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Baby Get Higher
from album (Seven Years - Ten Weeks) by David Sneddon
You gotta flow, like a river Heading the same way forever I love you love you love you and I'm t.. 
Baby Get Lost
from album (Dreams That Breathe Your Name) by Elysian Fields
Hold out for the day You beg me to stay How common of me Not to rise above And I try to deny This ga.. 
Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
from album (Matthew & Son) by Cat Stevens
Well if you're feelin' low, take it slow Baby get your head screwed on I know he's le.. 
Baby Gets Around
from album (Crack A Smile) by Poison
I can't say I ain't been around That I ain't done my time Seems like this big old world.. 

Baby Girl
from album (Juslisen) by Musiq
[Verse 1] Pardon me my darlin But do you have a second Just so I can tell you How you caught my ful.. 
Baby Girl
from album (Whoa Nelly) by Nelly Furtado
I've seen a man cry, I've seen a man die inside I've seen him say to me that he is only.. 
Baby Girl
from album (B2K) by B2K
He took advantage of your love And he threw it all away He broke your tender heart Words can't e.. 
Baby Girl
from album (Album Unknown) by Innervoices
there are times when i look in your eyes i see the love that we shared i see the joy inside but i di.. 
Baby Girl
from album (Living Legends) by 8Ball & MJG
[Chorus: 8 Ball - repeat 2X] What it do baby girl Get on the dance floor Will you put your drink dow.. 
Baby Girl
from album (Twice The Speed Of Life) by Sugarland
They say this town The stars stay up all night Don't know, can't see 'em For the glow o.. 
Baby Girl
from album (The Unforgettable) by Lil Cuete
Girl your so lovely, Beautiful, Attractive How would I be acting if I didn't walk up in you and.. 
Baby Girl
from album (Treddin' On Thin Ice) by Wiley
[Wiley:] She's my baby girl and she relies on me, Loves me too much, won't hide from me, She.. 
Baby Girl
from album (Album Unknown) by Meco
Baby girl twist away When you are talking to me I can't breathe Set some time aside to say Why d.. 
Baby Girl Interlude/Intro
from album (This Is Not A Test) by Missy Elliott
Eh yo Mary I need you to vibe wit me on this one uh Uh Check it As I grab my pad and pen and begin.. 

from album (Life Thru A Lens) by Robbie Williams
I've got your rainbows seen your sunbeams I know a place where heaven breathes And it's thro.. 
Baby Girl, I'm A Blur
from album (In Defense Of The Genre) by Say Anyhting
Baby girl, I'm a blur I spoiled, stunted, sickened her. God and Death are none of my concern I&#.. 
Baby Girl, I'm A Blur
from album (In Defense Of The Genre) by Say Anyhting
Baby girl, I'm a blur I spoiled, stunted, sickened her. God and Death are none of my concern I&#.. 
Baby Go Bye Bye
from album (Drop 'N Harmony) by Drop 'n Harmony
I know wassup You been peepin out me And if you really wanna know what be goin down then Come and ke.. 
Baby Go Round
from album (The Muffs) by The Muffs
Can you see her now? Is it true he's slowing her down Is she all upset when her baby's runni.. 
Baby Gonna Leave Me
from album (Real Gone) by Tom Waits
Well I stood on the corner Until my feet got wet I stood by the faucet Till the sink filled up I sto.. 
Baby Goodbye
from album (Friday Hill) by Friday Hill
Look in your eyes i see a new story I can't deny my past ain't perfect too Sayin' I'.. 
Baby Goodbye
from album (Melodifestivalen 2009) by E.M.D.
You might think that I am radical But I can't go around pretending life is fine, no, no Don'.. 
Baby Got Back
from album (Mack Daddy) by Sir Mix-A-Lot
*talking* Oh my god Becky, look at her butt It is so big She looks like one of those rap guys girlfr.. 
Baby Got Back
from album (Thing A Week I) by Jonathan Coulton
LA face with the Oakland booty I like big butts and I cannot lie You other brothers canâ??t.. 
Baby Got Brak
from album (Album Unknown) by Space Ghost
spoken intro) Stage Manager: Space Ghost, 15 seconds til showtime… B: Boy, oh, boy! Time for my b.. 
Baby Got Going
from album (Whitechocolatespace) by Liz Phair
Baby got goin' on a southern train, you know Fired up pistons drivin' below And the whole vi.. 
Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On
from album (Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On) by Conway Twitty
Down on the corner, by the traffic light, everybody's lookin', as she goes by, they turn the.. 
Baby Got Jack
from album (12 Pains Of Xmas) by Weird Al Yankovic
Yo ULONDA! Check that home girl's butt out! Um hm girl! It's so flat! You tell it like it.. 
Baby Gotterdammerung
from album (Powertrip) by Monster Magnet
I read a book today It made me think of a life I led It seemed so far away, but then I wouldn't.. 
Baby Grand
from album (The Bridge) by Billy Joel
Late at night When it's dark and cold I reach out For someone to hold When I'm blue When I&#.. 
Baby Gurl
from album (Album Unknown) by Inner Voices
There are times when i look in your eyes i see the love that we shared i see the joy inside but i di.. 
Baby Hate
from album (Diesel Dog Sound) by The Temple
Won’t you kiss me, babyhate? Raised in chaos, now is too late Love is blood you cannot take We de.. 
Baby He's Your Man
from album (Tambu) by ToTo
Well it's two a.m. You're just getting in Soon you'll be creepin' into bed Later you.. 
Baby Help Me Forget
from album (March To Fuzz) by Mudhoney
As she withered away before my eyes I guess I ran away while kneeling at her bedside I was helpless,.. 
Baby Hold Me Close
from album (Killer: The Mercury Years, Vol. 1 (1963-1968)) by Jerry Lee Lewis
Now listen here, baby To what old Jerry Lee has to say 'Cause, baby, Jerry don't talk this n.. 
Baby Hold On
from album (Baby Hold On) by Eddie Money
Baby Hold OnEddie Money(E. Money/J.Lyon)-Peaked at #11 in 1978-Eddie's first and biggest hit unt.. 
Baby Hold On
from album (Album Unknown) by Grass Roots
BABY HOLD ONGrass RootsYou're such a natural womanBut you're so far away babyYour love is dr.. 
Baby I
from album (Soul Food Soundtrack (1997)) by Tenderoni
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Baby, I think of you Think.. 
Baby I'm Amazed
from album (Angel Eyes) by Raghav
Keep it on the low Baby when you’re day is over No one needs to know How you’re getting what you n.. 
Baby, I'm An Anarchist
from album (Reenventing Axl Rose) by Againse Me!
Through the best of times, through the worst of times. through the nixon and through bush. do you re.. 



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