.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Dramarama
jauh kau pergi bagai nak lari hanya yang kesan ada di pipi hati nak marah tapi tak jadi sarung di mu.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Drustvo Mrtvih Pesnikov
Rabm lepa jst dekleta in rabm avto da jim da zaleta Oriano Katarino vedno rabm druzbo fino Rabm tu.. 
from album (Nem Arról Hajnallik) by Muzsikás
nem arról hajnallik amerről hajnallott magam sorsa felől szomorú hírt hal.. 
Rabo De Nube
from album (Viva El Amor) by The Pretenders
Si me dueran pide un deseo Preferiria un rabo de nube Que se llevara lo feo Y nos dejara el querube.. 
Rabo De Nube
from album (Rabo De Nube) by Silvio Rodríguez
Si me dijeran pide un deseo, preferiría un rabo de nube, un torbellino en el suelo y una gran ir.. 
from album (Raccontami) by Francesco Renga
Semplice parlare con te e dietro ad un telefono ascoltarti ridere Capire che è dolce e solo per un.. 
from album (Come (Explicit)) by Prince
Lie down, [fair 1//pheromone], and come away Till the rain is over and gone G-G-Gimme the beat now (.. 
from album (Antenna) by Quruli
Just because it became cloudy Stop whining like that Blow away the sadness Chuck away the baggage yo.. 
from album (Forever) by Spice Girls
I'm not the kind that walks away But in my mind I knew this day was done too soon The spark in.. 
Race Against Myself
from album (Splinter) by The Offspring
All I want All I need Always lies just out of reach I've been coming up empty I've run as.. 
Race Against Time
from album (Venni Vetti Vecci) by Ja Rule
Chorus: repeat 2X In my race against time I - can't stop Runnin through the red light - livin m.. 
Race Against Time
from album (Leather, Bristles, No Survivors & Sick Boys) by G.B.H
Put us on a life support machine from the day we're born, didn't realise it was just our daw.. 
Race Among The Ruins
from album (Summertime Dream) by Gordon Lightfoot
You think you had the last laugh Now you know this can't be true Even though the sun shines down.. 
Race Babbling
from album (Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants) by Stevie Wonder
This world is moving much to fast They're race babbling This world is moving much to fast The en.. 
Race Car Grin You Ain't No Landmark
from album (Sad Happy Sucker) by Modest Mouse
Looks like accounting's not accountable For anything or anyone at all Johnny took the fall Johnn.. 



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