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PA Inferno
from album (Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder!) by An Albatross
Oh my God, Pennsylvania's an inferno! Watch it fall down to the ground! Oh my God, Pennsylvania&.. 
Pain And Desire
from album (Wagon Wheel) by Oval Opus
Tonight I lie awake, hoping for what tomorrow brings I close my eyes, but I just can't sleep S.. 
Pain And Misery
from album (World Circus) by Toxik
One day you'll wake up And life will have no meaning Except that feeling in your veins Another.. 
Pain And Pleasure
from album (Screaming For Vengeance) by Judas Priest
I wanna tell ya, hey I think you oughta know The way you're treating me, I feel I'll have ta.. 

Pain And Pleasure
from album (Bach Is Dead) by Residents
And so my story winds on down toward an ending that's been found to come whenever all is said an.. 
Pain And Shadow
from album (Pain And Shadow) by Sourpuppet
A river's a painful reminder of the erosion of the earth I look at our leaders, and see a face b.. 
Pain Behind Your Eyes
from album (Union) by Union
Another day has come and left you So breathless and alone again I know you're swimming in emotio.. 
Pain Divine
from album (Covenant) by Morbid Angel
Release this fury Malediction Cursed existance Writhing in this life of dissent Pain for pleasure Pa.. 
Pain For Lust
from album (Massive Brutality) by My Darkest Hate
a smile on your lips blood on your skin is this the end a new begin your life is lust your lust is.. 
Pain For Pleasure
from album (All Killer No Filler) by Sum 41
The seas have parted, the endings started, the sky has turned to black. A killing spree through et.. 
Pain For Pretty
from album (Stranded In The Mystery Zone) by Dead Moon
Pain For Pretty Smoke another cigarette, watch the rain Put me on the outskirts of a mental train W.. 
Pain I Feel
from album (Blah Blah Blah) by Blahzay Blahzay
We'd like to dedicate this particular tune to all to all to all the hell of ya from where.. 
Pain In My Ass
from album (As Usual) by Billy Connolly
You're the dogend in my beer can You're the stone in my left shoe And when I think of gr.. 
Pain In My Heart
from album (Dreams To Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology) by Otis Redding
Pain in my heart Is treating me cold Where can my baby be Lord no one knows Pain in my heart Just w.. 

from album (Rolling Stones Now) by The Rolling Stones
(Neville) Pain in my heart Treatin' me poor Where can my baby be Lord, no one knows Pain.. 
Pain In The World
from album (II - Lucifuge) by Danzig
Heart full of hell Room to burn Heart full of something Unclean Dreadful to know Fair in the mirror.. 
Pain Inside
from album (Adema) by Adema
Realize that I've lost control, impulses keep flashing through my head I'm on the outside T.. 
Pain Inside
from album (Ugodz-Illa Presents The Hillside Scramblers) by U-God
[Intro: U-God] Let me bug out, let me bug out for a second (***a!) That's why... (oh! Mutha***.. 
Pain Is Over
from album (Toast Masters) by Yuppie Flu
I've been lost for a long time The only way i had Was the one the stars have set The wind is bl.. 
Pain Is Party
from album (Till The Cows Come Home) by Farmer Boys
The pain I said was old and irregular The pain you heard was big as a solid brick wall Pain is forme.. 
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
from album (Kind Of Magic) by Queen
Words and music by Freddie Mercury and John Deacon Ooh ooh pain is so close to pleasure oh yeah Sun.. 
from album (Good Morning Spider) by Sparklehorse
goddamn it's so very hot supposed to come a rain but it's not oh yeah here come the painbir.. 
Paine Si Circ
from album (Aproape Realitate) by Nihilistic
Prin ecran esti transpus intr-o lume A falsului adevar Iluzia iti acapareaza viata. Nu te lasa man.. 
from album (Way Beyond Blue) by Catatonia
Fly, you greatest fool, Why can't you say what they want you to? Why can't you say what they.. 
from album (Self Titled) by Zoli Band
(instrumental) Woo Woo you're not better ooo woo you're not better (Ooh...) I've been.. 
Painful But True
from album (Destroy) by Ektomorf
I say no true friendship I say no 'cause everybody want just the *** money I hate this world.. 
Painful Ignorance
from album (The Truth Inside The Dying Sun) by Am I Blood
Darkness ends where the shadows become my fate The place where I can drown to Fearless for the sanct.. 
Painful Memory
from album (Basement Style) by Jaya The Cat
its going down again from the rage in my mind to the sound system from the streets to the concrete w.. 
Painful Mind Contradiction
from album (Veil Of Remembrance) by Crimson Moonlight
Feel how it taste, the scraps of the thorns developes the blood that is flowing without a prevent,.. 
Painful Pain
from album (Asesinato) by Morning Hatred
The pain that it left me with is unbearable The scars leave me hurting Draining, requesting, and ple.. 
from album (98' Live Meltdown) by Judas Priest
Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of anger He's half man and half machine.. 
from album (Freedom Call) by Angra
Painkiller (Tipton, Halford, Downing) Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of.. 
from album (Underdog (Save Me) Pt1) by Turin Brakes
Batter up the hatches Here comes a cold I can feel it creeping its making me old, You give me so muc.. 
from album (The Sound Of Perseverance) by Death
[JUDAS PRIEST cover] Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of anger He's half.. 
from album (Panik Manifesto) by Diary Of Dreams
Tell me who is next? And who was the last one? No word to disturb this endless beauty, a single thou.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by The Hi-Los
Mom, did you go in my room and take my Pez dispenser? I need a doctor I'm delirious I need a p.. 
Painkiller ((Love For Hate))
from album (Mech) by Mech
Rivers of madness, Are flowing through my veins. Ain't no forgiveness, And all I got is pain! Ne.. 
Painkiller (A Place Of Silence)
from album (Panik Manifesto) by Diary Of Dreams
Tell me who is next? And who was the last one? No words to disturb this endless beauty, A single tho.. 
from album (The Cold Vein) by Cannibal Ox
Yo, some nights we got so drunk Its like we miss the feeling Of a never ending headache And a spinni.. 
from album (The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful) by Cherry Monroe
Suddenly, I'm alone again Suddenly, I have to pretend That we're in love soaring high above.. 



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