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Rain (Featuring Giulia)
from album (Album Unknown) by Benny Goodman
Standing in the rain Calling out your name Life is not the same Without you (x2) Stars are bri.. 
Rain Fade Away
from album (Beyond The Eternal Boundary) by Midgard
Shades of gray, in colors Shades of red, black and white In my mind and in my soul I'm blind... 
Rain Fall Down
from album (A Bigger Bang) by Rolling Stones
It was a filthy block of flats Trash was on the floor A stink was in my nose Hinges off the doors.. 
Rain Fallin
from album (Out Of Dream) by Reba McEntire
(Charlie Black) Rain Fallin,Fallin Rain It's a long and troubled night A night when I wish I co.. 

Rain Falls For Wind
from album (Lovers) by The Sleepy Jackson
I've been drinking and I've been thinking of you Now I know, I know the snow will let me k.. 
Rain Forest
from album (Album Unknown) by Jackie Wilson
Raindrops + Sunshowers
from album (Machina/the Machines Of God) by The Smashing Pumpkins
Rain falls on everyone The same old rain And I'm just trying to walk with you Between.. 
Raindrops From The Sun
from album (The Black & White Album) by Imani Coppola
Yesterday was kind of like the fourth of July The way your face lit up the entire sky I had to look.. 
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
from album (The Best Of B.J. Thomas) by B.J. Thomas
Raindrops are falling on my head And just like the guy whose feet Are too big for his bed Nothing s.. 
Raindrops Will Fall
from album (The Dreamer) by Tamyra Gray
There's a time 4 every star 2 shine And a place 4 every dream 2 see the light When u have everyt.. 
Rained Stained Melodies
from album (Fake Ugly) by Army Of Me
Rain Stained Melodies Below you I play You filled me with life And I sent you away Speak to me love.. 
from album (Light At The End Of The World) by A Flock Of Seagulls
Since you've been gone it's been raining hard Like crystal teardrops to the floor It's.. 
from album (Winning Days) by The Vines
We were hiding from the rain and the thunder I've been staring out for days As I wonder a long d.. 
from album (Rainfall) by Nitin Sawhney

from album (Just Me) by Bronte J
Let the rain fall In its sweet as sugar trance Let the birds call While the sun begins to dance Caus.. 
from album (Vité) by Gaias Pendulum
from album (The August Engine) by Hammers Of Misfortune
Rain, rain , rain A thousand tiny drops upon the pane Marching in their millions toward the drain An.. 
from album (To Kill A King) by Hungry Lucy
Behind a wall There is a boy I've tried to reach For many years Each time it rains I see his fac.. 
from album (Rotting Pinata) by Sponge
now and forever the moment is gone and time runs out then it hits you with the pain things are great.. 
Rainin' Babies
from album (In A Priest Driven Ambulance) by The Flaming Lips
What I'm thinkin' is so delicate If I breathe, you know, I'm gonna lose it It's just.. 
Rainin' In My Heart
from album (Album Unknown) by Slim Harpo
The sun is out ,the sky is blue, ther's not a cloud to spoil the view. But it's raining, rai.. 
Rainin' You
from album (Time Well Wasted) by Brad Paisley
When I looked out today* And saw that the sky was gray* I thought about the way * You loved days lik.. 
from album (Leading Far From A Mistake) by Daedalus
Heavy rain, my Lord, you bring to the city, disclosing hidden thoughts; baptismal water steeping my.. 
Raining Again
from album (Hotel) by Moby
Never know but nothing less Couldn't see that I have guessed Couldn't see, couldn't stay.. 
Raining Again
from album (The Illusion Of Progress) by Staind
A piece of glass In the sand under your feet It cuts you deep And makes you hate the beauty That you.. 
Raining All The Time
from album (Boys & Girls) by Kill Hannah
She fell like a meteor onto the planet And said, "Your world, it brings me down. I feel like an.. 
Raining Away
from album (Run This Way Forever) by Michael Tomlinson
Where were you, yeah when I didn't know what to do Everybody had two friends looking for you And.. 
Raining Blood
from album (Strange Little Girls) by Tori Amos
Trapped... in purgatory, a lifeless object, alive... Awaiting reprisal... and death... I said... she.. 
Raining Blood
from album (Greatest Hits '84-'87 (Re-issue)) by Reggie And The Full Effect
trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object alive awaiting reprisal, death will be their acquisition the.. 
Raining Blood
from album (Live-Decade Of Aggression) by Slayer
(Lyrics - Haneman, King, Music - Hanneman) Trapped in purgatory A lifeless object, alive Awaiting.. 
Raining Bullets
from album (It's Only Me You Lose [EP]) by Far From Heroes
It was early in the morning And we never heard the warning When the bombs came flying down And every.. 
Raining Dead Angels
from album (Amanethes) by Tiamat
Oh dark horizon You speak the truth Oh temple Lord Cold blood is pumping through your veins You dro.. 
Raining Dead Babies
from album (An R Thing) by Shadeout
Sits and sits and he waits She never showed up Her baby died on the way to the date "People, p.. 
Raining Down Arrows
from album (Raining Down Arrows) by Mundy
It's raining down arrows on my heart again. I still can't believe you let me down this way... 
Raining Holiday (Part 2)
from album (Uneventful Vacation) by Commander Venus
My eyes are empty The house is quiet now Today has claimed and ruined me My pulse is waiting As bo.. 
Raining In Athens
from album (Burn And Shiver) by Azure Ray
Still, I think of you, baby And how I grew old with you then And this summer, you'll call-maybe.. 
Raining In Baltimore
from album (August And Everything After) by Counting Crows
This circus is falling down on its knees The big top is crumbling down It's raining in Baltimore.. 
Raining In Baltimore
from album (Secrets) by Robert Palmer
The circus is falling down on its knees Big top is crumbling down It's raining in Baltimore fift.. 
Raining In My Heart
from album (The Best Of Leo Sayer) by Leo Sayer
The sun is out, the sky is blue there's not a cloud to spoil the view but it's raining raini.. 
Raining In My Heart
from album (Crying, Waiting, Hoping) by Buddy Holly
The sun is out, the sky is blue, There's not a cloud to spoil the view, But it's raining, Ra.. 



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