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Rain On Me
from album (Lost Together) by Blue Rodeo
We never need forgiveness Left home at seventeen Raised up on hate To a life that's second rate.. 
Rain On Me
from album (The Way It Is) by Glenn Hughes
RAIN ON ME Good people Please open you eyes My People Here come the moon on the rise I'm stead.. 
Rain On Me
from album (Take Me Home) by Zox
Let the color all drain out And won't you draw the curtain down on me A silence never spoke so l.. 
Rain On Me
from album (Bring Ya To The Brink) by Cyndi Lauper
I saw you gather all your hopes With all your dreams I waved just like a shooting star That once had.. 

Rain On The Brain
from album (Marty Casey & Lovehammers) by Marty Casey And The Lovehammers
And, the pieces fall slowly away. Did I fail to mention, Reason for my laughter? 'Times I fe.. 
Rain On The Hill
from album (Thanks To Gravity) by Thanks To Gravity
Now you're listened at my door You've brushed across the treetops in my heart Now you can.. 
Rain On The Roof
from album (Album Unknown) by Lovin' Spoonful
Rain On The RoofThe Lovin' Spoonful(John Sebastian)Intro: (bass and nylon-string guitar in righ.. 
Rain On The Roof
from album (2b S.Pacific) by Che Fu
Now you can find a section of your mind before your weakness is fester and you claim that you are no.. 
Rain On The Scarecrow
from album (Aint Even Done With The Night) by John Cougar Mellencamp
Rain On The ScarecrowJohn Cougar MellencampScarecrow on a wooden cross Blackbird in the barnFour hun.. 
Rain On The Scarecrow
from album (Key West Intermezzo) by John Mellencamp
Scarecrow on a wooden cross Blackbird in the barn Four hundred empty acres that used to be my farm I.. 
Rain On The Window
from album (Sound Elixir) by Nazareth
Round about midnight I feel the chill closin' in Living my stage fright I need the sun to begin.. 
Rain On Tin
from album (Murray Street) by Sonic Youth
Rain Or Shine
from album (Silk And Steel) by Five Star
You’re my knight in shining armor Chase the devil and the dragons away From manana to manana Do y.. 
Rain Rain Go Away
from album (Album Unknown) by Bobby Vinton
I can still remember When you moved in next door I brought you some choc'late From the corner ca.. 

Rain Song
from album (Dyer Maker) by Led Zeppelin
THE RAIN SONG Studio Version It is the springtime of my loving The second season I am to know-ooh-o.. 
Rain Song
from album (Year Of The Spider) by Cold
When it rains I dont mind Let me stand here all night Did she take her whole life Let me know she.. 
Rain Song
from album (Revenge Of The Goldfish) by Inspiral Carpets
So tell me of the future, as I sit down and pray So tell me of the treasures, and the pitfalls in th.. 
Rain Song
from album (The Rising Tide) by Sunny Day Real Estate
all games they play undead and awake and returning within you are a devil, they say and it's can.. 
Rain Song
from album (Savage Land) by Mob Rules
Strange desire burning in my head Taste of future, keep it secret till you're dead Endless sorro.. 
Rain Song
from album (Day Of Fire) by Day Of Fire
Bring rivers in this wasteland, Clouds into this sky. Bring springs of life into the wells That hav.. 
Rain Street
from album (Hell's Ditch) by The Pogues
The church bell rings An old drunk sings A young girl hocks her wedding ring Down on Rain Street Do.. 
Rain To The Sound Of Panic
from album (Courting Tragedy And Disaster) by Himsa
Tune out the noise of swan songs That savior the passing of scarlets Red and black on chemical roma.. 
Rain Upon The Battlefield
from album (Slavery) by Kna'an
Off to the battle we go Without fear We know Death is near ''Rain drops upon my companios&#.. 
Rain When I Die
from album (Dirt) by Alice In Chains
Is she ready to know my frustration? What she slippin' inside, slow castration I'm a ri.. 
Rain Will Fall
from album (Dig) by I Mother Earth
lookin' at the world go tryin' to understand electic wind blowin' like a demon fan or a.. 
Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
from album (A New Day Has Come) by Celine Dion
(It's inevitable) I did not know there was a plan Somewhere a perfect man I don't believe i.. 
Rain. Sun. Gone
from album (Lost And Found) by Mudvayne
So far Left with nothing Hanging by a memory No stars To give me one wish So lost in the dark Feels.. 
from album (Brave Murder Day) by Katatonia
We saw it all pass by and you went by And I can't control anything When you said that life can&#.. 
Rains In Asia
from album (Between The Dim And The Dark) by Jump
She likes the photograph The one of you and Simone Out in the rain on a Sunday morning She likes to.. 
from album (Glee) by Bran Van 3000
Want some water? No, I think I'm okay. Rainshine.  I don't care how sick you say it's.. 
from album (Hello Starling) by Josh Ritter
you had your red rainslicker on your face was turned up into rain as you watched me and I was crossi.. 
from album (Tundra) by Anneli Drecker
Have I not been fooled again? I know I must have I thought such joy could never end I thought I woul.. 
from album (Amen (So Be It)) by Paddy Casey
Mama sayin' now won't you hear the man come with the rainwater Gonna pass between you and I.. 
Rainy (Ai No Shirabe)
from album (Akai Tsuki) by Janne Da Arc
kimi to no omoide dake ha hitotsu mo ame ni nagarenai mijikasugita kisetsu no naka de mada kimi ga w.. 
Rainy Day
from album (Teenage Politics) by MxPx
they just point the finger they don't care they don't think i know you think where did i go.. 
Rainy Day
from album (At Your Side) by The Corrs
A bomb drops and no-one stirs On a lazy summers evening Seated with a man She knows she shouldn'.. 
Rainy Day
from album ((Miss) Understood) by Ayumi Hamasaki
Wasure taku nai koto nara Oboeyou to shinaku temo Wasureru koto nante nai Sou shizuka ni kanjiru Ar.. 
Rainy Day
from album (Dance Party (Likes It's 2003)) by Renee Stakey
Im Saveing all my Love for you. IM saveing for a Rainy Rainy Day. Wait forever if you want me to, To.. 
Rainy Day
from album (The Goodbye Girl) by Epicure
Pack your bags dont' be late, No-one will touch us in hyperspace We'll watch the world from.. 
Rainy Day
from album (The Passion Of The Christ (Original Songs Inspired By The Film)) by Big Dismal
On a rainy day, I feel like I could change the world And somehow I know it's all gonna be alrigh.. 



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