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Pain (No More)
from album (No Way Out) by Puff Daddy
[Featuring Notorious B.I.G.] There's times in my life where I just I just wanna run away.. 
Pain Lies On The Riverside
from album (Mental Jewelry) by Live
I have never taken life Yet I have often paid the price And you you are a victim of this a.. 
Pain Of A Troubled Life
from album (So Long So Wrong) by Alison Krauss & Union Station
I've lived a dozen lifetimes In twenty-some-odd years Got no use for trouble, Got no use f.. 
Pain Of Existence
from album (Ahead) by Disharmonic Orchestra
Hidden people seem to see The way I cook the brain of thee Sepai print of hunting dogs Pointing out.. 

Pain Of Love
from album (Humanoid) by Tokio Hotel
The pain of love won't break us up we don't need you salvation the pain of love will never.. 
Pain Of Mind
from album (Pain Of Mind) by Neurosis
your mind is restricted from years of obedience thoughts are never your own your mind is a trap load.. 
Pain On Pain
from album (Pushing The Senses) by Feeder
Stay for life For life All you discover Stay for life For life This moment together To heal yo.. 
Pain Redefined
from album (Ten Thousand Fists) by Disturbed
Fading, falling, lost in forever Will I find a way to keep it together? Am I strong enough to last t.. 
from album (Whitey Ford Sings The Blues) by Everlast
Flight Attendant: On behalf of Pan Am Airlines we'd like to be the first to welcome yo.. 
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
You want to feel a little warmth A little mercy You want to feel like this is real But it's so c.. 
from album (The Everglow) by Mae
The sun was barely coming up. My heart was all but slowing down, but I could barely make out the sou.. 
from album (Suffer Our Pleasures) by Tarot
Blinded in the land of the one-eyed. Took a walk the day I died. I'm a dream in a clutch of nigh.. 
from album (Dissimulate) by Berzerker
Memory apart after opening Feel nothing; The dream is gone Spinning in a mind overflow, Dream what r.. 
from album (One Last Laugh In A Dying Place) by The God Machine
There's a shadow on my wall that tells me the time It says you're always late and you can.. 

from album (Bloodshot) by Element Eighty
How fast, fast, fast do you like it How much more can you take How hard, hard, hard do you like it H.. 
Pains And Strife
from album (Hatred Passion And Infidelity) by Diamond
featuring Pete Rock Phife Dawg [Phife] Now in this hip hop world I happen to live in he.. 
from album (Look Sharp) by Roxette
I've got a hot chilly feeling I don't understand. I've got to run through this minute li.. 
from album (Irresistible Bliss) by Soul Coughing
Paint! Paint! Collide a clause, unremitting can you cram? I know you're dumb as paint... 
from album (Skillet) by Skillet
We take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of life We live beneath this canopy Why did we t.. 
from album (Days Of Joy) by Bay Laurel
Paint me in the colours of the sun Let me feel the bliss in your smile I've been down for so lon.. 
Paint A New World
from album (Gambling With The Devil) by Helloween
We all know the feeling, it's frightenin' sometimes When we catch the news on the radio Deat.. 
Paint A Picture
from album (Album Unknown) by Down And Above
She walks down a crowded street, there's no one there She talks of a lonely boy without a care S.. 
Paint A Picture
from album (Manic Impressions) by Anacrusis
Colors diluted by the lies And painted thick across the sky Have seen all life whither and die I gaz.. 
from album (Strangeways, Here We Come) by The Smiths
At the record company meeting On their hands - a dead star And oh, the plans they weave And oh, t.. 
Paint Box
from album (Relics) by Pink Floyd
Last night I had too much to drink Sitting in a club with so many fools Playing to rules Trying to i.. 
Paint By Number
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
When all the help in the world won't get you by When all the friends that you lean on let you do.. 
Paint's Peeling
from album (The Execution Of All Things) by Rilo Kiley
The paint's peeling off the streets again And I'll drive and close my eyes in michigan And.. 
from album (Relics) by Pink Floyd
Last night I had too much to drink Sitting in a club with so many fools Playing to rules Trying to i.. 
Painted Bird
from album (Album Unknown) by Love & Kisses
on lead poisoned wings you try to sing freak beak shrieks are thrown at your confusing hue the peaco.. 
from album (Best Shots) by Pat Benatar
I hear your heartbeat but you're never there Like a mirage, you haunt me everywhere All day long.. 
Painted Eyelids
from album (One Foot In The Grave) by Beck
I wake up and look upon your painted eyelids The world is your oyster And the trashbags are your kid.. 
Painted Face
from album (Children Of Our Mistakes) by Vayden
Do I look strange now Somewhat deranged now I'm not that same As I was yesterday now It's ha.. 
Painted Horse
from album (Who Do We Think We Are) by Deep Purple
Child on a painted horse Streams that have run their course Gone to a far away shore My painted hors.. 
Painted In Black
from album (Heavenside) by Forgive-Me-Not
So close to the memories of time of my past breaking the lust Those days when we lived in the house.. 
Painted Ladies
from album (Album Unknown) by Ian Thomas
I remember setting out just to see what I could see Streetcars rolling by and airplanes flying high.. 
Painted Lady
from album (Roger McGuinn & His Band) by Roger McGuinn
Painted lady inside my heart You're tearing me apart Leaving me just to smile And like a chil.. 
Painted Love
from album (Mean Machine) by U.D.O
She's been around, knows how to make you think You're in a world of innocence She'll mak.. 
Painted Man
from album (Contagion) by Arena
I am the painted man With a frown on my face And a language you don't understand A wild refugee.. 
Painted On My Heart
from album (L'il Devil) by The Cult
I thought . . .you'd be out of my mind And i'd finally found a way to Learn to live withou.. 
Painted Red
from album (Synthetic Division) by Crossbreed
You're red - you're so resistant You're so intense you're red i'm slowly lifted.. 



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