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Ed Il Tempo Crea Eroi
from album (Ma Cosa Vuoi Che Sia Una Canzone) by Vasco Rossi
Ed il tempo intanto crea eroi mentre il sole brucia ancora per i cazzi suoi e la terra grassa e ric.. 
Ed Io Non Ci Sto Piu
from album (Bella Come Non Sei Mai) by Paolo Meneguzzi
Ciao che fai ti sento un po' confusa lo sai io sto qua e non so ancora poi cosa sarà di noi.. 
Ed Is A Portal
from album (Love Is Simple) by Akron Family
Ed is a portal Ed is a portal And damned if we don't try To sort of relinquish the reigns our B.. 
Ed Is Dead
from album (Come On Pilgrim) by The Pixies
Her head is in a bitter way Her brain's on fire She's just looking for the perfect wave It&#.. 

Edge Of The Century
from album (Edge Of The Century) by Styx
Written by Glen Burtnik, Bob Burger Lead Vocals by Glen Burtnik Living on the edge of the century.. 
Edge Of The Earth
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
You know enough to know the way Six billion people, just one name I found tomorrow in today Apocalyp.. 
Edge Of The Ocean
from album (Long Distance) by Ivy
There's a place I dream about Where the sun never goes out. And the sky is deep and blue. Won.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (The Real Thing) by Faith No More
Come here, my love I'll tell you a secret Come closer, now I want you to believe it I'll tel.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (Shadow Zone) by Axel Rudi Pell
In the city of Angels, the city of sin, Who will survive (and) who's gonna win Who's been th.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (Fortress In Flames) by Cruxshadows
"I walk alone at night, raindrops and streetlights reflecting flashes across the asphalt in a.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (Forbidden Path) by Eternal Reign
Hands are shaking, my body's aching, wild thoughts spinning through my head Pressure's risin.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (Album Unknown) by The Jeevas
Fly away, like an aeroplane Sky above, and sky below Say goodbye to the ones you love Goodbye, to wh.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (Edge Of The World) by Glenn Tipton
Have you ever been Very near to where The beams of the sun meet the atmosphere Have you ever flo.. 
Edge Of The World
from album (The Big Wheel) by Runrig
All the homes on the globe are like television in your eyes A cross guarding your heart the living y.. 

Edge Of The World
from album (While Broken Hearts Prevail) by Emery
I know your face I know your smile and how it plays Into the minds of those who Cling to every word.. 
Edge Of Thorns
from album (Edge Of Thorns) by Savatage
An offering of reasons We put them all away A covering of treasons That one by one we let slip away.. 
Edge Of Time
from album (Live Bites (1988-95)) by Scorpions
Music :Rudolf Schenker Lyrics:Klaus Meine Only the Lord knows the answer To the mess this world.. 
Edge Of Time
from album (Forever Endavour) by Highland Glory
I still hear the sounds of madness Screaming in my brain Empty thoughts of yesterday Fills my heath.. 
Edge Of Time
from album (Neverworld) by Power Quest
I told you once, told you a thousand times It's not easy liviing this way We chose a path, said.. 
Edge Of Tomorrow
from album (Edge Of Tomorrow) by Guardians Of Time
They probe my mind, I am defenseless Brought back in time, out of controle Why am I here, what have.. 
Edge Of Twilight
from album (Acquiring The Taste) by Gentle Giant
The moon is down Casting its shadow over the night-haunted town Mystical figures under the silence o.. 
from album (Flesh And Bone) by Lucy Kaplansky
from album (Lead And Aether) by Skepticism
The edge of a forest went shallow in twilight the edge of a blade drew a line with a clue the edge o.. 
from album (Child Of The Damned) by Hammerfall
I come knocking at your door to dry the tears away, the eventide is calling me to take a look into y.. 
Edible Autopsy
from album (Eaten Back To Life) by Cannibal Corpse
[Lyrics by Chris] Wheeled in on a cart, lying dormant not dead Hospital of immortality, butcher the.. 
Edible Flowers
from album (Everyone Is Here) by Finn Brothers
Everyboby wants the same thing Everyboby wants the same thing To see another birthday Look at all t.. 
Edie (Ciao Baby)
from album (Love) by The Cult
Always said you were a Youthquaker, Edie A stormy little world shaker Warhol's darling queen, Ed.. 
Edin Za Vsichki
from album (Album Unknown) by Sam The Sham
Dushata mi kreshti , syrceto mi kyrvi , Siakash neshto ot vytre hej mene me gori , Nahluvat spomeni.. 
from album (Champion) by Buju Banton
Smother your breath with cheap champagne The stewardess will bring me two of the same These sort of.. 
Edinburgh Man
from album (Shift-Work) by Fall
It's springtime but I still miss the streets at dawn And in the morning walking your bridges hom.. 
from album (Composure) by Waking Ashland
I woke her up because I could barely sleep Two A.M. and contemplating fate Made my way right out her.. 
Edinstveni (feat Sofi Marinova)
from album (Album Unknown) by Tim Rushlow
Shte te gledam dokato ochite izgorqt, Shte se molq da namerq pat prez nishtoto I shte chakam dajdov.. 
from album (Odessa) by The Bee Gees
He made electric lights to read. He gave us light today. He gave us cylinders to please. Wh.. 
from album (XX) by Apelsin
Kord elas leiutaja Watt, kes teadis, mis on kilovatt. On kõigil hästi teada, et þileti leiutas G.. 
Edison Magyarországon
from album (Edison) by Fonográf
Fodor István igazgató úr (Budapest Villamossági Rt) munkatársa volt Edisonnak - habár mindez m.. 
Edison's Medicine
from album (Psychotic Supper) by Tesla
You're guilty of crime in the first degree, Second and third as well. My jury finds you'll b.. 
from album (142) by Crackout
Micro mind design No one of a kind I will find a way Punk rock is a soul Out to reach my goal I am.. 
Edith And The Kingpin
from album (The Hissing Of Summer Lawns) by Joni Mitchell
The big man arrives Disco dancers greet him Plainclothes cops greet him Small town, big man, fresh l.. 
Edith Piaf
from album ((Hart) Trommelaar) by Herman Van Veen
Ik begreep het niet Maar voelde het Op mijn klompen aan Het zilver in ons huis Leek te gaan glimmen.. 
Editions Of You
from album (For Your Pleasure) by Roxy Music
Well I'm here looking through an old picture frame Just waiting for the perfect view I hope some.. 



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