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Pale Horse Apocalypse
from album (The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand) by Devildriver
Solemn roads and the paths least chose Walking miles when the ground is frozen Selling souls that ar.. 
Pale Horse Apocalypse
from album (The Fury Of Our Makers Hand) by Devil Driver
Solemn roads and the paths least chose Walking miles when the ground is frozen Selling souls that.. 
Pale Horses
from album (Wait For Me) by The Pigeon Detectives
Put me on the train Send me back my home Couldn't leave without you When I tried to roam Put me.. 
Pale Light
from album (Touch In The Dark) by Asrai
A pale light enters my room A skinny wrist A clammy hand on white sheets Side with fear I can't.. 

Pale Light Of Silver Moon
from album (Among Beggars And Thieves) by Falconer
Dweller of the Sombre Lanes, Crow of the gutter and grime. Striving through the dark for gain, Up to.. 
Pale Monument
from album (Gallows Gallery) by Sigh
I close my eyes in the colored wind I used to feel I close my eyes with an angel impaled that I hav.. 
Pale New Dawn
from album (Four Cornered Night) by Jets To Brazil
sickly surrender to cola remember machines shaky somnambulist shiver out all your screams go to the.. 
Pale Nocturnal Majesty
from album (Under Moonlight We Kiss) by Ancient Ceremony
As Darkness drowns the Landscape my Time it is to rise Mighty Ruler of the stormy Night Sanguinaire.. 
Pale People
from album (Better Than Nothing) by Maria Mena
I know it's time for me to grow up I know my head's somewhere else but give me a break I'.. 
Pale Rider
from album (Goochan) by Wizard
From outer space he came to this world To conquer and rule nothing is safe To suck it out like a spi.. 
Pale Sea
from album (Lore Of Nen) by E-lane
Pale September
from album (Tidal) by Fiona Apple
Pale September, I wore the time like a dress that year buy as the embers of the summer lost their b.. 
Pale Shelter
from album (Tears Roll Down-Hits 1982-92) by Tears For Fears
How can I be sure ? When your intrusion is my illusion How can I be sure When all the time you chang.. 
Pale Sister
from album (Mental Vortex) by Coroner
With wounded knees And the musty scent Of incense in her hair Captured by the barbed hook Of eternal.. 

Pale Sky
from album (Album Unknown) by Love Like Blood
Pale Sun
from album (Pale Sun, Crescent Moon) by Cowboy Junkies
Fifty miles from Dakota territory Cheyenne scalp hangs from his belt Found him alone washing in the.. 
Pale Traces
from album (The West Pole) by The Gathering
When did you loose your smile? Were you walking all alone at night searching endlessly for a way to.. 
Pale White Sky
from album (Concealed Memories) by Simone Ferrari
Pale white sky just keep on bleeding until my wounds will hurt no more standing here I need to move.. 
Pale Yellow
from album (The Ditty Bops) by Ditty Bops
Pale yellow scratching at my ear Pale yellow touching to my rear Forever tangled forever mustard Fo.. 
Palenie Titonia
from album (Bestialne Stastni) by Vypsana Fixa
Kluci jsou kamosi a maj se radi Filio a Makenzen a jejich zivoty jsou serialy existuju tady jsem Klu.. 
from album (Heptessenz) by Saltatio Mortis
Alte clamat Epicurus: "Venter satur est securus. Venter deus meus erit. Talem deum gula querit,.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Wisin Y Yandel Featuring Daddy Yankee
(Paleta!) (Dame paleta!) Daddy Yankee! Para el mundo! 'W'! (Yandel!) (Luny Tunes!) (T.. 
Palia Plhgh
from album (Laikedelika) by Thanasis Papakwnstantinou
Ba8ia plhgh, palia plhgh monakribh dikh mou pou thn kserizwnw ap tin kardia fitrwnei stin aylh mou.. 
Paling Comel
from album (Album Unknown) by Achik Featuirng Siti Nordiana
Tiada ku sangka Bola-bola api Yang sedulunya kecil Telah menjadi besar Begitulah jua Harapan padamu.. 
from album (End Serenading) by Mineral
and there I was at fourteen - spinning with my arms out like a scarecrow; walking down monroe to th.. 
Palisades Park
from album (Album Unknown) by Freddy Boom-Boom Cannon
Last night I took a walk after dark A swingin' place called Palisades Park To have some fun and.. 
Palisades Park
from album (Chainsaw) by Ramones
Last night I took a walk in the dark To a place called Palisades Park To have some fun, to see what.. 
Palisades Park
from album (Shelley!/The Things We Did Last Summer) by Shelley Fabares
Run run runnin' all the rides are runnin' Run run runnin' all the rides are runnin'.. 
Palju Õnne Inimesed
from album (Legendaarne) by Toe Tag
Palju õnne inimesed Palju õnne inimesed Palju õnne inimesed Palju õnne inimesed Palj.. 
from album (Kinahmo) by Kumikameli
Ja tämä aamu kuin eilisaamu tai toissa-aamu tai kaikki aamut nuo ennen sitä ei sitä huomaa jos e.. 
Pall Bearers
from album (Circus Songs) by Tiger Lillies
The Pall bearers bear the body and the body it is light The pall bearers bear the body its food for.. 
Pallando - Forgotten Wizards I
from album (3rd Age Of The Sun) by Battlelore
Music: Jyri Vahvanen & Jussi Rautio and Battlelore Lyrics: Jyri Vahvanen None among the living.. 
Pallar Anders Visa
from album (Colony) by In Flames
Palle Piene
from album (Mr. Simpatia) by Fabri Fibra
Cosa guardi? Sono il primo ad ammettere che sono uno sfigato quindi… Cosa cazzo guardi? Ti sembro n.. 
Pallin' With Al
from album (Perennial Favorites) by Squirrel Nut Zippers
All the birds up in the trees have got a different song to sing And as birds learned now they've.. 
Palm O' Mine
from album (Like It Or Not) by Caroline's Spine
You won't survive You won't stay alive Even now the sacred cow has it out for you When yo.. 
Palma De Mallorca
from album (Album Unknown) by Chris Wolf
Palma, Palma, Palma de Mallorca Palma, Palma, Palma de Mallorca Wo sind die Mädchen am schönsten.. 
from album (The Good Times) by Afroman
Just like bums, we used to stay in the slums of LA by the way Gang-bangers killin' each other fo.. 
from album (36 Sqm) by Bananafishbones
Bananafishbones - Palmer's 36 M² people panicking the streets a monster raging through their t.. 
Pâle Septembre
from album (Le Fil) by Camille
Pâle septembre, comme il est loin, le temps du ciel sans cendres il serait temps de s'entendr.. 



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