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Baby Be Good
from album ((In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame) by Vaughn Monroe
Baby Be Good, but not too good to be true, Baby Be Good, but be a little fun too. Why don't you.. 
Baby Be Good
from album (11) by Smithereens
Baby be good, baby every night Better be good, you know it's only right Baby be good, 'til I.. 
Baby Be Mine
from album (Thriller) by Michael Jackson
I Don't Need No Dreams When I'm By Your Side Every Moment Takes Me To Paradise.. 
Baby Be Mine
from album (LFO) by LFO
yeah what'cha gonna do huh do you wanna be mine babe be mine what'cha gonna do ba.. 

Baby Be Mine
from album (Big Game) by White Lion
If I crossed a thousand oceans And rode a million miles I would still be far away from you If I c.. 
Baby Be There
from album (Nu Flavor) by Nu Flavor
Mmm, mmm, mmm Yeah, yeah I lay beside you in the warmth of the night I can feel you breathe, I can.. 
Baby Bird
from album (Ugly Beautiful) by Babybird
Baby bird...don't you cry Don't you fly away from me ..don't you fly ..don't you fly.. 
from album (Chocolate & Cheese) by Ween
It's been a while since I've seen you smile But now you've come back again Came into t.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Album Unknown) by The Echoes
B-B-A-B-Y, B-B-L-U-E B-B-A-B-Y, B-B-L-U-E You're my Baby Blue (baby blue) That's what I cal.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Baby Blue) by Chilliwack
Have you got something to tell me? Please come up and tell it to me, Please come up and tell me baby.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Baby Blue) by Badfinger
Guess I got what I deserve Kept you waiting there, too long my love All that time, without a word D.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Big Blue Sky) by Shawn Mullins
I can see the pictures of me and ask "do I look so different than anyone else?" I can he.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Live At Maida Vale) by The White Stripes
Well, I’ve got a brand new lover I love her, yes I do She’s my one and only And her name is baby b.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Love In The Time Of Science) by Emiliana Torrini
Boxing shadows in my sleep It's the company I keep The perfect exercise As I grow older I c.. 

Baby Blue
from album (The Room's Too Cold) by The Early November
It's a faster, growing greed Flows through these leaves I have, I try, I guess we'll be alri.. 
Baby Blue
from album (Andy Warhol) by Little Birdy
Am I too young for you, babe Am I too stupid to see When I get home to see you I rush after you.. 
Baby Blue
from album (The Blue God) by Martina Topley Bird
I don't think you should wait nor a minute more 'Cause che's a girl that you've been.. 
Baby Blue (Leslie Boughton
from album (Courtesan) by The New York Room
As I gaze I can't decide The calming waves The tender tide Cool and blue the water Round an.. 
Baby Blue Doll - Merry Go Mind
from album (The Symmetry Of I The Circle) by ...And Oceans
I (even if I should be in plural) am the Singular dimension The repeated phrase of a lost section Wh.. 
Baby Blue Sedan
from album (Lonesome, Crowded West) by Modest Mouse
A nice heart and a white suit and a baby blue sedan And I am doing the best that I can All the eunuc.. 
Baby Blues
from album (Bury The Hatchet (Complete Sessions)) by The Cranberries
I wonder what's happening to me Things are changing so dramatically I'll search for you, You.. 
Baby Blues
from album (Temporary Road) by John Gorka
I woke up this morning And your baby blues was on my mind On my mind I woke up this morning And your.. 
Baby Blues
from album (Nuevo Disco De Andrea) by Andrea Echeverri
Princesa de las muñecas reina de este planeta 2 Tesoro del atlántico mujer completa Princesa de la.. 
Baby Blues
from album (Antepenultimate) by Kasia Kowalska
Jeszcze wczoraj czulam Cie W kroplach deszczu w cieple ust Dzis samotnych godzin dzwiek Przyspiesza.. 
Baby Boom Baby
from album (Never Die Young) by James Taylor
Somehow the season always brings A picture of you, baby boom baby. Holding on for everything You f.. 
Baby Boomer
from album (Monsters Of Folk) by Monsters Of Folk
We gotta stand a little closer To what it is we're leanin' on Who was it that first said it?.. 
Baby Borderline
from album (High Visibility) by The Hellacopters
Oh honey - goes to work and looks sedate But honey - will help you out when late She offers Ther.. 
Baby Boy
from album (Dangerously In Love) by Beyonce
Certified quality A dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology Buck dem da right way.. 
Baby Boy
from album (Nu Flow) by Big Brovaz
From the day that i saw you i knew that we would pursue cause the chemistry we felt that day felt so.. 
Baby Boy
from album (Dangerously In Love) by Beyonce Knowles Featuring Sean Paul
Sean Paul: Certified Quality A dat de girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology Buck dem da.. 
Baby Boy
from album (Blackout) by The Blackouts
Everyday, I'm in a daze Looking for that someone And everyday, I sit and kneel and pray Oh, swee.. 
Baby Boy (Remix)
from album (Dangerously In Love) by Beyonce Featuring Sean Paul
(Sean Paul) Certified Quality A dat de girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology Buck de.. 
Baby Brings Bad News
from album (22-20s) by 22-20s
I'm getting sick of everyone I'm with I'm getting sick of keeping positive I'm getti.. 
Baby Britain
from album (XO) by Elliott Smith
Baby Britain feels the best Floating over a sea of vodka Separated from the rest Fights problems wit.. 
Baby Britain
from album (Baby Britain) by Elliot Smith
baby Britain feels the best floating over a sea of vodka separated from the rest fights problems wit.. 
Baby Brother
from album (Black Trash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones) by Sticky Fingaz
featuring Dave Hollister [Sticky talking] Let me call this nigga Come on man; pick up the damn phon.. 
Baby Buffalo
from album (October Road) by James Taylor
Are you there? Can you hear me? Somewhere near me? In the morning, Long ago, Had to hold you so.. 
Baby Buster
from album (Continent) by The Acacia Strain
I don't sing *** love songs because there's nothing in this world for me to love. I want.. 
Baby Bye Bye
from album (Fleeting Days) by Dan Bern
Listening to the big guy's new CD laying in bed The one his producer thinks he never shoulda mad.. 
Baby C'mon
from album (Return To The 36 Chambers - The Dirty Version) by Ol' Dirty Bastard
Yo, are you taping baby? Baby are you taping? Ohh yeahhahhahheeyahhhyahhhhohhhyahhhh Baby baby c&.. 



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