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E Atat De Bine
from album (Album Unknown) by Adrian Enache
Singura-i oare, sta la o masa Si mi se pare atat de frumoasa Dar cand ma vede, se pierde. Parca mi-a.. 
Easy Way Out
from album (Album Unknown) by Chuck Jackson
Some people look at themselves, With such doubt, Some people Just take the easy way out.. But I don&.. 
Easy Way To Cry
from album (A New Day At Midnight) by David Gray
Smoke curls through my hands These one night stands Are making me crazy I know Morning I'll go C.. 
Easy Way To Die
from album (Organised Chaos) by Benediction
You'll get a taste of the forbidden fruit Of what I have to give Temptation can be so sweet To f.. 

Easy With Love
from album (Ain't Life A Brook?) by Ferron
Be easy with love Be easy with heartache Alone on your road that good thing might find you you'r.. 
Eat A Shit Taco
from album (Album Unknown) by Gwarfbomb
Well the other day i ate some hay and it tasted like a shit taco and yesterday i got laid her cunt t.. 
Eat At Home
from album (Ram) by Paul McCartney
Come on, little lady, lady, let's eat at home. Come on, little lady, lady, let's eat at home.. 
Eat At Joe's
from album (Lying To The Moon & Other Stories) by Matraca Berg
I go to work from 10:30 until 6 a.m. Raking up those dimes and quarters Slinging eggs and ham Scramb.. 
Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, And Run
from album (Sometimes Things Just Dissapear) by Polar Bear Club
200 gallons ago, I buttoned up my jacket I said goodnight to my supervisor, walked to my car, and un.. 
Eat Em Up L Chill
from album (Mama Said Knock You Out) by L.L. Cool J
Chill (Eat em up L) Chill (Eat em up L) Chill (Eat em up L) Chill (Eat em up.. 
Eat For Two
from album (MTV Unplugged) by 10000 Maniacs
O, baby blankets and baby shoes, baby slippers, baby spoons, walls of baby blue. Dream child.. 
Eat For Two
from album (Blind Man's Zoo) by 10,000 Maniacs
O, Baby blankets and baby shoes, baby slippers, baby spoons, walls of baby blue. Dream child in my.. 
Eat It
from album (The Food Album) by Weird Al Yankovic
How come you're always such a fussy young man Don't want no Cap'n Crunch, don't want.. 
Eat It Aka I Don't Wanna
from album (Album Unknown) by Saigon Kick
All my friends have gone away Gone away for a long stay I love you or so I say today, today Yesterd.. 

Eat Lead
from album (Ordered To Kill) by At War
Ride on in on the wings of hate Take revenge for the things they've done Pull the switch to full.. 
Eat Me Alive
from album (A Touch Of Evil) by Judas Priest
Wrapped tight around me Like a second flesh hot skin Cling to my body As the ecstasy begins Your wi.. 
Eat Me!
from album (Get What You Deserve) by Sodom
Your big brown eyes look sharp Beneath your neck I feel myself getting hard Spread your crack Hellf.. 
Eat Me, Drink Me
from album (Eat Me, Drink Me) by Marilyn Manson
In the wasteland on the way to the Red Queen... it's no wonder our stage clothes have dreams to b.. 
Eat My Brain
from album (Good Weird Feeling) by Odds
My droopy-eyed Madonna A triple fire alarm All the other rogues & darlings Get sent to the farm.. 
Eat My Brains
from album (The Unbeatable Eleven) by Superbutt
Why don't we jump into the fire, why don't we get clean? Why don't we do it?! Why don.. 
Eat Nutriously
from album (Do You Want To Walk On Water) by Art Paul Schlosser
Here are the Lyrics to the most recent song that Dr Deemnto play on 10/16/2005 see: http://mypage.i.. 
Eat Of The Dead
from album (Ithyphallic) by Nile
The Highest Fulfillment of Man Is to Become Food for the Crawling Things That Burrow and Slither in.. 
Eat Shit
from album (Punk And Anger) by Uncurbed
Working like a maniac for the state I hate to work, I hate, I hate C: I don't wanna, No I don&#.. 
Eat Shit And Die
from album (Old Shit) by Necro
[Necro] Ladies and gentlemen Tonight we present torture and *sodomy* Hosted by Necrophiliac and Ill.. 
Eat Some More
from album (Brutal Planet) by Alice Cooper
Sixty million tons of meat Spoiling in the stinking heat Train loads full of moldy bread Millions wi.. 
Eat Starch Mom
from album (Long John Silver) by Jefferson Airplane
He's just an american boy & he loves his machine. No back-talk from a machine. When was the.. 
from album (Nightmares Made Flesh) by Bloodbath
I've had one desire since I was born To see my body ripped and torn To see my flesh devoured bef.. 
Eaten By Rats
from album (Carelian Satanist Madness) by Satanic Warmaster
Moist walls, embraced by putrid stench Dark hallways, where echoe silent squeaks The rhythm of dripp.. 
Eaten By The Monster Of Love
from album (Eaten By The Monster Of Love) by Sparks
Well, it's Saturday night and I'm still free And I ain't never gonna be Eaten by the mon.. 
Eaten From Inside
from album (Vile) by Cannibal Corpse
[Music: Owen] [Lyrics: Owen] [Lead - Owen] Dwelling inside was an anger, an anger that grew into h.. 
Eaten Up Inside
from album (See You On The Other Side) by Korn
I'll die smiling Something the past someone says to me will make me laugh And I'll lay back.. 
Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
from album (Feel The Steel) by Steel Panther
Woah!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha!!! Woah!! I went down on her last night From what i understand baby.. 
Eating A Book
from album (I Am Hollywood) by He Is Legend
There is a monster in my room we discussed movies over coffee And I think it's quite absurd he g.. 
Eating Bullets Of Acceptance
from album (Hearts Once Nourished With Hope & Compassion) by Shai Hulud
Our outlook is bleak but the moment is grand To be told we're independent is not enough. We shou.. 
Eating Me
from album (Birth) by Urbandub
I got some things on my mind I sit and wonder if I'll find In time, the one that's meant for.. 
Eating Me Away
from album (Collide) by Skillet
It's eating me away I said to God It's rotting in my mind It's like a cancer Is there an.. 
Eating Only Apples
from album (Racecar Is Racecar Bacwards) by Reuben
She kisses me like music I dont pretend i dont like it Her lips are soft and swedish she leaves me g.. 
Eating Spiders
from album (The Only Thing I Ever Wanted) by Psapp
There's a man in the street Who tells me that he loves me God is everywhere He says he lives abo.. 
Eating The Cannibals
from album (The Devil You Know) by Heaven & Hell
I'm sure you've never had this meal before We're still open stay and have some more It&#.. 
Eats Away
from album (Stealing Chairs) by 28 Days
I can't stand The taste of defeat Just like any man But I know I'll lose more sleep If I wa.. 



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