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Rain In May
from album (Album Unknown) by Max Werner
Feeling down when the autumn has come Stormy days and the leaves keep on falling. I don't like t.. 
Rain In My Heart
from album (Crying, Waiting, Hoping) by Buddy Holly
The sun is out, the sky is blue, There's not a cloud to spoil the view, But it's raining, Ra.. 
Rain In The Summertime
from album (Eye Of The Hurricane) by The Alarm
Under the anvil of the sun Sweat, like a train I come, I come, My body to dust Scorched by the might.. 
Rain Is Falling
from album (Time) by Electric Light Orchestra
Early in the morning, The sun was up and the sky was very blue, Without a warning, As I looked out,m.. 

Rain Keeps On Falling
from album (Flying) by Nice Little Penguins
Nice Little Penguins – Rain keeps on falling Rain keeps on falling Rain keeps on falling The bloo.. 
Rain King
from album (August And Everything After) by Counting Crows
When I think of heaven (Deliver me in a black-winged bird) I think of flying down into a sea.. 
Rain King
from album (Sonic Youth) by Sonic Youth
[Lee] Rain King ensures there's nowhere to go It's jet stream, daydream, cocksure hard luck.. 
Rain Man
from album (Encore) by Eminem
Dre (Em) Yeah...definitely, definitely dope. Definitely, K-Mart. Yeah, yeah Eminem (Dr. Dre): You.. 
Rain Must Fall
from album (Miracle) by Queen
Words and music by Queen I can see it in your stars Life is so exciting Acting so bizzare Your worl.. 
Rain Of A Thousand Flames
from album (Rain Of A Thousand Flames) by Rhapsody
Dies irae Regna nell' oscurita' Guardians of the moonlight bring the spell alive Through th.. 
Rain Of Blood
from album (Duality) by Die Form
Blood is thicker than water, rain of blood, rain of blood... from below comes your voice, tears of.. 
Rain Of Fire
from album (The Book Of Burning) by Virgin Steele
WE SUMMON THE SONS OF ANU, SPIRITS OF LIVING FIRE!!! In the night we gather for the slaying of the.. 
Rain Of Mind
from album (Issei No Sei) by Shuuhei Kita
dore dake tsuyoku dakishimeta nara bokura no ima ga kawaru no sashinobeta kieiru you na omoi kizuken.. 
Rain Of Revival
from album (Astral Adventures) by Darkseed
a gentle rain came down on all falling down upon the world washing away our sins tears that cleanse.. 

Rain Of Terror
from album (Kill After Kill) by Exciter
Something is blowing in the wind A chill rips up your spine Stops you dead right in your tracks You&.. 
Rain Of Your Presence
from album (Album Unknown) by Carlton Pearson
Let the rain of your presence fall on me Every day that I live with every breath I breathe Let the r.. 
Rain Of Your Presence
from album (Album Unknown) by Clarence Mcclendon
Let the rain of your presence fall on me Every day that I live with every breath I breathe Let the r.. 
Rain On A Tin Roof
from album (Julie Roberts) by Julie Roberts
His eyes are blue, just like the ocean His heart is a river free Now and then he gets the notion And.. 
Rain On Her Parade
from album (Silence Is Golden) by Athornforeveryheart
Have you ever loved her? I have, and it hurts To watch you fall like you were nothing. What for? You.. 
Rain On Her Parade
from album (Silence Is Golden EP) by A Thorn For Every Heart
Have you ever loved her? I have and it hurts (I have and I know it hurts) To watch you fall like you.. 
Rain On Lens 2
from album (Rain On Lens) by Smog
Rain on Lens Rain on Lens Boom in frame Boom in frame All is ruin Let's take it again.. 
Rain On Me
from album (Chapter II) by Ashanti
VERSE 1: I'm looking in the mirror at this woman down and out She's internally dying and kne.. 
Rainin In Paradize
from album (Rainin In Paradize) by Manu Chao
Welcome to paradise Welcome to paradise Today it's raining Today it's raining Today it's.. 
Raining In My Heart
from album (Live In Canada) by Jo-El Sonnier
Raining In My Heart (JD Mille.. 
Raining In My Mind
from album (Chapter 1-A New Beginning) by The Moffatts
Since November I've been waiting for your sunrays to break through How I wish that I could hold.. 
Raining Murder
from album (Plaguewielder) by Darkthrone
Hung out to dry Liquid rites engulf Eaten alive Again and again It's raining murder here and th.. 
Raining Needles
from album (Screeching Weasel) by Screeching Weasel
it's raining needles stuck in my head i wish i had stayed home in bed raining needles - help me.. 
Raining On Me
from album (All Jacked Up) by Gretchen Wilson
I've been chasing rainbows all my life Still haven't found that pot of gold I send my prayer.. 
Raining On Our Love
from album (The Woman In Me) by Shania Twain
Remember me the way I was The way I'd make you late for work I had to hold you, just because Re.. 
Raining On Sunday
from album (Golden Road) by Keith Urban
It ticks just like a Timex It never lets up on you Who said life was easy? The job is never through.. 
Raining On The Sky
from album (Mann's Chinese) by ***
When the night falls on metropolis Neon dissonance, warm lipstick When the moon shines on the playgr.. 
Raining Pianos
from album (The Half-Wits' Descent) by Circus Contraption
It's raining pianos and anvils today I probably should have stayed in bed Or should I run away,.. 
Raining Revolution
from album (3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of...) by Arrested Development
This is Headliner from Arrested Development, and I come here tonight to give thanks to ithe rain.. 
from album (Dance Of Death) by Iron Maiden
When I was wandering in the desert And was searching for the truth I heard a choir of angels calli.. 
from album (The God Thing) by Vanden Plas
Some illustrations are fiction of sadness never be stopped by the dawn now we are living on signs of.. 
from album (Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot) by Sparklehorse
well, shit, yeah! all you've got to do is look in the sky and wish you might see his face in th.. 
from album (Slow Down) by Bobby Valentino
Takin' it easy, moving slow It's always calm just before the storm, you know Along she came,.. 
from album (Album 1994) by Subway To Sally
A dearth of moisture breaks the earth to pieces I can't knit to one (oh, I can't knit to one.. 
from album (Spirals) by Blood Has Been Shed
I can't help but remember how our last conversation ended Too much quiet hostility too much was.. 
from album (Cerebral Caustic) by Fall
TV man's tarantula TV man TV man TV man TV man Rainmaster Rainmaster Copycats this and tha.. 



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