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Baby C'mon
from album (Evolution) by Boyz II Men
Chorus: Are you down, say you're wit it Let it go, I know you're feeling me Don&#.. 
Baby Cakes
from album (Album Unknown) by 3 Of A Kind
I just want you to know oh oh That I think our love will grow yeah yeah Baby cakes You just don'.. 
Baby Can I Hold You
from album (Tracy Chapman) by Tracy Chapman
Sorry Is all that you can't say Years gone by and still Words don't come easily.. 
Baby Can I Hold You
from album (By Request...) by Boyzone
sorry is all that you can't say years gone by and still word's don't come eas.. 

Baby Can I Hold You
from album (Baby Can I Hold You) by Ronan Keating
I’m sorry, It’s all that you can say Years gone by and still Words don’.. 
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
from album (Where We Belong) by Boyzone
I'm sorry Is all that you can say Years gone by and still Words don't come easil.. 
Baby Child
from album (Break Out) by Swing Out Sister
Dream away from the hard times Dream away baby child Sleep in peace - Father's with you Dream aw.. 
Baby Close Your Eyes
from album (Miracle) by Celine Dion
sun is creeping down behind the hill everything is calm everything is still so baby close your e.. 
Baby Come And Get It
from album (Album Unknown) by Pointer Sisters
Baby, come Baby, come Come and get it You call me up at 2 in the morning Honey, ya' burnin'.. 
Baby Come Back
from album (Album Unknown) by Player
Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town Doing anything just to get you off of my.. 
Baby Come Back
from album (Love Always) by K-CI & JoJo
I was a fool to let you go Let you walk right out my door It was a bad mistake I made and.. 
Baby Come Back
from album (Baby Come Back) by UB40
x2 Come back darling Give me another try I'll make you satisfied Don't you know, I need yo.. 
Baby Come Back
from album (No One Does It Better) by Soul Decision
My love You were the one thing in my life That I treated bad Sometimes enough I made you cry And I k.. 
Baby Come Back
from album (Smash Hits) by All Star United
Did you get the letter That I sent you Trying to remember what the letter said After all the hear.. 

Baby Come Back
from album (Album Unknown) by Billy Rankin
I’m starin? at the four walls Sittin? here, waitin? by the telephone Your words are runnin? throu.. 
Baby Come Back To Me
from album (Moving On) by 911
Oh yeah baby come back to me, remember how it used to be Paradise is just out of reach Ba.. 
Baby Come Close
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Turn the lights down low, baby come close Put your hand in mine, oh please be kind Let me touch yo.. 
Baby Come Home
from album (Hearts On Parade) by American Hi-Fi
I understand your point of view So what do I say I've been so underwhelmed before You've got.. 
Baby Come Over
from album (Gotta Tell You) by Samantha Mumba
Chorus Baby come on over tonight, we can make it all right, Take a piece of my hear. And go from the.. 
Baby Come Round
from album (Baby Come Round) by Spice Girls
Baby come round and remember how it started up Cause no one wants to be a one hit wonder Wh.. 
Baby Come To Me
from album (Album Unknown) by Patti Austin And James Ingram
PATTI: Thinkin' back in time When love was only in my mind, I realize Ain't no second chance.. 
Baby Come To Me
from album (24/7) by Kevon Edmonds
It's hard to conceive Or to trust and believe That you can find true love again Someone who'.. 
Baby Cool Your Jets
from album (Album Unknown) by Jet Set Satellite
Baby cool you jets is what I say When crazy eyes are shot my way I need a fix and I need one quick Y.. 
Baby D
from album (Gettin' It) by Too Short
*(Too $hort talking) Eh yo Baby D, get yo lil***over here on tha mic man, an show these other li.. 
Baby Daddy
from album (The Preacher's Son) by Wyclef Jean
[Wyclef] Right now if you raising some children that don't belong to you But you know you're.. 
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
from album (Forever Blue) by Chris Isaak
Baby did a bad bad thing baby did a bad bad thing. Baby did a bad bad thing baby did a bad.. 
Baby Doe
from album (Meltdown) by Steve Taylor
Baby Doe Unfolding today a miracle play this Indiana morn the father--he sighs she opens her eyes t.. 
Baby Doll
from album (The Supremes Sing Country, Western & Pop) by The Supremes
(Clarence Paul/Stevie Wonder/Ted Hull) Oh, baby doll, baby doll He's my baby doll He's goo.. 
Baby Doll
from album (In Search Of...) by N.E.R.D.
Girl You Don't Know What You Are To Me You Are My Baby Doll You Are My Compass Star You Drive Me.. 
Baby Doll
from album (Baby Doll) by Pat Green
She stops and checks her reflection In a car parked on the corner She says, "It's hell on m.. 
Baby Doll
from album (You Are Free) by Cat Power
Baby Black, black, black is all you see Don't you want to be free? Baby Red, red fire is what y.. 
Baby Doll
from album (The Babydoll EP) by Kay Hanley
ooh baby doll you can have it some or you can have it all from a house on a hill i started runni.. 
Baby Doll
from album (Album Unknown) by Chuck Jackson
seperti menjamah boneka terindah waktu aku mengenalmu membuat kau buta dengan pesonaku tersesat kau.. 
Baby, Come Back
from album (Album Unknown) by The Equals
Come back Baby, come back Baby, come back Baby, come back This is the first time [unintelligible] t.. 
Baby, Come On Home
from album (Coda) by Led Zeppelin
(Berns/Page/Plant) There was a time, I used to call you on my very own We were so happy woman, Ta.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Three Of A Kind
I just want you to know oh oh That I think I'll have a go yeah yeahx6 Chorus Babycakes You just.. 
from album (Butterfly) by Mariah Carey
VERSE 1 It's 2:11 and I'm stressing Watching Tv in my hotel suite I check my serv.. 
from album (Pretty On The Inside) by Hole
Here you come *** my energy And you suck it up right off the street Babydoll Here you are suckin.. 
from album (Butterfly Kisses) by Bob Carlisle
It's 2:11 and I'm stressing Watching TV in my hotel suite I check my service every second At.. 
from album (Here We Stand) by The Fratellis
Babydoll do you believe they'll catch you when you fall And when morning comes the sun is gonna.. 



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