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Pac Man Fever
from album (Album Unknown) by Buckner & Garcia
Pac-Man FeverBuckner and GarciaI got a pocket full of quartersand I'm headed to the arcadeI don&.. 
Pac Man Has Feelings Too
from album (Butt Seriously) by Youth In Asia
Sitting all alone in a bar on my own thinking of things that wont be wondering how i survived up til.. 
Pacific Coast Highway
from album (People Like Us) by The Mamas & The Papas
Rollin' along Pacific Coast Highway Bummin' along to my radio Saw a blonde hitchin' my w.. 
Pacific Coast Highway
from album (Hold That Tiger) by Sonic Youth
[Kim] Come on get in the car lets go for a ride somewhere I won't hurt you as much as you hurt m.. 

Pacific Coast Highway
from album (Teenbeat) by Travoltas
At night as I roll down the hills I see the city up in the sky And the stars fall down Leave a black.. 
Pacific Coast Party
from album (Smash Mouth) by Smash Mouth
Get your motor running California Interstate 1 Pacific Coast Party If you got to work today Get your.. 
Pacific Ocean Blue
from album (Hi-Fi Serious) by A
It's OK to beat the living shit from the drum kit It's OK to take what you don't have, i.. 
Pacific Ocean Blues
from album (Pacific Ocean Blue) by Dennis Wilson
We live on the edge of a body of water Warmed by the blood of the cold hearted Slaughter of otter Wo.. 
Pacific Palisades
from album (Free All Angels) by Ash
You were standing on the shore Listening to the ocean's roar Sea breeze tangled in your hair Imm.. 
from album (Sharpen Your Teeth) by Ugly Casanova
they said they'd give me everything, here's the part that made me laugh. they didn't giv.. 
Pacifics (NY Is Red Hot)
from album (Reachin A New Refutation Of Time And Space) by Digable Planets
butterfly searchin for a relax pullin from the jazz stacks cause it's sunday on the air.. 
from album (Pacifier) by Nothingface
one time through the door, and on the floor, all i wanna be is just a little whore, all i wanna do w.. 
from album (Kid Dynamite) by Kid Dynamite
Tell me to go, but I'm still here. I want to know exactly what you fear. Do you think I'm.. 
from album (The General Electric) by Shihad
You feeling good today cause I got told that you were smashed up on your own motorway but it's O.. 

from album (Womb) by Arizing
tonight we might not survive tonight well try to stay alive tonight every word is a lie tonight your.. 
Pacing Deaths Trail
from album (Come Clarity) by In Flames
compassion confession resolve and compromise dedacation domination please define the lines mutation.. 
Pacing The Cage
from album (Charity Of Night) by Bruce Cockburn
Sunset is an angel weeping Holding out a bloody sword No matter how I squint I cannot Make out what.. 
Pacing The Cage
from album (Beach House On The Moon) by Jimmy Buffett
Sunset is an angel weeping Holding out a bloody sword No matter how I squint I cannot Make out what.. 
from album (Pretenders 2) by The Pretenders
Pack It Up (And Go)
from album (Best Of) by UFO
I’ve got to sympathize You run with all the rest You’ve kept on moving but never got the best And.. 
Pack Jam
from album (Album Unknown) by Jonzun Crew
Pack Jam look out - Pack Tam look out - Pack Jam look out - Pack Tam look out - look out Pack Jam. P.. 
Pack My Jack
from album (Shades) by J.J. Cale
Yes, I've been moving to the highway, Rambling man keeps rambling on Yes, I've been moving.. 
Pack Sie Und Zer***t Sie
from album (Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz) by Heinz Rudolf Kunze
Oooh ooh Oooh ooh Ich bin 25 oder 50 oder 5, steh in der Kurve, seit ich wimpelschwingen konnt. Ich.. 
Pack The Pipe
from album (Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde) by The Pharcyde
[I dedicate this to buddah...this is our song dedicated to smokin' weed 'cause we sm.. 
Pack Up Your Troubles
from album (Album Unknown) by Maggie
Pack Up Your TroublesMaggiePack up your troubles in your old kit bag And smile, smile, smile While y.. 
Pack Ya Bags
from album (The Original) by Sarai
Yeah Okay Uh You see a woman got to do what a woman got to do If your man keep on trippin'.. 
Pack Your Memories
from album (What's A Woman) by Vaya Con Dios
Pack your memories and leave Don't give it a second thought All he's given you is grief And.. 
Pack Yr Romantic Mind
from album (Transient Random Noise Burst W) by Stereolab
The greater is the beauty, The profounder is the stain, Humanity, Significant of the forbidden is tr.. 
Packaged Rebellion
from album (The Sound Of White Noise) by Anthrax
In and out Try to be What you see Anarchy Everything, everyone, everyman Rebellion But you can.. 
Packard Goose
from album (Joe's Garage) by Frank Zappa
Joe: Maybe you thought I was the Packard Goose Or the Ronald MacDonald of the nouveau-abstruse Well.. 
Packin' .25
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Yesterday morning I went Out for a cup of coffee I shaved Then I combed my hair A man who didn'.. 
Packin' A Gun
from album (Menace II Society Soundtrack) by Ant Banks
sample: "Never leave the pad without packin a gun" -> Eazy-E {*1} Let me drop it on.. 
Packin' A Rod
from album (Smell The Magic) by L7
I'm all ***ed up and i'm mad as hell Violate your daughter And your son as well I don't.. 
Packin' To Go
from album (Rugrats In Paris) by Rugrats
We're headin' out, babies, packin to go. get a stubby let's move it no time to pick yo.. 
Packing Blankets
from album (Daisies Of The Galaxy) by Eels
Today is a lovely day to run Start up the car with the sun Packing blankets and dirty sheets A room.. 
Packing For The Crash
from album (All Maps) by Tom McRae
I'm packing for the crash Solid walls will crack tonight Solid walls are gonna fall down And th.. 
Packrat Philosophy
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter Krug
Are you really gonna throw that old thing away? It's a little bit broken, but it's perfectly.. 
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
from album (Amnesiac) by Radiohead
after years of waiting * nothing came * and as your life flashed before your eyes you realize * i.. 
Pacman Fever
from album (Pacman Fever) by Buckner And Garcia
I got a pocket full of Quarter and I'm headed to the Arcade I don't have alot of money but.. 
Pacman On Crack
from album (Ballad Of Chasey Lane) by The Bloodhound Gang
We gonna drop this next bomb for a money makin' playa that ain't with us no mo. Yeah, Noto.. 



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