Lyrics - E #14

E Chi Se Ne Frega
from album (Uscita Di Sicurezza) by Marco Masini
Lo so che il tempo lo sa che siamo nascosti qua, in fuga dalla realtà, e chi se ne frega. L'.. 
E Chiove (And It Rains)
from album (Bocelli) by Andrea Bocelli
Comm'?stretta 'sta via, ?'ggente nun ce cape, Se fa 'na prucessione, Ce cammina c.. 
from album (Morning View) by Incubus
Theres something about the look in your eyes Something I noticed when the light was just right It.. 
from album (Best I Ever Had) by Vertical Horizon
-------------------- Echo, Echo-ooo We come and we go-ooo No, I don't want to be just another.. 

from album (Echo) by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Put down your things and rest awhile You know we've both nowhere to go Yeah, daddy h.. 
from album (Sky Motel) by Kristin Hersh
White label on the backseat Glows an artificial green I crave a midnight something I crave and somet.. 
from album (Trapt) by Trapt
Close my eyes Let the whole thing pass me by There is no time To waste asking why I'll run away.. 
from album (So Sudden) by The Hush Sound
You are the lighthouse, the seamark The tempests created this tide I’m pulled to the black silver.. 
from album (Bring Ya To The Brink) by Cyndi Lauper
Woke up to the clock What knob makes it stop Time to be aware Time to just be there You go, go , go,.. 
from album (Hello) by Shakespears Sister
Well isn't it like you to have 'em all fooled stand tall walkin proud, now you're breaki.. 
Echo Beach
from album (Album Unknown) by Martha And The Muffins
I know it's out of fashion And a trifle uncool But I can't help it I'm a romantic fool I.. 
Echo Canyon
from album (Bad Moon Rising) by Sonic Youth
Echo Chamber
from album (We Are The Ark) by The Ark
Echo, echo, echo, echo echo, echo, echo, echo) (Echo, echo, echo, echo) No Have you heard the w.. 
Echo De Menos
from album (Album Unknown) by Kiko Veneno
Echo de menos la cama revuelta ese zumo de naranja y las revistas abiertas. En el espejo ya no.. 

Echodyne Harmonic
from album (Wiretap Scars) by Sparta
They say it takes a ring of gold to fix the outer shell so hold on until they return enslave the.. 
from album (Meddle) by Pink Floyd
Overhead the albatross Hangs motionless upon the air And deep beneath the rolling waves In labyri.. 
from album (Magnify) by Remedy
can i breathe free air again? the fragrant breezes of a better land where every note is paved with g.. 
from album (Kaskade) by Project Pitchfork
I hear you say We are the world This world exists in our minds Our minds express through our words W.. 
from album (Breathless) by Camel
Out of the mist rising Ten thousand navajo braves Shining like golden eagles in flight Climbing high.. 
from album (Codex Barathri) by Axamenta
The flesh is dead The soul forlorn The final breath From body torn But still I hear As life, in drea.. 
from album (Codex Barathri) by Axament
The flesh is dead The soul forlorn The final breath From body torn But still I hear As life, in drea.. 
from album (Salvation) by Cult Of Luna
Empty men without regrets Leaning against each others shoulders Open spaces fill the gap Where reaso.. 
from album (Watching From A Distance) by Warning
I think of mornings we might spend If I came home to find you there Both talking freely of ourselves.. 
from album (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S Character CD Vol. 2) by Tomatsu Haruka
nijinda yuuyake ni kasanaru zankyou owatteku kyou no epiroogu michitarita oto tsukareta karada o tsu.. 
Echoes From A Hollow Soul
from album (For Lies I Sire) by My Dying Bride
A boy so young upon the gallows Gazing down like a saint From the church of children's cries He.. 
Echoes From The Past
from album (Those Of The Unlight) by Marduk
Echoes In The Dark
from album (The Magician's Birthday) by Uriah Heep
ECHOES IN THE DARK I have heard the echoes in the dark Dim and distant voices of the past And I'.. 
Echoes Of A Life
from album (Mother Earth) by Avalanch
Echoes of a life Resounding from in his soul Sacrificed freedom cries Echoes from a light Reflection.. 
Echoes Of Death
from album (Consuming Impulse) by Pestilence
Trapped inside my self-capsule For a journey into an atmosphere A darkened space I`m floating in Alt.. 
Echoes Of Eternity
from album (Shadows Of Darkness) by Emerald Sky
City ruins glowing Time falls through an hourglass Laughter from the future Buried secrets from the.. 
Echoes Of Evil
from album (Reign Of Fear) by Rage
I tell you Jesus Christ was just an ordinary man But he was wise, much wiser than the rest The few.. 
Echoes Of Life
from album (Critical Mass) by Threshold
Everything's gone out of control silently sliding away Destiny's end is calling again the fu.. 
Echoes Of My Scream
from album (Transgression) by Fear Factory
this lonely isolation follows me through my dreams i wander around with doubt so cold and incomplete.. 
Echoes Of Sorrow
from album (The Way After) by Abominant
I await the blackened night. Pulled away from the warmth of the light. Seized by that which dwells i.. 
Echoes Of Terror
from album (An Iliad Of Woes) by Anathema
Existence, throught a spirit's will A force, use the power of evil Darkness, visualize As light.. 
Echoes Of The Forever
from album (A Vision Of Misery) by Sadus
All is consumed by vanity Whims of short lived mortality Our desperate cries of pity Are carried on.. 
Echoes Of Tomorrow
from album (Give Me Light) by Darkseed
Never did I feel a truer grief Full of regret an failing I hear Echoes of tomorrow My heart to borr.. 
Echoes Of Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)
from album (Give Me Light) by Darkseed
Never did I feel a truer grief Full of regret an failing I hear Echoes of tomorrow My heart to borr.. 
Echoes Of Tragedy
from album (Legendary Tales) by Rhapsody
Where sun creates shadow's games where tragic echoes speak of death why Lord why between the rui.. 
Echoes Of War
from album (Demons On The Crown) by Thy Majestie
Blow new winds on British destiny Et Contentio de solio inter reges orta est [Edward to Harold:] &q.. 



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