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Rain Check
from album (3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)) by Kid Rock
You know how it is Some guys just gotta make time to get their rocks off no matter what I'm like.. 
Rain Check
from album (Educated Guess) by Ani Difranco
as dolls go i am broken and you could just let that get us off the hook but from under the umbrella.. 
Rain City
from album (Average Man) by Turin Brakes
Opened my eyes had a dream last night that both my arms were broken, Evenin' time, Help me now o.. 
Rain Clouds For Eyeballs
from album (Bone Palace Ballet) by Chiodos
It's safe to come out now No one is around This sugarcoated donut lost its flavor long ago And I.. 

Rain Covered Cat
from album (Album Unknown) by The Marmalade
Can't kill rain-covered cat Can't kill rain-covered cat Can't kill until you hear him me.. 
Rain Dance
from album (Albert Flasher) by The Guess Who
Rain DanceThe Guess WhoWritten by Burton Cummings and Kurt Winter- peaked at #19 in 1971Don't ya.. 
Rain Dance
from album (15 Counts Of Arson) by His Hero Is Gone
prayers thunder hopes reign in the wake of the storm for the floods to begin + our earthly man-made.. 
Rain Dogs
from album (Rain Dogs) by Tom Waits
Inside a broken clock Splashing the wine With all the Rain Dogs Taxi, we'd rather walk. Huddle a.. 
Rain Down
from album (World Service) by Delirious?
Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy feels like the winds, are gonna change Beneath my feet, the Ear.. 
Rain Down
from album (Rain Down) by Planet Shakers
I am falling to my knees I need You Lord to breathe in me My prayer is still the same My heart is ca.. 
Rain Down On Me
from album (Anything) by SWV
[Ad-libing by lead singer Coko] VERSE 1 Sometimes its soft as a misted rain That gently touches my.. 
Rain Down On Me
from album (What If) by Kane
I've been running through this town, I've been combing every street. I've been searching.. 
Rainbow (The Resurrection)
from album (Mabool) by Orphaned Land
Rainbow Sleeves
from album (Girl At Her Volcano) by Rickie Lee Jones
You used to dream yourself away each night To places that you'd never been On wings made of wish.. 

Rainbow Theme
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
Rainbow Trout
from album (Cold On The Shoulder) by Gordon Lightfoot
In the name of love she came This foolish winsome girl She was all decked out like a rainbow trout S.. 
Rainbow Veins (Featuring Austin Garrett)
from album (Maybe I'm Dreaming) by Owl City
High rise, veins of the avenue Bright eyes, subtle variations of blue. Everywhere is balanced there.. 
Rainbow Vs. Stars
from album (Silver Tears) by Evil's Toy
Do you remember our last trip to Mars? When we just stared at a shimmering sky And we got crushed by.. 
Rainbow Warrior
from album (Eternal Flame) by Avalanch
A lonely man is walking His face is so sad His future is unknowing Unknowing his past It's wint.. 
Rainbow Wings
from album (Desireless) by Eagle Eye Cherry
I met the devil in disguise With his rainbow wings and a pack of lies I had my suspicions.. 
Rainbows In The Dark
from album (Bottoms Of Barrels) by Tilly And The Wall
One, two, three, four! I was kidnapped real young by the sweet taste of love Built a fondness for th.. 
from album (Flies & Lies) by Raintime
Don't want your dirty eyes pointing on me! Don't wanna see your face tricking me another tim.. 
from album (Days Like This) by Van Morrison
It's not high finance, it's called heart and soul If it's rock and roll, got to go, go,.. 
from album (Postcards From Heaven) by Lighthouse Family
Music: Tucker/Baiyewu/Brammer Lyrics: Tucker There ain't no point holding back the tide, Still.. 
from album (Bankstatement) by Tony Banks
When private rainclouds form And tears seem the likely solution Try to shelter from the storm Who kn.. 
from album (Waterline) by Charlton Hill
Excursions to the heart don't come free But in her face I saw pure honesty. A faded vision fro.. 
Rainclouds For Eyeballs
from album (The Heartless Control Everything) by The Chiodos Bros
It's safe to come out now No one is around This sugarcoated doughnut lost its flavor long ago.. 
Raincoat And A Rose
from album (Deltics) by Chris Rea
Rain, tears of joy, tears of pain Is this really me Standing here at the station The card said I mus.. 
Raincoat Salesman
from album (Album Unknown) by The Ink Spots
With a plastic mac hanging on my back Oh, I hate these rainy days In the early hours when no one wan.. 
from album (I Am An Elastic Fire***) by Tripping Daisy
I feel it around me I feel like a raindrop I feel we're all washed out burnt out I.. 
from album (Loveland) by R. Kelly
[R.Kelly(1)] Can you hear the sounds of the love angels calling us sweet violins,and harps playing t.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Dee Clark
The raindrops, so many raindrops It feels like rai-aindrops Falling from m.. 
from album (The G Spot) by Gerald Levert
[Intro] Yeah yeah Oh, yeah Oh, oh Yeah, yeah Forcast was cloudy, the chance of showers I had places.. 
from album (Raindrops) by Grey Eye Glances
the wind is softy blowing the posters on my far wall I’d quickly go close my window as if I had.. 
from album (Dream To Make Believe) by Armor For Sleep
You appear like raindrops And leave like you sink through The streets that you fall on The cars that.. 
from album (Tindersticks) by Tindersticks
Silence is here again tonight The silence is here again tonight Will the love ever come back? Will t.. 
from album (Raindrops) by REdrama
I call ´em like I see ´em / I been known for daydreaming / but nowadays stay working as long as I.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Stunt
Feels like a raindrop (x8) Hold my hand lets chase the sun we both know something's begun Nothi.. 
from album (Scars) by Gary Moore
In a desert You're standing A silhouette In motion On those lonely afternoons in June I need yo.. 
Raindrops (Featuring Stunt)
from album (Album Unknown) by Bucks Fizz
Hold my hand lets chase the sun we both know something's begun nothing feels that real without y.. 



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